Rea Regan

Rea Regan is the Marcom Manager at Connecteam, is responsible for ensuring customer success and is a dedicated author for Connecteam’s business blog. She helps clients build smart, effective employee management strategies and brings years of experience and knowledge in helping businesses improve employee engagement. With a degree in Technical Writing, Rea is an expert in simplifying complex processes into easy tips that managers can implement instantly.

New Overtime Rules Went Into Effect on January 1, 2020 – Is Your Business Ready?

Overtime rules are often confusing to understand and even harder to implement. And on January 1, 2020, salary overtime gets even more interesting…  The Department of Labor (DOL) announced a new overtime rule in March 2019 and many employers are feeling its impact today. According to the DOP, the new overtime rules will make around […]

5 Best Security Guard Scheduling Software Solutions in 2020

Creating an effective schedule for your security guard staff comes with many challenges. There are multiple job sites with their own unique shift times and rotations. So when assigning shifts, you have to account for all this along with ensuring the right employee is scheduled, sometimes a shift requires someone with certain skills. This information […]

Restaurant Payroll: Get the Basics Right

Managing a restaurant comes with its own sets of challenges and processing payroll is probably one of the most complexes. Not only because it needs to be properly explained to new employees to ensure compliance but also due to the many complex laws restaurant owners must adhere to avoid lawsuits and penalties.  In this blog, […]

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9 Areas for Improvement to Being a Good Manager

Gallup reported that one out of two employees will leave their job just to “get away” from their boss. The WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey found that passive-aggressive managers make up around 61% of workplace bullies. Another surprising find is that employees stated low engagement was a top reason for leaving and that their relationship […]

How to Create a PTO (Paid Time Off) Program For Your Business in 2020

Before you hire a new employee, you should already have a paid time off policy in place. This policy plays a huge part in attracting new hires, boosting engagement and productivity, and is embedded into the company culture. Now, you aren’t required to offer paid time off however, more than 60% of small business employees […]

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Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of a Flexible Work Schedule

There is a ton of data to support the benefits of flexible work schedules; from happier and more productive employees to a better bottom line. But what does the data say? 73% of employees say flexible work schedules increase their satisfaction at work Working less hours correlates with higher productivity in the form of increased […]

Everything You Need To Know About Generation Z In The Workplace in 2020

If you were born between 1996 to the early 2000s, then you’re a Generation Z baby! And you’re taking the workforce by storm. In the United States alone, there are 65 million Gen Z individuals and by 2020, 40% of the Gen Z population will make up the working and consumer population.  What does all […]

6 Key Takeaways of the New Truck Driving Laws

Finally in August of 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), under the United States Department of Transportation, announced changes to its hours-of-service rules that will greatly increase the flexibility of truck drivers’ while they’re on duty. And this has been a long time coming for many truck drivers.  “FMCSA wants drivers and all […]

An In-Depth Guide on Time Theft: Why & How it Happens, The Cost & How to Prevent It

Managers often brainstorm how they can make better use of their employees’ working hours. But, more often than not, this is easier said than done. Poor planning, too much downtime, inefficient time tracking and time theft are far too common.  In fact, one of the biggest challenges of optimizing employee time all boils down to […]

6 Expert Ways to Engage Seasonal Workers

‘Tis the season! Whether you need more drivers or cashiers during the holidays or servers during the summer months, you need your seasonal workers to be engaged. Engaged workers, as in individuals genuinely and emotionally invested in their employers and their job role, are far more productive, provide superior customer service, have less accidents and […]

Why Non-desk Companies Must Have A Chat App

President Obama called small businesses the backbone of America. And, he’s not wrong. But we want to take it a step further and say that the deskless employee is actually the backbone of America. They work out on the floor and construction sites, in restaurants and hotels, and drive trucks. They make up 75% of […]

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