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Mattest Materials Testing uses Connecteam to streamline daily processes & increase efficiency

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Mattest Materials Testing is a company that provides construction materials testing services. It operates independently accredited laboratories in Belfast, Dublin, and Cork and temporary site-based laboratories across Ireland.

As Mattest continued to grow, the company recognized that working with separate tools for time tracking, scheduling, communication, and handling paperwork was hindering efficiency more than it was helping.

Key Takeaways:

The Challenge:

Before using Connecteam, the main challenges Mattest Materials Testing faced included:

  • Jumping from solution to solution to manage daily operations 
  • Messy scheduling and planning with endless back-and-forth 
  • Slow-to-access and hard-to-distribute safety material and reports
  • Time-consuming preparation of manuals and sharing of safety reports and forms
  • Disorganized communication with no work-life separation

The Solution:

Connecteam provides Mattest with the following solutions:

  • One app with access to everything needed to better manage the entire company
  • An real-time job scheduling tool that is easy to use and allows you to quickly share schedules with employees
  • Direct access to a digital knowledge base with health & safety protocols, tutorials, and other materials
  • Automated checklists and forms to quickly share safety announcements in real-time
  • An in-app work chat with filters and groups to replace untrackable text messages and phone calls

The Outcome:

With Connecteam, Mattest was able to: 

  • Save time on managing daily processes with a single solution
  • Minimize risk by sharing real-time safety reports and procedures
  • Enhance its scheduling process by instantly seeing who’s available for a shift and sending scheduling updates
  • Gain full visibility into projects by having all information under one roof
  • Optimize and simplify internal communication between field and office teams

Everything runs more streamlined now that we have one solution to handle all our daily processes.
Mattest Materials Testing Uses Connecteam To Streamline Daily Processes & Increase Efficiency