Time clock apps have transformed the way businesses monitor employee working hours. Offering automated time tracking, GPS location stamps, and seamless integration with payroll software, these apps help businesses be more productive and efficient. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good time clock app. 

Not only does this tool eliminate the need for punch cards and manual timekeeping, but a time clock app can dramatically improve how you run your business.

A reliable time clock app is essential for managing labor costs, streamlining payroll, and eliminating time theft and buddy punching. It can even utilize GPS technology to make sure field workers and front-line employees are clocking in and out from their job sites. 

But with so many options on the market, choosing the best time clock app for your business is no easy task.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled the 6 best time clock apps on the market today.

If you don’t have the time to read through our research, jump down to our quick comparison table.

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  1. Best all-in-one time clock app

  2. Good for detailed analytics reports

  3. Good for tracking how long projects take

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What to Look For in a Time Clock App

Before selecting a time clock app, make sure it includes the following features:

  • Automatic time tracking: The app should accurately track employee time spent on all work tasks.
  • Geofencing: It should come with GPS tracking to ensure employees only clock in and out from their predetermined job sites.
  • Compatibility with operating systems: To ensure all your employees can clock in and out from their phones, the app needs to be compatible with both Apple and Android phones.
  • Automated timesheet management: Timesheets should automatically sync with payroll to streamline the workflow. You should also be able to edit timesheets as needed.
  • Notifications and reminders: To reduce no-shows, the app should automatically notify employees about upcoming shifts.
  • Reporting and analytics: The app should provide easy-to-read reports showing how much time employees spend on specific tasks and projects.
  • Third-party integrations: The best time clock apps should seamlessly integrate with your payroll software.
  • Employee scheduling: Consider an app that offers employee scheduling features, allowing you to create and manage shifts and assign them to employees.
  • PTO and leave management: If you need to track and manage employee paid time off (PTO) or leave requests, look for an app that includes these features.
  • Employee self-service: An app that provides self-service functionality empowers employees to manage their own time-related information, such as viewing timesheets or requesting time off.
  • Ease of use: There should be little to no learning curve. Employees should be able to use the app from day one.

The 6 Best Time Clock Apps of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one time clock app

    A delivery worker in the Connecteam app

    With Connecteam’s time clock app with geofencing technology, frontline employees can clock in and out from their job sites directly from their phones. As a manager, you can rest assured that they are doing so from their jobs sites and that their hours are recorded accurately and automatically logged into employee timesheets.

    But let’s take a closer look at the specifics of Connecteam’s time clock app:

    Employees can effortlessly clock in and out from their phones

    Connecteam’s incredibly simple user interface and design make it easy for workers to clock in and out from their smartphones, no matter what model they have. With the push of a button, the app tracks employee hours without the need for any manual work.

    And to reduce the need for jumping between multiple screens, Connecteam’s time clock syncs directly with the job scheduler. That means that employees can view the schedule and see their shifts, and clock in directly from it.

    Reduce time theft with GPS technology

    Live GPS tracking and geofencing both make Connecteam the most reliable time clock app. 

    Geofencing sets a digital parameter around employee job sites so they can only clock in and out from where they’re meant. By doing so, you help manage and even reduce your labor costs by knowing employees are not clocking in before they arrive to work, or clocking out after they’ve left.

    Connecteam’s live GPS tracking ensures your employees are where they are meant to be throughout their workdays. 

    Automated timesheets streamline payroll and help ensure compliance

    Any app that makes your job easier is worth it. Connecteam automatically transfers all employee working hours onto time sheets. Employees can review them and you can edit them as needed. Connecteam also automatically syncs timesheets with Gusto or QuickBooks to simplify and streamline your payroll process. 

    In addition to making payroll easier, digital timesheets ensure compliance with local and federal labor laws. With a time clock app, you never have to worry about losing employee time records.  

    Stay on top of employee tardiness and absences

    Connecteam automatically notifies you when employees clock in late or don’t show up at all, so you can stay on top of attendance. That way, you know which employees are always on time and which ones are more likely to be late or no-show.

    In-app chat makes communication easy

    Ensure employees know you are always just a message away, even when working from the field. Connecteam in-app chat makes it easy to message employees privately, or address them publicly on the company newsfeed. Reach out with scheduling questions or communicate on the job. 

    Create a time clock kiosk for workers in the same place

    In addition to individual time clocks on employees’ phones, Connecteam’s kiosk app allows you to create a centralized time clock from a single location. Download the app onto a tablet and your office workers can use it to clock in and out from a single device.

    And much, much more

    Not only does Connecteam offer the best time clock apps on the market, but this software is also a complete workforce management tool, particularly for field and off site workers.

    Create schedules, manage HR and payroll, provide rewards to employees, store documents and forms, and streamline all of your business operations directly from your phone.

    🧠 Did you know?

