10 Best Construction Management Software Solutions

Rea Regan November 15, 2020 9 min read

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    Construction is the “get it done” business. And unlike other industries where machines do a lot of work, construction is still all about the people and the ability to manage them.

    That’s why the construction industry needs construction software so it can bring communication, accountability, and transparency to the industry that needs it the most. The goal of construction software is to make your construction company more effective, decrease operational costs, allow for transparency, and also to help you compete for the best employees, the best managers, and even customers. If your business is more digital where everything runs fast and easy, your employees will appreciate this and the managers as well. As a company, you will appeal to future hires as you’re innovative and current so it becomes easier to attract top new talents.

    We rolled up our sleeves and compiled a list of the top 10 construction management software solutions. However, there a numerous construction software solutions available so there are a few things you need to consider before choosing the construction software solution that’s right for your business:

    Ease of use – This is a biggie so to really know if the construction software solution is easy to use, ask yourself this:

    • How suitable is it for every single one of my employees? If you have employees who sit in front of a computer screen all day or if you have mainly non-desk employees, you need to choose the construction software solution that best reflects all your employees.
    • Will all employees be able to use it? No matter where they are?
    • Is it simple to onboard new employees?

    Feature set – Does the construction software solution have features that are easy to implement and can improve your daily needs:

    • Make sure the construction software solution has the basics: time tracking, job scheduling, communication tools, etc.
    • Are the features suitable for all employees and my business?
    • Does it solve an actual problem or serve a true business purpose?

    Security and control – the construction software solution is a work tool, therefore:

    • How secure it is for my business?
    • How much control do I have over it?
    • Where is data stored?

    Price – it’s a no-brainer that price would be a factor in choosing a construction software solution:

    • Is it cost-effective?
    • Is it scalable?
    • What benefits are included?
    • What is customer support like?
    • Will it cost me more in the future if I need modifications?
    • Is it worth the amount I pay?

    Top 10 Construction Management Software Solutions

    Construction communication app

    Connecteam’s construction software is trusted by over 5,000 companies and is the best for your business, especially as you have remote, mobile, and spread out employees. With Connecteam, you can seamlessly manage every aspect of your business day, including the following: 

    • Benefit from a GPS powered time clock so your crew can clock in and out right from their phone, making timesheets and payroll (that integrates with Quickbooks Payroll) more streamlined and accurate. Plus, you have access to time and job insights that help analyze how crew resources are spent on different projects and jobs in each one. Or use the Kiosk to keep everyone clocking in from a central kiosk station.
    • Set geofence parameters for each of your sites to create a more hands-off style as geofence ensures your crew only clock in and out in the designated work zone and nowhere else.
    • Improve your scheduling process and eliminate surprises with an intuitive scheduling feature that allows you to make changes on the go and have real-time visibility into your team’s availability. An easy drag and drop planning board and templates allow you to assign sites and jobs to your crew quickly and seamlessly.
    • Benefit from shift attachments where your crew can share additional key information like what tools they used during a shift and if it was returned. In addition, set shift tasks in the schedule, as each shift or job has different day-to-day and different tasks based on that shift – get notified in real-time when a task was completed.
    • Enhance safety with direct access for all employees to important safety information and resources, protocols, ongoing training, and even real-time safety reporting.
    • While in the field, send and receive reports to boost processes for safety hazard report, incident report, site inspection, daily crane inspections, repair order ticket, COVID-19 daily health declaration report, etc.
    • Streamline logistical and operational communication with robust features like chat groups, one-on-one dialogue, updates on any matter (company announcements, safety reports, gigs landed, etc.) sent right to your employee’s phone, employee directory, and more.
    • Make sure your employees are compliant via digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, including the employee handbook, uniform agreement, etc. Plus this ensures employees have real-time access to SOPs and company protocols.
    • Create an efficient onboarding process and enhance training through read and sign forms, quizzes, videos, chapters, PDFs, and more.

    Price: Connecteam is the only construction software solution that offers pricing plans that don’t charge for each user! Instead, you pay a fixed monthly price for up to 50 users: starting at $39 a month. If you need more than 200 users, choose the Enterprise plan and a customer service representative will contact you about the fixed monthly price available to your company.

    Free trial: A free 14-day trial is available and there is even a free for life plan!

    Looking for a Construction Management App?

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    Smartsheet software

    Smartsheet aims to help construction companies streamline communication and documentation. You can plan, manage, automate, and report on work in real-time while collaborating with teams, vendors, and clients when needed. From field operation to quality control to safety, Smartsheet makes it easy to get things done.

