Boost employee motivation with recognition and rewards!

Promote your organization’s values, build a strong company culture, streamline employee engagement, motivate your staff and improve retention by recognizing and rewarding your employees.

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screenshot from Connecteam app of both update mentioning the employee of the month and the reward for it

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Create a culture of excellence and drive employee engagement

best employees recognition app

Give your employees the recognition they deserve

Ensure that everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated

Easily put your employees’ success in the spotlight. Show your appreciation in private or share it with their peers to drive a culture of excellence.

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Recognize and Celebrate Everything!

Custom made for any milestone. Choose your favorite badge, type out your personal message, and share your appreciation individually - or with the team.

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Ready to boost employee engagement?

Modern way to reward your employees

Employee Rewards Made Simple

Increase motivation and satisfaction by handing out rewards and incentives to employees.

Promote your organization’s values, build a strong company culture, streamline employee engagement, motivate your staff and improve retention by recognizing and rewarding your employees.

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Employee rewards and recognition from the best vendors

Reward Employees With Tokens That Convert to Their Favorite Gift Cards

We collaborate with vendors that your employees love

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Customize Recognition & Rewards to suit your exact business needs

Try out the world's best Recognition & Rewards management app

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About the Connecteam Employee rewards and recognition app

An employee rewards and recognition app is a platform used to boost motivation, and appreciate and incentivize deserving employees!

Employers use employee recognition apps to recognize employees for professional achievements, work anniversaries, and milestones. Employee recognition can also lead to employee rewards.

Yes. Everyone gets a 14-day free trial to use all Connecteam features. After the trial ends, you can opt for the free plan or subscribe to a premium plan to continue using all Connecteam features.

Companies that recognize employees for their achievements often experience higher employee satisfaction rates, higher productivity, lower turnover, improved company culture, and more.

Employers can use Connecteam rewards and recognitions to thank employees for their good work, boosting morale and excellence.

Everything can be recognized! Connecteam’s customization capabilities allow managers to create custom badges and recognitions for any event.

Connecteam rewards allow employers to send employees tokens, which can then be converted into gift cards from well-known and loved stores and services.

Appreciation keeps employees engaged – there are even multiple studies that back this up! Engaged employees can lead to a more productive workforce and improved staff dedication and loyalty.

Connecteam’s HR and Skills Hub with employee recognition and rewards features is the best solution for engaging your non-desk teams and showing employee appreciation. Celebrate achievements with customizable digital badges of recognition or by sending digital tokens employees can redeem for gift cards to their favorite retailers. Connecteam is the best way to keep track of important employee documents, manage employee time off, onboard and train your staff, streamline communication, and ensure compliance. Create customized onboarding and training courses for every position in your company and monitor employee progress as they complete their training from their mobile devices. You can even add quizzes to test their knowledge along the way. Easily keep track of every employee’s journey while working in your company with the timeline feature, which displays important events and course statuses as well as when they were completed.