The employee training app to boost your bottom line

Deliver mobile training courses for your frontline teams to complete from anywhere, saving valuable time and money and ensuring compliance.

SCORM compliant | No credit card needed

We help businesses keep their teams connected, trained, and aligned.

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A new way to train employees and crush expenses

  • Quit the logistical chaos of in-person training for good
  • Easily create and share your own educational materials
  • Stop wasting cash on expensive third-party content
  • Get your staff trained faster and keep them productive
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Mobile training, company-wide timesaving

  • Centralize all learning materials into one digital space
  • Train an unlimited amount of employees in one go
  • Shorten learning time with bite-sized microtraining units
  • Accelerate time to competence with always-on access
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Want to boost the bottom line?

Let’s chat about improving employee onboarding & training

All your professional knowledge, always at hand

  • Deliver custom learning materials to any device, anywhere
  • Forget memorizing - view all company know-how on one app
  • Maintain an always up-to-date, highly skilled workforce
  • Keep teams refreshed with instant access to task-critical info
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Get right to it with pre-made courses & templates

  • Simply choose from a variety of pre-made topic and industry-specific courses
  • Save time and resources with research and content creation already done
  • Use tailor-made courses based on best practices and micro-learning principles
  • Implement your existing courses in our SCORM compliant platform
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Keep compliance on track, we got your back

  • Ensure everyone is trained consistently with one unified program
  • Easily revise content to align staff on new policies and procedures
  • Continuously monitor progress and follow up to ensure completion
  • Remain covered with a detailed record of all mandatory training 
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Customize Training to suit your exact business needs

Manage your team & business with one powerful app


About the Connecteam Training app

An employee training app is a platform that allows managers to quickly create engaging, educating, interesting courses that employees can easily access from their mobile devices. Managers can keep track of and assess their employees’ performance and professional progress and provide feedback.

Yes. Everyone gets a 14-day free trial to use all Connecteam features. After the trial ends, you can opt for the free plan or subscribe to a premium plan to continue using all Connecteam features.

Both managers and employees benefit from Connecteam’s employee training app – it was made with the non-desk employee in mind.

Managers can quickly and easily create any type of course – from onboarding to professional development. Courses can include videos, PDFs, forms, quizzes, surveys, and more.
Course flow can be altered by setting when specific learning steps must be taken.

Managers now have complete oversight over each employee’s progress throughout their training course, and can track and communicate accordingly.

Employees can complete courses on the go, from their mobile devices – no more paper training materials!

Connecteam is extremely easy-to-use, no tech experience needed! We are proud to offer a simple user interface that makes training easy to follow and engaging for all employees.

Connecteam’s mobile employee training software lets you easily create, manage, and assign training sessions for your non-desk teams to complete wherever they are working from and even while on the go. You can build custom training courses for any topic – from new hire onboarding sessions to routine regulatory safety training – spending minimal time and money. With Connecteam’s employee training management software, you can create and upload any type of content, such as documents, videos, or external links. What truly makes our employee training app powerful is the ability to track your trainees’ progress, performance, and completion status. Connecteam’s employee training software offers an intuitive user experience, so there is no need for any special training to understand how to use it. If you want to keep your employees professional and skilled with easy-to-use employee training software, especially for non-desk teams, you have just found your match. Try Connecteam’s employee training software for free!