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Improve communication, increase carer retention, and achieve higher CQC ratings with the all-in-one homecare management app

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We help homecare organizations keep their staff engaged, connected, and aligned.

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Deliver person-centred communication

  • new V icon Keep carers informed and connected on one unified network
  • new V icon Improve employee satisfaction with real-time feedback
  • new V icon Empower carers to share insights & best practices from the field
  • new V icon Get direct in-app referrals from carers to boost your hiring process
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Recognize your carers

  • new V icon Show employees appreciation by showcasing their achievements
  • new V icon Foster a sense of community by celebrating events and milestones
  • new V icon Motivate staff and incentivize good work with digital rewards
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Enhance the quality of care by 77%

Ensure staff is well-led

  • new V icon Provide access to all work-related contacts in one place
  • new V icon Assign & manage tasks easily, directly to mobile devices
  • new V icon Instantly deliver updates via push notifications with read receipts
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Increase training efficacy by 61%

Enable responsive care for client safety

  • new V icon Centralize all training resources to keep staff aligned and up to date
  • new V icon Build a virtual library to have every policy and FAQ always at hand
  • new V icon Help carers stay organized and compliant with digital forms and checklists
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Digital Transformation in Homecare

How to approach technology choosing and adoption.

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