Tutorial: Take Your First Steps
Let's walk you through 3 simple setup steps for your employee app!
First Steps 2:36
Workflows 3:34
Courses 5:13
Organizational Setup 2:15
Punch Clock 1:58
Updates 1:24
Adding YouTube Videos 1:13
Uploading Images 1:18
Uploading PDFs 1:45
Adding a Link to a Course 1:22
Creating Libraries 2:07
Adding Managers 2:05
Analyzing Graphs 2:21
Creating Quizzes 2:30
Creating Surveys 2:50
Uploading Video Flies 1:50


How is an asset completed?

An employee completes an asset assigned to him or her when the employee has completed the task assigned. For example, if it’s a workflow, the employee completes the workflow after he’s replied to each task in the workflow. If, for example, the asset is a course then the employee will need to view each page of the course to complete it. For certain assets the employee will need to tap on an “I Understand” section at the end of the asset. For videos, the employee must finish watching the whole video for the asset to appear as completed.

How do I assign assets to employees?

Once you finish creating assets there will appear a “Publish” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. When you click “publish” you will be prompted to assign your asset by department or branch. Once you have made your selection, a list of all the branches or departments will appear. Then complete your asset designation by making your selection and clicking “Send”.

How do I edit assets and reassign them to other employees?

You can reassign assets by selecting the knowledge category the assets belongs to and then selecting the specific asset name you would like to edit. You will then see a blue “edit” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Clicking the button will take you to your asset editor. Once done, republish the asset and assign it to your employees.

How do I notify employees that they have new assets?

Employees automatically receive a push notification when they have a new asset available in the app. Some employees may manually choose to turn off push notifications. However, through the manager board you are able to send them a text message to remind them they still have assets to complete.

Can I limit workflows to certain time frames?

No, workflows will keep appearing indefinitely. Workflows help perform repetitive tasks. When an employee has accessed the app after a workflow has been completed, the workflow will appear unfilled and ready to be processed when needed.

How do i change my logo?

Under settings, which can be found on the upper right hand corner, there is a section called, “Company Settings”. Click the change button in the company logo selection box. Then choose an image and save changes.

How do I log into the mobile app?

After completing your sign up you should receive a text message with a link to download the mobile app as well as your username and password.

What happens when you export data?

Data is exported as a CSV spreadsheet. The data in each column is based on the data in the currently viewed table. For example, if you export data inside a course, the data will appear under the following column names: “Department name”, “Not started”, “In progress”, and “Completed”. The table displays which employees, from which departments, have completed the task.

How do I assign managers?

Enter your user page and select an individual user. Once you have selected an individual user, you will find a button titled “Make Manager” on the bottom left. Next, provide the user’s email so that they will receive an email requesting their confirmation of their newly assigned role.

What are the different manager privileges and what do they mean?

There are two types of manager privileges – view, and view and edit. The view only privilege allows managers to view the departmental or branch specific statistics, which means he/she can view the user data but cannot edit any assets. The view and edit privilege, allows the manager to view and also edit assets.

Can I assign assets to a single employee?

Assets are assigned by branch or department. If a branch or department has a single employee then the employee will be the only one who has this asset assigned to them.

How do I change icons?

When you are editing any of the assets under the ‘Home’ navigation sidebar, you will see stars next to different chapters and titles. These stars are spaces where you can put icons that will appear on the application to further organize the content. If you click on the star a screen will appear that will give you a few icons to choose from or the ability to upload your own image as an icon. Once you make your selection and click confirm the icons will be saved and visible on the application.