Centralize and simplify your HR processes

Engage your front line, promote a positive company culture, and maximize the impact of your HR initiatives with one intuitive app

  • No credit card needed
  • Best ease of use
  • GDPR Aligned
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 certified
HR manager in connecteam app

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Engage and motivate your team

Make your frontline staff feel close from anywhere by sharing the latest company news and announcements, keeping them involved, and showing appreciation.

Connecteam app interface

Onboard and train to success

Deliver mobile courses, quizzes, and company knowledge to better onboard, train, and develop your employees and track their progress in real-time.

Connecteam app interface

Streamline workflows with one powerful app


Decrease in HR workloads


Boost in employee retention


Increase in engagement rates

Keep track of employee documentation

  • Organize all required employee documents, certificates, and licenses
  • Keep track of validity with near-expiration date notifications 
  • Have staff upload documents directly from their mobile phones
  • Ensure compliance and peace of mind
Connecteam app interface

Gain full visibility into HR processes

Oversee workflows in real-time from one centralized location to quickly close the loop on important tasks, jobs, or reports and resolve any issues.

Connecteam app interface

Meet all your HR needs and goals

Digital employee documentation library

Easy-to-use training and onboarding courses

Recognition and rewards that bring real results

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