Get things done with the #1 task management app

Manage, oversee, and communicate all tasks and projects for your non-desk teams from one single place

  • No credit card needed
  • Best ease of use
  • GDPR Aligned
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 certified
Connecteam's task management interface desktop and mobile

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Learn about our task management in 2 minutes

Create and assign tasks in the blink of an eye

  • Make employee task tracking easier by managing all tasks right from your mobile device
  • Set up one-time tasks with due dates or recurring tasks to automate daily assignments
  • Add detailed descriptions and subtasks so your employees know exactly what needs to be done
  • Clarify tasks by attaching to-do lists, images, files, forms, and checklist
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Oversee what everyone is working on with just a few clicks

  • Have clear visibility of what everyone is working on from desktop or mobile
  • Easily group, organize, and filter team tasks by due date and priority
  • Receive automated status updates in real-time
  • Maintain a clear list of uncompleted tasks for easy tracking and prioritization
Connecteam tasks board illustration

Stay One Step Ahead

Assign tasks, set clear deadlines, and maintain a clear overview of all team tasks in one place

Streamline and simplify all task-related communication

  • Send push notifications to remind team members to complete assignments
  • Establish specialized messaging channels for task management communication
  • Chat with team members one-on-one or in group chats to answer questions
  • Tag employees with comments and updates
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A BIG deal for small businesses

Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

About the Connecteam Task management App

A task management app is a digital way to keep track of employees’ tasks and deadlines. 

You can assign tasks and include notes, deadlines, images, and other media needed to understand and complete the task. 

With Connecteam’s task management feature, the employee will be notified on their phone that they’ve been assigned a task. In return, you will receive a notification once they have viewed the task and again when it has been completed. This ensures full transparency and accountability throughout the company.

Yes. For businesses using Connecteam’s Small Business Plan, the task management feature is 100% free for up to 10 users. If you have more than 10 users, you’ll still get a 14-day free trial to see if Connecteam’s task management is right for you and your team. When the free trial ends, you can opt for the limited plan (which is free forever), or you can upgrade to a premium plan to get advanced functionality.

In seconds, new tasks can be created and assigned to one or more employees. Employees will be notified when a task is assigned to them. They will have all of the information they need at their fingertips, including the start and due date. The employee will get a notification when the task start date is approaching and you will be notified every step of the way. 

Adding subtasks allows you to split a task into parts, so you can more closely follow the employee’s progress. You can set the app to notify you when an employee finishes each subtask, as well as the task as a whole. If any task is overdue, both you and the employee will be notified. 

Attach notes and media to the tasks themselves so your employees will have all of the information needed to complete each task. If an employee does have a question, they can ask in the task itself, keeping all relevant information in one place.

Yes, you can create tasks and set them to repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Yes, you can grant permission to specific people, such as field managers, to create tasks from the mobile app, even if they don’t have admin rights.

Besides just listing the tasks, Connecteam shows both the user and their manager the exact tasks that need to be completed. We also developed a smart set of push notifications for the user and the manager to ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

Connecteam’s employee task management app is a quick and easy way to manage tasks for your non-desk teams. This leading task management app lets you create and assign one-time or recurring tasks to team members in just a few clicks. You can include detailed descriptions, subtasks, images,files, due dates, and more. The employee task management app gives you, as the admin, complete oversight of all of your employees’ daily tasks and workflows. You can receive live task completion updates, request status updates, send push reminders, and instantly communicate with your staff directlyfrom your task management app. The employee task management app further lets you manage and arrange all tasks with tags and advanced filtering capabilities, view tasks by completion status, and more. So, if you’re looking for a way to manage your non-desk employees’ tasks, Connecteam’s employee task management app is the easiest and most affordable solution for you.