    Connecteam is the most affordable time clock app on the market. The paid plan starts at just $29 per month for up to 30 users, and small businesses with fewer than 10 users can access the app completely free.

    Connecteam also offers a free for life plan – Try Connecteam here!

    Key Features

    • Time clock and scheduling 


      Geofencing and live GPS-tracking

    • Kiosk time clock for employees in one location

    • In-app chat and people directory

    • Automated timesheets

    • Integration with payroll software


    • In-app chat and communication tools 

    • Useful for small businesses and large corporations alike 

    • Intuitive and easy to use 

    • Very responsive customer support 


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. QuickBooks Time — Good for detailed analytics reports

    Screenshot of the QuickBooks Time webpage

    QuickBooks’ dedicated time tracking app offers a robust set of time clock features, like automated timesheets and the ability to see who’s currently working and who’s not. However, QuickBooks Time is rather complicated to set up, which can be deterring for some businesses. 

    But that being said, it’s an incredibly versatile app that’s customizable and very multifunctional. You can oversee team productivity, project status, and even adjust your team budget. And of course, because it comes with Quickbooks, it integrates seamlessly, making a good option if that’s your payroll software of choice. 

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    Key Features

    • Punch in and out from your phone
    • Time kiosk
    • Approve time-off requests from your phone
    • In-app chat


    • Provides detailed reports and analytics
    • Integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks


    • Complicated set up
    • Confusing reports


    Starts at $20/month + $10/user/month Trial: Yes — 30-day Free Plan: No

  3. Clockify — Good for tracking how long projects take

    Screenshot of the Clockify webpage

    If you’re looking for a reliable time clock app that offers additional capabilities like employee scheduling, invoicing, and task management, Clockify may be a good fit for your business. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, Clockify makes it easy for employees to clock in and out directly from their phones.

    We love how the project management feature allows you to break down projects into individual tasks. You can also monitor employee progress with Clockify’s employee time tracking capabilities so you know exactly how long it takes to complete each task.

    Clockify also has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it simple to get it up and running on your team. 

    Key Features

    • Time tracking
    • Detailed project management solution
    • Time clock kiosk
    • Automated timesheets


    • 24/7 online support
    • Easy set up


    • More expensive than other solutions
    • Fewer features than competitors


    Starts at $3.99/user/month Trial: Yes — For PRO features Free Plan: Yes

  4. ClockShark — Good for managing time off

    Screenshot of the ClockShark webpage

    Made specifically for field workers, ClockShark was designed to make remote work easier. The clock-in feature makes it simple for your employees to clock in and out, and GPS-tracking ensures you know exactly where your workers are while on the job.

    In addition to the time clock, ClockShark offers scheduling and attendance tracking, customer management capabilities, and tools for invoices and payments. It’s a well-rounded solution that also includes integrations with other popular softwares to simplify work management. It even comes with video setup tutorials to help managers and employees get the app up and running.

    Key Features

    • Conversations feature allows you to chat within the app
    • Billing and payments
    • GPS and geofencing
    • Scheduling


    • Excellent customer service
    • Clear, easy-to-use interface


    • No way to contact entire company at once
    • Mobile app can be buggy


    Starts at $20/month + $8/user/month Trial: Yes — 14-day Free Plan: No

  5. Timecamp — Good for generating reports

    A screenshot of the TimeCamp website

    One of the TimeCamp’s best features is its detailed reporting capabilities. This app offers over 20 types of built-in reports to help you make better data-driven decisions. You can see time-specific reports and sort them by varying factors, including task, day, project, employee, and more.

    With TimeCamp, you can make sure projects are within the budget and track their profitability. Handle billing and invoicing, create employee schedules, manage attendance, and monitor timesheets. And with TimeCamp’s many integration features, you’ll be able to use it in sync with your other favorite business apps.

    Key Features

    • Detailed analytic reports
    • Budgeting and billing
    • Multiple integrations
    • Activity tracking


    • Automated timesheets
    • Easy set up


    • Time entries can’t be moved or deleted
    • Interface can be slow


    Starts at $2.99/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  6. Deputy — Good for creating schedules

    Screenshot of the Deputy webpage

    Deputy is a complete workforce management tool that helps you manage attendance, time off, breaks, and total hours worked. This time clock app syncs with the job scheduler, making it easy for employees to clock in and out. With Deputy, you can also set clock-in limits so employees can only clock in for work a designated amount of time before their shift starts. That way, you aren’t overpaying your workers and can better control labor costs. 

