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Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

Top 10 Timesheet App Solutions in 2021

Timesheet management. There are no two words that cause managers of all company types and sizes to run for the hills. (Well, apart from planning and distributing the job schedule!) And it makes sense. Timesheet management is exhausting. It’s time-consuming and has so many moving parts that you feel like you’re always playing catch up […]

How to Create a PTO (Paid Time Off) Program For Your Business in 2021

How to Create a PTO (Paid Time Off) Program For Your Business in 2021

Before you hire a new employee, you should already have a paid time off policy in place. This policy plays a huge part in attracting new hires, boosting engagement and productivity, and is embedded in the company culture. Now, you aren’t required to offer paid time off however, more than 60% of small business employees […]

internal communication trends 2020

Internal Communication Trends 2021: Everything You Need to Know

In the last decade, the way people communicate has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of penned letters, dial-up phones, emails, instant messaging, bulletin boards, etc. Now, communication is expected to happen at the tap of a button and on-the-go. But how does that translate to a company’s internal communication?  Internal communication is all about […]

Top 5 Apps For Gen-Z Employees To Be More Productive

Top 5 Apps For Gen-Z Employees To Be More Productive

“Generation Z expects wifi and 4G as basic needs, the same as an expectation of running water and electricity for older generations.”- Anonymous In 2019, the first graduating class of Generation Z started its professional journey and entered the workforce. Boomers, in all probability, will retire over the next ten years, and Millenials will take […]

Top 7 Work Schedule Maker Apps in 2021

Top 7 Work Schedule Maker Apps in 2021

Business owners and managers, from small business to large companies, know that the most important role in their day to day grind is creating and distributing the work schedule.  Why is the employee schedule so important? It ensures smooth operations, helps you manage employee absences, ensures a fair policy, and helps you manage overtime. And […]

whatsapp for business communication

Using WhatsApp For Organizational Communication? Think Again!

In the last decade, many organizations worldwide have turned to WhatsApp as their primary internal communication tool. It’s easy to use, most people already have the app downloaded on their phone, it’s a free solution, and overall, it’s just convenient.  These reasons alone made it attractive to business owners to use the solution as their […]

Most Common Nonprofit Job Titles And How You Can Fit In

Most Common Nonprofit Job Titles And How You Can Fit In

Today everyone is familiar with the concept of crowdfunding. Lots of companies and startups seek funds in order to produce and market their products or services, then sell them for-profits, and pay back the funders ( or “backers” as most popular crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo call them) with either their money, shares, or special […]

"Sorry We Are Closed" door sign, employee absent

How To Deal With Absenteeism In The Workplace: A Complete Guide For 2021

There are many valid reasons for your employees to be absent at work.  Sick days, maternity leave, vacation, requested days off for family errands — all those are common, normal parts of any workplace.   Unscheduled and unsolicited absences from work, on the other hand, can squander your work environment and cause a lot of trouble […]

Overhead Garage Door Business

Top 7 Garage Door Business Software Solutions

Home service businesses might look unappealing to some office crowd, or inexperienced entrepreneurs, but that’s because they don’t know that it’s an extremely lucrative industry, which is about 6 to 13 times larger than digital advertising, and IT giants like Google, Amazon, and Bing are fighting to dominate this space. Home service businesses, which may […]

7 Best Time Attendance Apps in 2020

7 Best Time Attendance Apps in 2021

We know there aren’t enough hours in a day but if you track hours correctly, then you’re already ahead of the competition.  And we aren’t talking about writing down hours worked on a piece of paper, going through Excel spreadsheets, or anything else that involves a manual method. Time and attendance software isn’t a new […]

Best team communication apps

12 Best Team Communication Apps in 2021

With over two-thirds of employees working remotely, large teams, and disconnected departments, keeping everyone synced is a daunting task these days, especially during all this uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic brought us. But there’s more to consider: apparently, the mind-boggling 80% of the world’s workforce today (at least) are so-called “deskless” or “mobile” employees, working […]

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