Keep Your Workplace Safe & Healthy

Get all the tools you need to keep your business running smoothly and free of unnecessary risk and costly violations, directly from your mobile device. Ensure the safety of non-desk workers and monitor hazards from anywhere, at any time.

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Join the 36,000+ Companies Staying Safe with Connecteam

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Prepare for the Worst & Expect the Best

No matter how big or small a company is, and regardless of what industry it’s in, creating safe working environments reduces downtime, drastically lowers costs, and improves employee attendance rates. We’re here to help make that happen with an easy mobile-first solution that lets you monitor and control workplace safety, whether routinely or during crisis.


Keep Your Employees Alerted on Urgent Matters

Send safety-related updates and ensure awareness in a few clicks with push notifications sent directly to your staff’s mobile devices. Get read receipts for all employees to guarantee everyone is informed and ready to respond to any potential hazards.


Get Your Employees Skilled in Workplace Safety

Maintain your team’s safety knowledge with training courses and skills refreshers, which they can take using their mobile devices. Fully keep track of their progress with a powerful admin dashboard to make sure they’re 100% prepared if something goes wrong.

Benefits of a Good Health & Safety Culture


Fewer safety incidents


Decrease in absenteeism


Fewer equipment breakdowns

I was surprised by all of the features Connecteam had to offer, like having digital forms we didn’t know such a thing existed and that it could be done so easily.

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Respond to Safety Hazards Faster

Let your employees instantly warn you if something is hazardous or needs attention. Be notified any time a form is submitted or set up an auto-report to be sent to your email, ensuring that you’re always on top of things.


Make Safety Knowledge Accessible

Centralize management of up-to-date safety information, allowing your non-desk employees access from their smartphones at any time. Use any kind of multimedia to create a resource that team members can find and reference immediately when in need.

Ready to Take Your Workplace Safety to the Next Level?

Manage Team Safety from Anywhere, Anytime

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