The #1 HR Platform for Appreciating Your Employees

Put employees front and center, and create a company culture they’ll never want to leave

  • Praise employees for their hard work with digital recognitions
  • Recognize every individual or team achievement
  • Reward employees and give more than just words of praise
  • Celebrate every big moment and make employees feel special
Appreciate employees

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employee appreciation app

Make Employees Feel Truly Appreciated With Digital Recognitions

Celebrate achievements and acknowledge every win, big or small.

  • Share pre-made recognitions or create your own
  • Recognize employees for individual efforts, team projects, or company-wide wins
  • Appreciate employees in private or put them in the spotlight
  • Let employees react to and comment on team members’ achievements
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employee appreciation app

Recognize an Employee for a Job Well Done

Give a round of applause for anything your employees achieved.

  • Announce the employee of the month to the entire company
  • Appreciate employees who switched a last-minute shift with a coworker
  • Celebrate milestones such as work anniversaries and promotions
  • Acknowledge staff who went the extra mile to help a customer
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employee appreciation app

Show Appreciation With More Than Just Words of Praise

Reward employees for hard work and give them exactly what they want.

  • Select vendors to reward employees from an extensive gift card library
  • Gift employees digital tokens to exchange for gift cards straight from their phone
  • Choose the number of tokens and send them to selected employees any time
  • Automate rewards to motivate employees to consistently perform at their very best
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celebrate employees

Celebrate Every Big Moment and Make Each Employee Feel Special

Shine a light on every birthday and work anniversary.

  • Personalize each celebration with a heartwarming message
  • Ensure employees see every celebration on their mobile app
  • Set your big moments on auto-pilot and never miss a big date
  • Employees can share the love on each celebration with comments and reactions
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Customize Recognition & Rewards to suit your exact business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I show appreciation to my employees?

Showing employees that you see and appreciate their hard work, is crucial for motivation and satisfaction. With Connecteam Recognitions & Rewards – this process is now simple!  

What can I show appreciation for?
What is a rewards app?
Is Connecteam Rewards & Recognitions free?

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