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Employee Directory App That Works for You.

Find who you’re looking for – from work contacts to vendors and suppliers – to get the job done quickly and easily.

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An intuitive and customizable mobile employee directory

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Advanced Search Capabilities

Search and find contacts easily

Searching and finding work contacts shouldn’t be messy or lengthy. Our employee directory app allows you to search by title, department, location, birthday, branch, and more. Whatever is included in the employee profile can be searched!

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Quick & Easy Onboarding

Easy does it

When someone new joins, everything is available in the app – no muss, no fuss. A user profile is automatically created based on the details you decide to show – name, email, role, location, etc. Send a unique invite link to your new hire so they can add their details on their own – saves you time so you don’t have to do it yourself.

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Custom Work Contacts

Your employees will love it!

Connecteam’s company directory software allows you to add additional work contacts that are not company employees, such as vendors, service providers, front desk, and more! Each work contact can be fully customized so no information falls between the cracks, and your staff always has access to contacts they need in their day-to-day.

Connecteam employee directory software

Save Time & Effort

An automatic mobile employee directory

Everything automatically remains up to date. Employees don’t need to constantly add, remove or update contacts instead it’s done via the employee profile and is instantly updated across the app. Plus, when a person is archived or deleted, they’re removed from the app immediately to keep information secure and up to date.

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Modify Users Profiles

You’re in the driver’s seat

Modify the employee directory app based on your organizational needs and easily comply with privacy regulations. For example, hide specific contacts or specific details, like the CEO’s personal information or a personal mobile phone number of employees that don’t want it shown.

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Communicate Right In The App

Easily engage with who you need

Don’t just find the contact you need, exit the app, and then contact them. With the Connecteam employee directory app, just click the relevant action button directly from the contact to call, send an email, a text message or start a live chat conversation right from the app!

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Connecteam Is Trusted By Over 20,000 Companies Worldwide

employee communication app testimonial

Gerard K.


An amazing employee directory software for my deskless team!

Natalia N.

Employee Success Manager

It's so easy to find contacts with Connecteam's employee directory software. Highly recommended!

Erens N.

Staff Manager

No doubt Connecteam's employee directory app is the best choice for us!
Employee communication by an app

James W.


Connecteam allows us to reach 100% of our workforce, no matter where they are!
employee communication app hr manager lady

Rama O.


Great directory software for a good price and incredible support when you have any questions
man employee communications app testimonial

Patrick M.

General Manager

Exceptional easy-to-use product and outstanding customer service!
employee time clock app customer review

Daniel A.

Director of Food & Beverage

A truly remarkable directory solution, allows us to get to 100% of our workforce in a tap of a button!

Improve employee engagement like never before!


Connecteam’s employee directory app is an easy and great way to have all your work contacts under one roof. Our mobile employee directory software is intuitive to use and easy to customize. With advanced search capabilities, employees can easily find any work contact within seconds with a free text search that will instantly find any profile attribute, including role, department, branch, birthdate and much more. Each work contact can be contacted with a quick action button like a phone call, email, and even a private one-on-one chat. What’s best is that you don’t need to integrate multiple softwares together, the Connecteam employee directory app has everything in one place and offers even more features to better manage your daily business operations.

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