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Why an Employee Directory Software is a Must Have to Your Business

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone, and work phone calls are the most used tool in your day-to-day work grind. In the push of a button, you can easily reach one another like never before. As a result of this revolution, numbers prove that employees engage in almost four phone calls hourly! With that being said, […]

A Success Story: When a Facility Services Company Turned Digital

As NBA legend Magic Johnson was wrapping up his career on the court, he was already thinking about his next career move. He knew he wanted to help urban communities, as he had already done so much throughout his lifetime. This time though, he teamed up with the global leader of Quality of Life services, […]

Why Employee Engagement Matters and How to Keep Employees Engaged

Employee Engagement. If you’re from an HR department then you’ve probably hear about it more times than you can count. Lately it seems like every HR newsletter, conference or meetup is trying to describe how to better engage employees and why it is so important, especially today with smartphones everywhere. Well, this article is also […]

Top 10 Retailer Apps to Manage Your Retail Employees

Working in retail means you are responsible for building traffic and sales to your business. And you need to oversee daily operations and to hire and train employees. On top of all of that, you’re now faced with the competition that online stores present, meaning you need to give the best customer service and be […]

The Top 7 Best Time Clock Apps

You’re looking for the best time clock app and there are just too many to choose from. No worries, we’re here to help! The unprecedented growth of mobile phones have changed the way businesses operate in their day to day operations, so it’s not a surprise that there’s a rapid growth for the demand of […]

9 Amazing Small Business Tools For Less Than $100 a Month

As a business owner, you probably want to give the best customer service possible, be an amazing manager, and increase the bottom line. At the same time, you also want to be more efficient and productive, have more control on your day to day tasks, and hope that everything in your business will be easy, […]

Top 10 Tips for Preparing a Job Schedule

Getting your employee shift scheduling right may result in having happy employees, efficiency, and saving millions in the process. But for most companies, even mega corporations, scheduling can create stress and headaches as managers struggle between getting the best employees to take on the most relevant shifts.   Big corporations, despite all their experience, manpower and […]

10 Best Payroll Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Don’t you just LOVE managing payroll?! Show of hands, please, who here just can’t wait for that time of the month (or week) to calculate employee wages, PTO, taxes, benefits, and all those other super-fun things? What? No one? What a shock! Seriously though, the shocking part of payroll is the ridiculous length of time […]

10 Best Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Software for 2019

Is GPS tracking right for you and your fleet? The short answer is yes! No matter the size of your fleet, you can save time and money using a fleet management system. Let’s go over some of the top tracking solutions! Our Top 10 Fleet Tracking Software 1. US Fleet Tracking Founded in 2005, US Fleet Tracking calls […]

How Work Calls Disrupt Productivity and How Business Communication Solutions Can Help

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a revolution in the world of internal communications. In the blink of an eye, mobile phones became common and popular for virtually everyone. Due to this revolution, day-to-day tasks and how businesses work completely changed. Employees and managers that were once unconnected and unreachable now had the ability […]

How to Choose an Free Online Time Clock

8 Money Saving Tips for Choosing a Free Online Time Clock

“Time is money” goes the saying. Yet, contrary to what many small business owners assume, the integration of a time clock solution in your business doesn’t have to be a complex and costly project. Affordability, ease of use, and implementation speed are just a few of the reasons why web-based and mobile time clock apps […]

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