Top 8 Spa Management Software Solutions in 2022

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Rea Regan May 26, 2021 9 min read
Top 8 Spa Management Software Solutions in 2021

Quick Guide

    The stress of everyday life builds up deep down in our bones. It’s exhausting and taxing. This is precisely why millions have turned to spas to relax and rejuvenate for centuries. 

    From facials to body massages (and not just standard massages anymore but even hot stone treatments), body wraps, hydrotherapy, and more, spas have evolved their services to keep up with the times. 

    Just How Has Spa Management Changed? 

    While it’s true that not all traditional spa treatments have been thrown out the window, like natural springs, much has evolved since the Roman days. 

    Today’s spa customers crave a more rich, pampered experience that incorporates many different health and holistic treatments, while offering the latest trends in treatments and therapies as well. This balance in old and new treatments poses a unique challenge for spa management.

    What Challenges Exist in the Spa Management Industry? 

    Apart from the above mentioned, running a spa effectively hits at many different aspects. For example:

    • Efficient training of all new and current employees
    • Strong marketing campaigns to promote your business 
    • Vendor management
    • Accurate time tracking and payroll management
    • Messy, time consuming scheduling for employees and customers 
    • Budget management 
    • Managing high turnover rates 
    • Consistently offering top customer service & bagging repeat customers 

    The list of challenges facing the spa industry are more extensive than what we just listed, but these are the most common spa owners and managers are facing. 

    How Spa Software Takes Spa Management to the Next Level

    Relying on outdated, sloppy and error-prone management practices like the ol’ pen and paper is a thing of the past. It isn’t called the 21st century for nothing, folks. More and more businesses and managers are recognizing the need for digital solutions to automate daily operations, keep costs low, and streamline business processes. 

    Spa software is a must to keep operations running smoothly

    The right spa software helps you tackle, manage and overcome many challenges that your spa business is facing on a daily basis. For example:

    And anything in between! 

    Spa software is the ace up your sleeve to outperform competitors, motivate and engage your employees, and satisfy your clients.

    We reviewed the best management software for spa companies and listed the top eight spa management software solutions below.

    Top 8 Spa Management Software Solutions

    Connecteam spa software solution

    Connecteam is an all-in-one management software for spa companies. It includes countless features to ensure that you can focus on your clients instead of getting bogged down on everyday tasks that only eat up your time. 

    Whether it’s streamlining scheduling, enhancing communication, ensuring accurate time tracking, managing payroll, automating forms and checklists, and everything else in between, Connecteam is the leading spa management software trusted by thousands of beauty professionals worldwide. 

    • Automate daily tasks for a smoother routine and less error by moving all checklists and forms to digital like open/close spa tasks, cleaning spa checklists, special customer requests, intake forms, etc. Include images, signatures, open ended questions, yes/no questions, attachments, etc. 
    • From one place, transform scheduling for in-house spa sessions or home treatments with easy to use features like drag and drop, recurring shifts, saved templates, etc. Employees can accept or reject a shift so you’re notified in real-time and can adapt as needed. Employees can also set their availability and unavailability.
    • Ensure healthy hygiene from top to bottom for both personal and physical space hygiene. Utilize the COVID declaration form to ensure health and safety for personal hygiene of employees and clients. Space hygiene extends to an end of treatment checklist where everything is put back in place.
    • Streamline internal communication to keep everyone aligned. Start a group chat or a 1-on-1 dialogue, include images, GIFs, and like/comment features. Share formal company announcements and updates like uniform policy, new policies, upcoming training sessions, and more to ensure everyone is on the same page.
    • Enhance payroll management by exporting timesheets in the click of a button with the option to integrate with Quickbooks and Gusto Payroll. Choose from PDF or Excel view when exporting. 
    • Track time more accurately with GPS timestamps any time an employee clocks in and out from their mobile phone. You can even manage time off/vacation requests in a click. 
    • Access to real-time data and reports so you can better run your spa with all the information at hand. 
    • Enhance morale and productivity with updates and team engagement communications so your employees feel like they’re a part of the company. Share updates on new hires, the employee of the month, positive customer feedback, upcoming holidays, and more – allow your team to like and comment on updates for true engagement company-wide.

    Best of all, employees have access to the fully-branded company app while on the go, from anywhere to be able to access information needed at any time, ensuring they deliver top customer service.

