Your All-in-One Employee Communication App

employee communication app

Reach every single team member with fun, dedicated, and measurable communication. Engage your team like never before, reflect your company culture, and solidify your employer branding with Connecteam’s employee communication and engagement app.

employee communication app

A wide set of capabilities in one communication tool
built and designed for the deskless workforce

employee communications app

Announcements, Newsletters, and Updates

A modern communication experience for you and your team

Whether you want to communicate with an individual, a group, or the entire organization, Connecteam makes it easy to distribute visual, rich, and engaging content. With advanced features such as pre-scheduled updates, social engagement tools, and automated follow-up capabilities – Connecteam has you covered all around.

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employee communication software polls feature

Surveys, Suggestion Box, and Live Polls

Stay in the know and let your team be heard

Ensure every employee’s voice is heard: make decisions based on organizational surveys and live polls, launch a suggestion box to gather your team’s feedback. Introduce your team with structured channels to approach HR and senior management, allowing your team to share their thoughts.

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employee communication app chat

Work Chat

Benefit from a robust dedicated work chat

Chat makes internal communication simple and fun with files, videos, GIFs, image sharing, audio notes, and more. Easily create team chats per location, project, department, or just start a private conversation. Connecteam’s chat takes employee communication to the next level and preserves the separation between the private and work environment.

employee communication recognition app

Employee Recognition and Acknowledgment

Put your team front and center

Recognize exceptional employees, allow team members to nominate peers for awards. Celebrate with your team by sharing birthday wishes, anniversaries, personal milestones, and organizational achievements. Allow your team to take part and engage with each individual to show recognition, appreciate their role, and improve the sense of belonging.

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employee communications app directory

Employee Directory

Always available, simple to use, and fully searchable

Launch a work directory for your team with a single click, allow employees to search for any work contact via pre-determined profile attributes so they can easily make a phone call, send an email, or start a private chat conversation, without the need to save contacts on their personal mobile device.

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What Our Customers Say

Connecteam has never been more valuable to us in terms of team communication. In addition to using it for sharing important information, we also use it for daily checklists and inspections

Cora B.

Human Resources Advisor

Connecting and engaging our non desk employees has never been so seamless before

Nicolette D.

Marketing & Finance Specialist

Connecteam is by far the best communication software I have used for keeping the entire organization on the same page.

Rakesh D.

Chief Travel Geek @ TripDesign.Us

Improve employee engagement like never before!

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Connecteam’s employee communication app was designed and built as a business communication app, especially for non-desk employees. Our employee communication app is packed with tools that will enhance every mean of communication in your business. Our live chat can support groups, channels, and special settings options that are unique to Connecteam’s employee communication app and won’t be found in other business communication apps in its class. We all know that communication is more than a live conversation, that’s why Connecteam’s employee communication app allows sending immediate updates, social posts for employees to engage each other, surveys for internal feedback in any matter, a built-in employee directory, and much more. What makes Connecteam’s employee communication app highly beneficial for managers is the ability to always know who received, read, or complied with any action performed in the mobile app with a powerful dashboard. If you’re looking for an employee communication app that’s easy to use, powerful and affordable like no other, Connecteam is the best fit for you. Try our employee communication app for free!

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