Scale Your Retail Business with Connecteam

best retail employee app

Connecteam’s employee app is the perfect solution to manage your frontline staff

  • Employee shift scheduling
  • Time clock app
  • Online mobile-first checklists & forms
  • Multiple communication tools
best retail employee app
connecteam employee app ratings

Get your frontline retail teams on the same page in a click

retail teams scheduling software

Easy But Powerful Employee Shift Scheduling

Customize schedules for multiple employees & manage it all from one place

Set recurring shifts and allow employees to claim open spots for each shift. Receive live feedback for check-in and completion with a GPS location stamp, notes and media files attachments

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healthcare Employee Timesheets and Time Clock app

Retail Employee Timesheets and Time Clock

Easily customize it to fit your retail stores

Track employee work hours and expedite payroll. Our time clock app is extremely user-friendly, it takes seconds for employees to clock in and one click for managers to export timesheets.

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digital checklists & forms for retail employees

Online Checklists & Forms for Retail Employees

Automate daily processes and operational procedures. Receive live updates from the field in a click.

retail team communication app

Work Announcements, Chat, and Training

Engage with your frontline workforce in one app

Reach every single employee via our dedicated chat, or communicate through measurable group updates. Ensure your team is aligned & easily share valuable knowledge to better onboard new employees.

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What Our Customers Say

Connecteam has never been more valuable to us. In addition to using it for sharing important information, we also use it for daily checklists and inspections.

Cora B.

Human Resources Advisor

Connecting and engaging our non desk employees has never been so seamless before.

Nicolette D.

Marketing & Finance Specialist, Retail

Connecteam is by far the best software I have used for keeping the entire organization on the same page.

Rakesh D.

Chief Travel Geek @ TripDesign.Us

Take your retail company to the next level


Connecteam’s retail employee app is the best all-in-one solution to manage your non-desk employees in the retail industry. As most retail employees are spread in different stores and have no access to computers or company email, Connecteam’s retail employee app allows you to have everyone on the same page for multiple purposes that can highly benefit a company in the retail industry. Need to schedule shifts for your employees? Our retail employee scheduling software has you covered. Looking to improve your retail employee training and onboard new employees? You’re all set here as well! Connecteam’s retail employee app is a great tool to scale with, so you can start with what’s important to you the most and add more and more capabilities going forward. Save time and resources, improve employee communication, enhance daily operations and tasks, and so much more, with Connecteam’s retail employee app for free.

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