The Best Online Forms & Checklists App for the Deskless Workforce

staff checklists app

Streamline business operations with online operational checklists and real-time read and sign forms.

  • Go paperless
  • Custom digital checklists & forms
  • Quick field reports & real-time insights
  • Always available, always up-to-date
staff checklists app
connecteam employee app ratings

Manual checklists and paper forms? You know you can do it better!

employee checklists app

Quick to Start. Rich with Features. Fun to Use

A versatile tool to meet your every need

Create any form you need in minutes with an intuitive, simple drag and drop editor. Gather information from your field team with advanced capabilities like image-capturing, location stamps, detailed dropdown lists, voice recordings, file attachments, signatures, and more.

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Always Available, Always Up-to-Date

All the advantages of digital checklists under one roof

With digital forms and checklists, your team always has mobile access to forms, even on the go. No more dealing with messy handwriting, outdated forms, or waiting weeks for critical paperwork to arrive — every entry is sent from field to office in the blink of an eye, and instantly available!

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real time business checklists app

Real-time Notifications On Forms Completion and New Entries

Stay in the know, even on the go!

Get things done faster with your forms, checklists, and reports in one place. Get real-time notifications on your mobile phone for every entry made. Track completion rates, set up auto-reminders for users, follow up with people that are yet to complete their forms and more advanced capabilities to simplify daily processes.

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manage employees checklists app software

Review, Process, and Manage Information

It's not just about receiving information — it's about processing and managing it

Leverage the advanced filtering and searchable interface to easily point out the things that matter. Flag exceptions, analyze historical data, and export the information when needed. All your previous entries are secured and are always available.

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export checklists workflows form app

Export Files, Set Automated Reports, Share Entries

Automate your information flow and improve response times

Gathering information from your team is important, and so is keeping relevant stakeholders informed. Utilize the advanced distribution and sharing options to download and send automated Excel reports, get a PDF copy for every entry submission, and more.

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Mobile interface checklists app for employees

Mobile Interface for Managers On The Go

Keep your field managers in the know, even on the go

Empower your field managers with advanced mobile capabilities by allowing them to review entries on the go, respond and engage in predefined follow-up actions in real-time, search for historical entries, track completion rates, and even share relevant entries with other colleagues and stakeholders.

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task management app for employees

Dedicated Task Management and Communication Tools

More features to improve your productivity

Get more done with embedded communication capabilities such as in-app chat, push notifications, and updates. Utilize the dedicated task management tool to quickly and efficiently delegate one-off tasks to your team.

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Watch the video below to see it in action:

staff checklists app

What Our Customers Say

Probably the world's best digital workflows app and great pricing is a big bonus!

Tobias R.J.

Business owner

Connecteam has never been more valuable to us. In addition to using it for sharing important information, we also use it for daily checklists and inspections

Cora B.

HR advisor

Beyond the expectations for an employee checklists app! Great product for a good price!

Darren G.


Connect your deskless workers with Connecteam's employee app!

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Connecteam’s checklists and forms app is an amazing tool for every business that wants to take compliance and procedures to the next level. Connecteam makes it easy to create a highly customized, mobile-first work checklist app that can be used from anywhere at any time. Simply choose from one of our templates, or create your own checklist, form, or report. Connecteam’s checklist app allows you to modify your entire work process like no other, all with an easy to use interface for admins, multiple options and customizations, built-in automation, and various tools such as chat, libraries, and documents that will take your employee checklist app to the next level.

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