Manage Restaurant Staff From A Single Place

Food and beverage employee management app

Connecteam’s food & beverage management app makes staff managing easy, affordable and incredibly efficient

  • Easy staff scheduling
  • Digital forms
  • Multiple communication tools
  • Customized online training
Food and beverage employee management app
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Focus on your guests. We’ll take care of the staff.

Restaurant scheduling app

Restaurant Shift Scheduling Made Easy

Simplify scheduling and staff availability control

Connecteam’s food and beverage scheduling app makes shift scheduling for small and large teams a no-brainer. With instant absence requests and transparent unavailabilities, a simple user interface, drag and drop capabilities, templates, and plenty of other shortcuts, you’ll be able to save time & headache on staff scheduling.

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hospitality communication app

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Quickly reach anyone from your staff in a touch of a button

Connecteam’s communication app packs solutions for all your communication needs under one roof! Instantly send important updates like schedule announcements, menu changes, or daily specials, celebrate employees of the month, or share birthday wishes with comments and reactions! Use chat for private or team conversations create a custom staff directory, and much more!

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Food and beverage online checklists, reports and forms

Seriously, No More Pen and Paper.

Go 100% digital with Connecteam’s customizable checklists and forms

  • Manager's end of the day review
  • Sanitation inspection report
  • Shift opening checklist
  • Food storage checklist
  • Uniform order form
  • Incident report
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kiosk station employee app

Kiosk App For a Shared Workplace Device

Allow multiple users to easily log in and out on the same shared workplace tablet

The time clock kiosk app is the perfect solution for businesses with employees working in a central location, like kitchen staff, food & beverage and restaurant crews. Your employees can easily clock in and out from a fixed tablet with Connecteam’s time clock kiosk app, by entering their unique PIN Codes.

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retail team communication app

Effortless Employee Online Training

Onboarding new employees, routine training, regulatory courses for your crew, wherever they are

With Connecteam, you can create and deliver custom training materials by utilizing existing documents, PDF files, media, and even web services like YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive. Sanitation requirements, employee handbook, company policies, catalogs and menus, sales tips, or anything else your employees need to master.

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What Our Customers Say

Easy to setup and customize. Very intuitive, great for Mobile Teams!

Amanda M.


Very easy to use, very user friendly. Scheduling is great as you can set up to 12 months ahead with each job! Cost is great for the options you get

Richard M.


Connecteam has helped our business out tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. All my staff can access the info anywhere and they can connect with each other at any time

Adelle J.


Everything your hotel staff needs in one place


Connecteam’s restaurant management app is the perfect tool to manage your food and beverage staff. With Connecteam, you can communicate with all employees, save time on employee training, reduce costs for daily operational procedures, and take your guest experience to the next level. With easy-to-use restaurant staff software, food and beverage crews have everything needed to provide the best service to any guest while being able to report and communicate back to the shift or venue managers immediately and on any matter. With Connecteam’s F&B app, your employees will be able to fill daily checklists, open order requests from anywhere, report live on any guest request, view the latest menu changes, and so much more. But that’s not all, as a world-leading employee app, with Connecteam you can do much more, like employee scheduling, time tracking, employee engagement, and many more great features that will make your restaurant team app feel like home. Connecteam’s food and beverage employee software starts at just $39/month for up to 50 users! Start with the free plan today to discover everything Connecteam’s restaurant app has to offer.

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