    Price: The Connecteam spa management software solution is incredibly easy on the back pocket as it offers pricing starting at just $39/month for up to 50 users. You can also start with the free for life plan to manage your business while on the go. 

    Rejuvenate Your Business With The All-In-One App

    AestheticsPro software

    Manage your spa with AestheticsPro for scheduling, booking, EHR records, marketing campaigns, and more. Everything on AestheticsPro is paperless so you have real-time access to all your company information and data. AestheticsPro is also HIPAA compliant.

    Additional features worth noting include:

    • Client management
    • Review management
    • Loyalty programs
    • Reporting and insights company-wide
    • POS system
    • Scheduling 

    Price: Pricing starts at $109.99/month/feature. A free trial is available as well, but no free plan is offered.


    Vagaro takes care of daily operations so you can take care of your clients. So, if you’re looking for online booking, scheduling, payment processing, marketing, client management, digital forms, and so on. 

    Additional features include:

    • Drag and drop scheduling
    • Online bookings can come from your own website, the Vagaro mobile app, any extension like their marketplace, and through social media integrations
    • POS system 
    • SOAP note management 
    • HIPAA compliant 
    • Push notifications

    Price: Vagaro charges its customers based on how many employees you employ. If you’re running your spa solo then it’s $25/month. Whereas, five employees will cost $65/month. 

    Mindbody software

    Depending on the type of spa you operate, like hotel, float or a day spa, Mindbody has different features for your business. There is also an AI solution and retention tools that can be added onto your Mindbody plan so you can reach more clients to provide the best service. 

    Mindbody also offers the following features:

    • Manage bookings and employee schedules 
    • Collect payments online
    • Send automatic digital reminders to clients
    • 24/7 AI messaging service

    Price: Four pricing plans are available for your spa business which starts at $129/month. The most advanced pricing plan cost $549/month. Add-ons like a fully branded app will cost extra. 

    5. Mangomint

    Mangomint software

    Mangomint was made for spa and salon management. The spa software helps with online booking, employee management, client support and more. Depending on which features you need most, pricing will differ so make sure you’re choosing the right  spa software to serve all your business needs.

    Additional features that are helpful: 

    • Employee scheduling 
    • Repeat appointment bookings
    • A mobile app
    • POS system
    • Inventory management
    • Gift card management 
    • Reporting 

    Price: Choose from three pricing plans that start at $135/month for up to 10 service providers – this plan is most ideal if you’re a small business. 

    Fresha software

    Fresha is mainly a spa booking software that fits many industries in the spa and salon industry, for example hair salon, nail salon, massage, and more.

    Fresha offers the following features as well:

    • Online booking
    • POS system
    • Client management
    • Product inventory 
    • Reporting

    Price: There is a free plan available on Fresha. Otherwise, their “Plus” plan costs 2.19% + $0.20 transaction fee per client and includes a 20% new client fee. 

    Zenoti software

    Zenoti is a cloud-based solution that offers features like online booking, self check-in for clients, auto-pay, marketing, client management, a POS system, and more.

    Additional features available on Zenoti include:

    • Appointment booking 
    • Digital records and data
    • A mobile app
    • Gift card management
    • Loyalty program for clients
    • Payroll management
    • Inventory management 

    Price: Pricing is not available on the website, therefore, you need to contact a Zenoti representative to learn more about the cost. A free demo is available. 

    Rosy software

    Rosy is a salon software that can help with scheduling, offer a POS system, client booking, push notifications, a mobile app, marketing, and more. 

    Additional features on Rose include:

    • Inventory management
    • Reporting 
    • Online services
    • Client rewards
    • Client booking through social media as well
    • Email marketing

    Price: Pricing changes depending on how many employees you have and which pricing subscription. For example, if you’re solo and on the standard subscription then it’s $29/month. The next plan up for a solo owner is $37/month. 

    Moving Forward With Spa Management Software

    As you likely know, the spa industry is a multi-million industry. In fact, it’s expected to “grow from just under 94 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 to 127.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.”

    With such a healthy market, efficient spa management is a must. This includes offering a multitude of treatments and therapies to attract a robust client base, ensuring proper training and management of staff, and implementing spa software to keep ahead of the competition. 

    We have looked at the market with all of its changes and trends, the many challenges, and how management software for spa is critical to company success. You are now ready to choose the best spa management software solution to tackle the challenges at hand and capitalize on the robust market through 2022. 

    #1 Spa Management Software

    Efficiently manage day-to-day operations with Connecteam spa management software!

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