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Manage HR matters and give your team the skills and motivation to perform at their best every day – all from one app.

Connecteam app HR interface

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See how training staff becomes easy with Connecteam

See how training staff becomes easy with Connecteam

Training & Onboarding

Deliver impactful training without the classroom

  • Save time and money by easily creating engaging courses for ongoing, uniform learning (pre-made templates included!)
  • Minimize time to competence with mobile training courses staff can complete on the go
  • Add custom quizzes to test your trainees’ understanding of the covered material
  • Track your team’s live progress and have a record of all mandatory training
Connecteam app HR interface


Digitize your file cabinet

  • Gather, organize, and store all employee documentation in one secure location
  • Simplify your onboarding process by quickly getting new hire paperwork in order
  • Have staff upload required documents and certifications right from their mobile phones
  • Keep everything up-to-date and ensure compliance by setting document expiration dates
Connecteam app HR interface

Optimize training & onboarding with one powerful app


Reduction in compliance violations


Reduction in training costs


Faster time-to-competence

Time Off management

Efficiently manage time off and reduce costly mistakes

  • Have employees submit absence requests straight from the mobile app
  • Get a clear overview of time off requests and quickly update balances
  • Simplify time off management by creating policies for any kind of absence
  • Reduce regulatory and compliance issues with automated notifications
Connecteam app HR interface

Recognition & rewards

Drive a culture of excellence

  • Ensure everyone feels seen and appreciated with some well-deserved recognition
  • Put your employees in the spotlight or recognize them privately
  • Motivate your team to go the extra mile by rewarding them for their hard work
  • Let employees enjoy the fruits of their hard work with their favorite gift cards
Connecteam app HR interface

Employee Timeline

Keep track of employee lifecycles

  • Improve team management with a timeline of their prior and upcoming milestones
  • Make informed decisions based on your employees’ timelines
  • Track all important events – from annual reviews to salary raises
  • Create a full picture by attaching related files for each event
Connecteam app HR interface

Train and upskill your employees for top-notch performance

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