    Key Features

    • GPS tracking
    • Geofencing feature
    • Online timesheets
    • Job scheduler


    • Company newsfeed
    • Easy-to-read reports


    • App is prone to freezing
    • No in-app chat


    Starts at $4.5/user/month, for Scheduling or Time & Attendance Trial: Yes — 31-day Free Plan: No

Compare the Best Time Clock Apps

Topic Start for free
Starts at just $29/month for the first 30 users
Starts at $20/month + $10/user/month
Starts at $3.99/user/month
Starts at $20/month + $8/user/month
Starts at $2.99/user/month
Starts at $4.5/user/month, for Scheduling or Time & Attendance
Free Trial
For PRO features
Free Plan
Free Up to 10 users
Use cases
Best all-in-one time clock app
Good for detailed analytics reports
Good for tracking how long projects take
Good for managing time off
Good for generating reports
Good for creating schedules
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What is a Time Clock App?

A time clock app is a software application that allows employees to clock in and out of work from their phones. It also makes it possible for workers to track and monitor their work hours by providing a simple, easy-to-read interface they can access on the go. 

By digitizing and recording employee hours in the cloud, time clock apps help businesses streamline and expedite the payroll process. Many time clock apps transfer all employee hours to timesheets, which can often be integrated with payroll software. This eliminates the need to manually enter hours. 

How Does a Time Clock App Work?

Time clock apps automate timekeeping and improve efficiency and accuracy for employees and employers. They allow employees to download the app onto their phones, which they can then use to clock in and out on the go. This eliminates the need for paper timesheets or punch clocks.

The app calculates the total number of hours employees work and usually transfers this information to automated timesheets, helping businesses streamline the payroll process. 

One of the greatest benefits is that time clock apps include features to monitor break times, overtime, and vacation. In addition, many apps come with GPS and geolocation technology to ensure workers are clocking in and out from their worksites. 

The Benefits of Time Clock Apps

Accurate time keeping

Time clock apps automate the time-tracking process, which reduces the chance of errors. As a result, businesses can better manage labor costs and ensure they aren’t overpaying employees. 

More streamlined timekeeping process

Because employees don’t need to physically write down their hours or clock in or out from a machine in the office, the entire process of clocking in and out is made easier. With the touch of a button on their phones, employees can easily track their hours from wherever they’re located. This is particularly important and beneficial for companies with employees working in the field. 

Reduced time theft

Time clock apps that come with GPS technology allow you to set geofences around work sites so employees can only clock in and out from their actual work site. That way, employees will not be paid for the time they are not at work, helping to keep labor costs in check.

Simplified payroll management

Apps that track employee working hours transfer this information to timesheets which usually integrate with payroll software, making payroll quicker and easier to complete. 

Ensured compliance with labor laws

Software like time-tracking apps stores data in the cloud and can be viewed at any time. That way, you always have access to your records and can easily provide documentation of employee hours.

Time clock apps provide data analysis and reports

One of the greatest benefits of going digital is better reporting and analytics. The best time clock apps provide detailed insights into your employees’ working hours so you can make better business decisions. This can include which employees are working the most, taking the most time off, working more overtime, etc. 

How much do time clock apps cost?

Time clock apps vary in price but tend to be cheaper than other types of software, like project management solutions. Most time clock apps come with a basic plan which can start at little as $3.50, like Deputy, however, there may be limitations on what the plan includes. But some companies, like ClockShark, are a bit more on the expensive side and start at $16/month.

Connecteam also offers its Small Business Plan, which is free for life for teams of up to 10 users. This gives you full access to the platform’s time-tracking features, as well as tools for HR management, scheduling, event planning, and more.

Paid premium plans start from just $29 per month for up to 30 users. Additional users can be added for just $0.50 per month each.

🧠 Did you know?

Connecteam’s time clock app also comes with other time-tracking management tools at a fraction of the cost of other apps. Features like break monitoring and PTO requests, overtime tracking, automatic reports, a kiosk app, and geofencing make Connecteam the best time clock app on the market. 

Get started with Connecteam for free today! 


Is there a free app to track employee hours?

Many time clock apps come with free trials so you can test out the software before committing to purchase. However, Connecteam is one of the only time clock apps on the market that offers a completely free time clock for small businesses with up to 10 users. 

Does my business need a time clock app?

Time clock apps are essential for accurately tracking the hours of field employees. They allow employees to clock in and out from their phones, and geofencing ensures they are doing so from their worksites, which can eliminate time theft. Time clock apps also create automated timesheets and integrate them with payroll, making the payroll process much easier.

What do time clock apps do?

Time clock apps allow employees to clock in and out of work from their phones. They also keep track of total employee hours and transfer them to timesheets so employers can more easily do payroll. This type of software is particularly useful for businesses with frontline employees and field workers who don’t report to a single location. 

The Bottom Line On Time Clock App

The convenience and efficiency of time clock apps cannot be overstated. With features like automated time tracking, GPS location stamps, and easy integration with payroll systems, time clock apps have become indispensable tools for businesses of all sizes. 

When it comes to choosing the best time clock app for your business, Connecteam is no doubt the frontrunner. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive functionalities, and excellent customer support make it the ideal choice. This time clock app can streamline your time-tracking processes and help better manage your teams.