The employee scheduling app that saves time.

Instantly create and share schedules with your non-desk teams and increase productivity for everyone.

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Man Smiling with a screenshot of Connecteam's Scheduling feature

Quickly Draft and Issue Schedules

Ensure nonstop efficiency from your non-desk employees

  • new icon svg Deploy schedules in seconds with easy-to-use templates
  • new icon svg Save time by importing schedules and duplicating shifts
  • new icon svg Gain full visibility on employee availability at any given moment
  • new icon svg Increase productivity with geolocation to optimize workflow
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The Job Scheduling tool has saved our company time and money and greatly improved on our communication with field crews.

Kathy C. | Office Manager
Construction staff member working
Screenshot of Connecteam's Scheduling feature

Solve All Your Scheduling Challenges with One App

Simplify work processes for managers and employees

  • new icon svg Automate shift reminders to prevent no-shows and ensure full staffing
  • new icon svg Guarantee equal shift distribution and avoid conflicts & overlap
  • new icon svg Avoid hassle by allowing your employees to swap shifts seamlessly with your approval
  • new icon svg Comply with laws and regulations by tracking over time worked and breaks
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No More Scheduling Issues

Avoid conflicts, send responses, and keep your team always up-to-date
Employees looking at a phone and smiling with a screenshot of Connecteam's Scheduling feature

Unify Communication to Empower Your Staff

All the information your remote teams need, right in their hand

  • new icon svg Keep staff connected and up to date on one unified network
  • new icon svg Increase employee accountability on attendance and daily operations
  • new icon svg Enable secure & controlled interaction with groups and permission levels
  • new icon svg Empower employees to share insights & best practices directly from the field
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Screenshot of Connecteam's Scheduling feature

Simplify Daily Operations by Connecting It All

  • new icon svg Integrate with our Time Clock to accurately track hours and stay compliant
  • new icon svg Export timesheets directly to payroll providers like Gusto or QuickBooks
  • new icon svg Optimize workflows with smart reports and insights
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How Connecteam’s All-in-One Job Scheduler Works

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Easily create a shift schedule and publish it

About the Connecteam Scheduling app

What is an employee scheduling app?

An employee scheduling app allows you to easily assign shifts and notify employees of their schedules.

Digitalizing scheduling allows you to input data, such as time-off requests, and view the schedule according to job or employee to limit scheduling errors. Reassigning previous shifts is also a time saver.

With a good scheduling app, you can also communicate directly with your employees regarding each shift. Look for features such as adding a shift description, where you can add the location, specific tasks, and if any questions arise, you and your employee can directly message each other.

Is Connecteam’s employee scheduling app free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s employee scheduling app?
Can I attach shift-related tasks to the schedule?
Are there shift templates included?
Can Connecteam’s Job Schedule help me keep track of my assets?
Is it possible for my employees to let me know when they are available to work?
Can I schedule open shifts to be claimed?

Connecteam’s employee scheduling app is an easy way to schedule shifts and dispatch jobs for remote and non-desk employees. With Connecteam, online employee scheduling is made easy and powerful. Ranked as one of the best employee scheduling apps, Connecteam offers some unique tools that make its online employee scheduling capabilities very unique, such as integrated in-app chat and true shift collaboration that includes status updates and notes for every shift. With this unique approach to online employee scheduling, you will not only save valuable time and keep everyone on the same page, but also add more value to your employees with Connecteam’s employee scheduling app by adding important information like job location, detailed notes, and file attachments. If you’re looking for online employee scheduling for your deskless teams, Connecteam’s employee scheduling app is the easiest and most affordable solution you can find for online employee scheduling.