There's a New Standard for an Employee Training App

Onboarding new employees, routine training, regulatory courses or simply providing professional skills to deskless employees is now easy and affordable! Your new employee training software is easy to use and quick to get started!

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Customize Training to suit your exact business needs

employee training app course creation

Effortless Course Creation

Easy, flexible, and highly customizable

Forget about complex and expensive courses for online employee training. With Connecteam, you can deliver training materials by utilizing existing documents, PDF files, media, and even web-services like YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive or your company website. Add our quiz to ensure understanding of content and your online employee training is good to go!

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employee training software screens

Mobile Knowledge Center

Keep your employees professional, wherever they are

Use adaptable libraries to create a hub of knowledge for your deskless team, which is fully-searchable and always accessible. Employee handbook, company policies, catalogs and menus, sales tips or anything else your employees need to master. All the needed data is accessible in a click, and always up to date with the Library feature.

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Want to boost efficiency?

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mobile first training app for employees

Mobile-first Training

Designed and built especially for companies like yours

Online employee training for deskless teams should be easy to understand and quick to interact with. With our user-friendly mobile app, training can be divided to sections or chapters, course completion is always visual so employees can track their training progress. With continuous training capabilities, users can pick up courses from where they left off last time, for a true on-the-go experience.

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actionable insights employee training app

Actionable Insights

A visual and powerful admin dashboard

The employee training software comes with a powerful admin dashboard, so monitoring app activity and training progress is a no-brainer. Easily distinguish between a user’s course completion status, view overall progress or a drill down per item, deliver focused push notifications, filter employee list by profile attributes and export all necessary information when needed. The best part? All training activity is secured in a cloud for you to access any time, with no storage limit.

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employee training app feedback

Training Feedback

Make it better together

Connecteam’s employee training software is highly flexible, so why not make the most out of it? Create surveys that evaluate training needs, success, and overall employee sentiment, or use your Suggestion Box to receive feedback on a regular basis. The insights your team provides help to improve the online training experience. Most importantly, employees are satisfied that their thoughts are considered in the decision making process. It’s a win-win!

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employee training software live

Live Group Discussions

You can do so much more than just a training course

Use our chat to communicate and broadcast valuable information to your employees before, after and during the training. With a group chat, automatically add or remove participants from groups according to pre-set rules, and have live educational discussions on various topics. Custom channels are a modern and trendy tool to broadcast the most useful information to the right people, to improve professional skills and boost engagement.

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employee training app scheduling

Scheduling And Registration

Still need face-to-face training? There’s an app for that too

Connecteam makes it easy to schedule training sessions ahead and have your trainees RSVP straight from their mobile phones, while keeping them up to date and ready for training.

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Watch the video below to discover more about Connecteam:

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connecteam employee app ratings

What Our Customers Say

The software is very user-friendly, training and onboarding our new employees became very versatile since we moved it to the Connecteam app!

Hayat A.


We use Connecteam for safety training and it is AMAZING! Save a lot of time, and reduces the number of mistakes later down the road

Shanna M.

Director of business administration

Agile, flexible, personalized support from a skilled team, and an all-encompassing employee management system! We use it to communicate with our teams, do online training, write incident reports, and much more. It's incredible that you can do it all in one app!

Pia H.

Education manager

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About the Connecteam Training app

What is an employee training app?

An employee training app is a platform that allows managers to quickly create engaging, educating, interesting courses that employees can easily access from their mobile devices. Managers can keep track of and assess their employees’ performance and professional progress and provide feedback.

Is Connecteam’s employee training app free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s employee training app?

Connecteam’s employee training software was designed and built especially for non-desk employees. It’s easy to use, powerful and extremely flexible for online employee training. It will make your online employee training for remote employees a no-brainer, as Connecteam offers an easy to use employee training software that can be used with your current documents, media and web-services. What truly makes our employee training software powerful when having non-desk employees, is the ability to view current completion status and with actionable data reach out to employees at any time, wherever they are, with a unique and user-friendly online employee training experience. No training needed in order to understand how to use Connecteam’s employee training software, so onboarding your deskless team will be an easy task. Connecteam’s employee training software can also help with a mobile app knowledge base, live group discussions and employee feedback before, after and while having the online employee training. If you want to keep your employees professional and skilled with an easy to use employee training software for online employee training, especially for non-desk teams, you have just found your match. Try Connecteam’s employee training software for free!