Move Your Business Forward with an All-in-one Security Guard App

security employee management app

Your security guards can have it all-in-one place. Easy, affordable and capable like never before.

  • Time clock with geofencing
  • Employee scheduling
  • Multiple communication tools
  • Online checklists and forms
security employee management app
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Get your security guards on the same page in a click

security employee tracking app

Time Clock with Geofencing Capabilities

Ensure your security guards are where they should be

Avoid employees clocking-in outside the pre-designated site with advanced GPS geofence capabilities. Simply set up worksites and link them with a job, a customer, or a project.

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security guards shift scheduling software

Easy Yet Powerful Security Guards Shift Scheduling

Customize schedules for multiple employees & manage it all from one place

Set recurring shifts and allow employees to claim open spots for each shift. Receive live feedback for check-in and completion with a GPS location stamp, notes and media files attachments

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digital checklists & forms for security teams

Online Checklists & Forms for Security Teams

Automate daily processes and operational procedures. Receive live updates from the field in a click.

security guards team communication app

Work Announcements, Chat and Training

Engage with your Security Officers in one app

Easily communicate to every single employee, via chat or simply spread knowledge by creating online libraries for policies, build trainings and regulatory courses to on-board new employees.

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See how Connecteam became the base for ESP Pros security company's success & growth

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What Our Customers Say

The ease of use and implementation of Connecteam is important. It reduces the time it takes to train and have to correct errors.

Jose A.

Owner, Security and Investigations

Connecteam is the best all in one program. It allows our security officers to use one app no matter what site they are working at.

Gerard S.

Director Of Operations

Fantastic product!. The software is fully customizable, affordable and you can contact your employees without having to call every single individual.

Rufus P.

Manager, Security and Investigations

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Connecteam’s security guard app is the perfect all-in-one solution for your security guards. When having non-desk employee that are usually on the go, the business faces many daily challenges that cost time and money. Connecteam’s security guard management software was designed and built especially for companies with a majority of deskless employees, in order to help every company easily manage its field employees, and security guard companies are no different. We provide an easy to use security guard management software that allows you to communicate, train and operate your employees from anywhere at anytime. Easy and intuitive communication tools like employee directory, team chat and immediate updates will provide the best ways for employees and managers to communicate, while scheduling and GPS time clock will help you manage everyday tasks and know exactly how much time employees spend on work, jobs and projects. If that’s not enough, you can even train and improve professional skills with Connecteam’s security guard app. Get started for free today!

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