One single feed for your company updates, news and celebrations

Reach every single employee at once and instantly share important company updates, announcements, and newsletters, in a social-media style updates feed

  • No credit card needed
  • Best ease of use
  • GDPR Aligned
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 certified
Connecteam's updates interface desktop and mobile

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Learn about our updates in 2 minutes

Update your entire team with just a few clicks

  • Personalize your company feed with your brand’s logo and colors
  • Include GIFs, images, and videos to make employee updates engaging
  • Turn on or off comments, likes, and emojis
  • Automatically translate updates into multiple languages with an advanced plan
Update creation at Connecteam's app

Easily reach each and every employee

  • Share updates with select teams, locations, or departments
  • Stay ahead of the game by scheduling posts in advance
  • Share links to specific updates in any form of media
  • Make sure nothing is missed with notifications and auto-reminders
Update setting at Connecteam's app

Reach your entire team at once

Streamline company updates and team communication

Optimize and measure your team communication strategy

  • Require employees to confirm they’ve seen an update
  • Access statistics on employee comments, reactions, and views
  • Get insights into which updates get the highest engagement rates to continuously improve employee communication
Optimizing and Measure updates at Connecteam's app

A BIG deal for small businesses

Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

Connecteam’s employee communication app is designed specifically for non-desk teams of all industries and is the best way to instantly reach your entire workforce in real-time, no matter where they’re working. The updates feature allows you to share company announcements, employee recognition and rewards, birthdays, and more while letting employees respond with likes and emojis, just like on social media. Use team chat to create 1:1 and group chats and customize the employee directory to store everyone’s contact information so they’re easily reachable while on the clock. Ensure everyone can access important company documents whenever they need them by storing safety, training, and other materials in the employee knowledge base for easy access from anywhere. Easily create and share customizable surveys for real-time employee feedback and create and manage team events, all from one place.