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Get Things Done With the World’s Best Employee Task Management App

Delegating tasks to your employees should be quick and easy.

  • Recurring tasks
  • Custom digital forms & checklists
  • Task automation
  • Task specific communication
Two construction workers wearing hard hats, ticking off their tasks from their Connecteam checklist feature.

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Ditch pen and paper & digitize routine tasks in just a few clicks!

Create and Assign Tasks

Create and Assign Tasks in the Blink of an Eye

Just a couple of clicks and your task is live and pending completion

Create and assign tasks to team members in a couple of clicks. Include detailed descriptions, subtasks, attach images and files, due dates and more.

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Team Reminders and Notifications

Real-time Execution Updates, Team Reminders and Notifications

Complete oversight for managers on employees daily tasks and workflows

No more chasing your team! check-in with your employees to request status updates, send push-reminders to pursue execution and get real-time updates on tasks completion.

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Oversee Employee Progress

Quick and efficient tracking of all tasks in real-time
A Single Place to Manage All Tasks

A Single Place to Manage All Tasks

Stay up to date & have a clear overview of what’s happening

Have clear visibility on all your ongoing tasks. Navigate and organize tasks with tags and advanced filtering capabilities, view tasks by completion status and more.

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Simplify task related communication

A Single Channel for Task-Specific Communication

Simplify task related communication

  • Dedicated task related channel
  • Employee mentions
  • Task updates
  • Comments included
  • Push notifications
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employees checklists & forms app

Manage Repeating and Structured Tasks While On-the-Go

Easily create and manage recurring tasks, checklists & forms from your phone!

Connecteam’s task management app is easy to set up, versatile, and available on-the-go. Simply customized digital forms and checklist, and make it easy to oversee execution of repeating tasks.

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two employees stanging at the entrance of a resturant

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About the Connecteam Task management App

What is a task management app?

A task management app is a digital way to keep track of employees’ tasks and deadlines. 

You can assign tasks and include notes, deadlines, images, and other media needed to understand and complete the task. 

With Connecteam’s task management feature, the employee will be notified on their phone that they’ve been assigned a task. In return, you will receive a notification once they have viewed the task and again when it has been completed. This ensures full transparency and accountability throughout the company.

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