    Price: For the Standard plans, you have two options: Individual for $14/month or Business for $25/user/month. If you are interested in the Enterprise plan, you need to talk to a Smartsheet representative about the pricing options.

    Free trial: Yes, there is a 30-day free trial.

    GenieBelt construction software

    GenieBelt, an online construction management software, was created by professionals in the construction industry. What GenieBelt does is make project management easier for construction officials so that you can manage projects while staying connected from the site to the office. In real-time, you have access to a Gantt chart, communications, and reporting.

    Price: For one project, you can sign up for their Free Forever plan. The Business plan costs for 1 project $120/month or for unlimited projects, it costs $600 /month. The Enterprise plan will cost, for 1 project, $930/month.

    Free trial: Yes, there is a free 30-day trial.

    CoConstruct software

    CoConstruct is a custom builder and remodeler software that was created in 2004. This construction software solution is web-based and mobile and helps you coordinate with your employees, communicate with clients, and simplifies custom building navigation. CoConstruct also has a selections function for change orders, a calendar feature to coordinate schedules, and a comments section so users can update one another on nay matter.

    Price: CoConstruct doesn’t charge per user, instead they charge based on the number of projects you have under construction, their standard pricing starts at $249/month.

    Free trial: No, however, you can schedule a live demo with a representative.

    Procore construction software

    Founded in 2003, Procore is a cloud-based application for construction. It includes products centered on project management, construction financials, quality & safety, and field productivity. In real-time, construction companies can increase efficiency, accountability, communication, and documentation. Procore is available on a user’s mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

    Price: You must commit to an annual contract and the pricing available relates to companies earning $3M or less in construction volume each year. You can choose from two plans, which cost $333 and $375, or you can build a custom plan.

    Free trial: No.

    Corecon Technologies

    Corecon Technologies provides estimating and project management software solutions available via desktop, mobile, and tablet. The construction software offers business development, estimating, document control, job cost control, scheduling, and collaboration, also it can integrate with Intuit QuickBooks, Sage 50, SAP Business One, or Xero.

    Price: Contact a Corecon employee for a personalized quote.

    Free trial: No.

    PlanGrid construction software

    In real-time and from the field, PlanGrid allows you to create plans with notes and photos, allows you to fix problems, can access any contract documents like RFIs or specs, and helps to create built-in reports. PlanGrid allows you to manage teams and projects, is secure and scalable, and can integrate with virtually any software.

    Price: Choose from three monthly plans, Nailgun at $49/month/550 sheets, Dozer at $69/month/5,000 sheets, and $139/month/unlimited sheets.

    Free trial: A free 21-day trial is available.

    e-Builder software

    e-Builder is a Trimble Company that is a “fully-integrated, owner-centric, cloud-based construction software”. As a construction company, you can plan, design, procure, construct, and operate when needed. e-Builder allows you to focus on project control, process automation, information management, and reporting.

    Price: Contact an e-Builder representative for pricing quotes.

    Free trial: No.

    STACK construction software

    STACK is an estimating software for professional construction contractors that has a cloud-based platform. This construction software helps streamline the pre-construction process, collaborate with employees, customize materials, and finalize project estimates.

    Price: There are three pricing options to choose from: Free (limited to seven days), Plus available at $999/year/user, or Pro available at $1,799/year/user.

    Free trial: Yes, there is a free 7 day trial period.

    10. Wrike

    Wrike software for construction companies

    Wrike says on their website that with their product, you can “increase productivity, enhance team collaboration, and can do transformational work”. This is available through marketing, creative, project management, project planning, and all team features.  

    Price: There are five pricing plans available: Free, Professional available at $9.80/user/month for up to 15 users, Business available at $24.80/user/month for up to 200 users, and the last two options require a customer support team member to create a quote.

    Free trial: Yes, a free trial is available.

    Choose The Best Construction Management Software

    To really take your construction business to the next level, you need the right construction management software to get you there. Whether it’s communicating in real-time with your crew or enhancing safety, tracking time accurately, building a perfect schedule, or whatever else your construction needs, you need construction management software to get you there. So play around with some software if there is a free trial and choose the best one for your business and your employees.

    Leading Construction Software

    Connecteam’s construction employee app is the perfect solution for your construction company. Time tracking, job scheduling, multiple communication tools, online mobile-first checklists, forms and reports, and much more.

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