Communications Hub

One app to keep your team connected

Instantly reach your entire workforce via chat and feed, put information at their fingertips with the knowledge base and directory, and foster engagement through surveys and events

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See how communications become easy with Connecteam

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Share engaging updates in a flash

  • Provide employees with a familiar, social media-like communication network
  • Share company news and updates with everyone or with specific teams and departments
  • See who read your important post and ensure your message gets across
  • Boost engagement with GIFs, videos, and more and allow staff to react and comment
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Your instant messenger for work

  • Instantly communicate with your team via 1:1, group, or company-wide chats
  • Stay compliant by seeing employee statuses and scheduling messages to be sent only during their work hours
  • Separate private and work messaging, keeping everyone focused on the job
  • Stay in control and keep internal communication clean, professional, and secure
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Have work contacts at your fingertips

  • Create a digital phonebook with all internal and external work contacts
  • Let employees contact coworkers, clients, or suppliers directly from the app
  • Easily find all the right people by name, department, role, or any other custom field
  • Safekeep contacts within the company and control who sees what information
An illustration showing Connecteam’s directory interface

Optimizing internal communication


Employee reach
in seconds


Greater employee


Shorter time
to competence

Knowledge base

All your company know-how in one place

  • Centralize all company knowledge – from policies to handbooks
  • Give staff mobile access to information they need to perform at their best
  • Keep everyone aligned with a single, up-to-date source of truth
  • Digitize your resource library, making everything easy to find and fully accessible
An illustration showing Connecteam’s Knowledge base interface


Make your team's feedback accountable

  • Build surveys and live polls for your team to complete, even while on the go
  • Gather feedback on any topic to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions
  • Capture thoughts and sentiments straight from the field, ensuring everyone feels heard
An illustration showing Connecteam’s Surveys interface

Events Manager

Make every company event a hit

  • Create, announce, and promote any company event – from in-person drills to virtual team-building activities
  • Invite individuals, departments, or your entire workforce to upcoming events
  • Collect attendee information so you can make the proper arrangements
  • Let staff view event details, RSVP, and share excitement right from their mobile phones
An illustration showing Connecteam’s Events interface

Connecteam’s employee communication app is designed specifically for non-desk teams of all industries and is the best way to instantly reach your entire workforce in real-time, no matter where they’re working. With multiple communication channels, you can ensure everyone stays aligned and connected while on the job. Use team chat to create 1:1 and group chats and the employee updates feed to share company announcements and employee recognition and rewards. With the employee directory, you can store everyone’s contact information so they’re easily reachable while on the clock. Ensure everyone can access important company documents whenever they need them by storing safety, training, and other materials in the employee knowledge base for easy access from anywhere. Easily create and share customizable surveys for real-time employee feedback and create and manage team events, all from one place.