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Stay on Top of Employee Overtime & Pay Less

Ensure compliance and easily track overtime hours with Connecteam

  • Customize overtime rules to your exact specification
  • Minimize unnecessary overtime with planning and restriction features
  • Rely on automations that calculate overtime for you.
  • Produce error-free timesheets that can be directly exported to payroll
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Customize Overtime Calculations According to State Laws and Company Policies

Your overtime wishes are our command

  • Decide when overtime begins and how it will be calculated
  • Customize overtime settings per time zone to easily comply with state laws
  • Cater to any shift type by using an unlimited combination of overtime rules
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Prevent Unauthorized Overtime Before it Becomes a Problem

Small adjustments can make big changes to your bottom line

  • Prepare for overtime costs in advance with a smart scheduler
  • Create your own rules to restrict early clock-ins and late clock-outs
  • Easily monitor and limit shifts for those who’ve exceeded their hours
  • Automatically clock-out employees when they go into unapproved overtime
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Simplify Employee Overtime with Connecteam

Streamline your employee overtime tracking and approval process
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Get an Overview of Absences, Paid & Unpaid Hours, at a Single Glance

Keep tabs on your company’s workflow with constantly updated work hours

  • Apply overtime rules at the click of a button
  • Quickly view each employee’s overtime to get a grasp of company-wide productivity
  • Know in real-time how much each overtime hour is costing you
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Produce Error-Free Timesheets in a Cinch

Get notified of timesheet discrepancies to make payroll a breeze

  • Enjoy color-coded visual queues to flag inconsistencies
  • Easily approve or decline employee requests on finalized timesheets
  • Seamlessly connect to your preferred payroll software and/ or export to Excel
  • Offer complete transparency and notify employees of upcoming payroll periods
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Frequently Asked Questions

Connecteam allows you to set custom overtime rules for pay period overtime, weekly overtime, holiday overtime, and consecutive days overtime.

Connecteam lets you automatically clock out employees when their shift ends or at a set time.

Yes! With the holiday overtime model, you can make any day a special day with a customized rate.

Yes! By using multiple time clocks, you can use a different time clock for each group of employees within your business and set individual rules for each group.

Yes! You can adjust the multipliers according to your specific needs.

Connecteam’s employee time clock app is the best way to track employee work hours and time spent on jobs or projects, while minimizing unnecessary overtime. Designed specifically for non-desk teams of all industries, the employee time clock syncs with the shift scheduler and allows you to monitor attendance, PTO, breaks, and overtime hours in real-time. All tracked hours are then automatically recorded onto digital timesheets, ready for review, approval, and payroll to speed up the entire process. The app is also enabled with GPS and geofencing technology so you can track employees’ locations while on the job to ensure they don’t leave their job sites while working, preventing time theft. With multiple communication channels, such as in-app chat and employee updates feed, Connecteam allows you to remain synced and aligned with your teams no matter where they’re working.