The Easiest Way to Manage & Organize Employee Documents

One place for all your company’s employee files, certificates, and forms

  • Let your employees upload their required documents directly

  • Streamline and shorten your employee onboarding process

  • Communicate instantly regarding submitted documents

  • Provide employees with a mobile-first solution for on-the-go access

Construction worker in the Connecteam app

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wonam looking at her computer and smiling with a screenshot of Connecteam's Documents feature

Go Digital and 
Ditch the File Cabinet

Gather all employee documents in one secure space

  • Store all regulatory, formal, and personal files safely in one location

  • Be certain that your employee records are always up to date

  • Never lose another document

  • Get set up quickly and easily navigate to any document instantly

Simplify Onboarding Processes

Get all your new hire’s forms & paperwork instantly organized in the right place. Turn the new employee document onboarding process into a simple one.

  • Let your employees easily upload all required documents and certifications.

  • Request specific documents from specific groups of employees in a click.

  • Make your onboarding process faster & smoother.

  • Minimize time from recruitment to operation.

Documents feature on Connecteam's user interface

Employee Documents, Made to Order

Access & manage all your employee documents in one smart space
screenshot of notification regarding driver's license expiration with a photo of a driver smiling. in the background there is a screenshot of Connecteam's Documents feature

Keep Your Employees’ Documents Up-To-Date

Stay fully compliant with expiration dates on employee documents and certificates

  • Set expiration dates per document entry or document type.

  • Have a clear overview on all expiration dates of your employees’ documents.

  • Ensure compliance by providing your team all necessary documents and certifications.

  • Allow managers & employees to access documents from anywhere at any time with their mobile devices.

Manage Your Business Documents In One Place!

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About the Connecteam Documents feature

With Connecteam Documents, your employees can easily upload any required document directly from their mobile device. You will be able to view all company documents from one clear location.

We know the importance of employee privacy in your company. That’s why you can decide who views the relevant documents or employee details (done easily via the permissions center).

We support all types of business needs, from small businesses to large-scale enterprises. You can upload, store and manage unlimited documents.

Connecteam’s employee document management app is a great way to digitize your file cabinet. The employee document management solution gives you an easy and effective way to organize, manage, and keep track of all your employee documents – such as licenses, W4 forms, and certificates – in one centralized and secure location. It allows you to send your employees requests for any required documentation, which they can then upload to the app straight from their mobile phones – so no more time-consuming manual paperwork. The system further helps you keep your employee records up to date by letting you set expiration dates and reminders for renewal. The employee document management app further lets you simplify your onboarding process by including new employee documentation requests in your mobile onboarding sessions. So, if you’re looking for an efficient way to manage your non-desk team’s employee files no matter where they’re working, Connecteam’s employee document management app is the best and most affordable solution for you.