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Put your Employee Management on Cruise Control with Automated Reports

Gain insight on employee attendance & share the data with ease

  • Get real-time updates on employee attendance
  • Leave the tedious parts of payroll to automation
  • Customize your reports to deliver the exact information you’re looking for
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Monitor Employee Attendance With Ease

Know who is punctual, late, or absent—in real-time

  • Automate live reports based on employees’ clock-in status
  • Create custom reports to monitor specific projects, sites, or jobs
  • Set up reports to catch negative work patterns before they turn into problems
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Never Miss Your Payroll Deadline Again

Use data auto-reports to complete payroll, free of human error.

  • Automatically export timesheets at set times to the payroll department
  • Filter specific jobs and automatically send them to the client for invoicing
  • Customize filters to focus on the jobs, teams, or shifts that are relevant to you
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Get Quick Valuable Insights, Automatically

Automate employee reports for a clear overview of your business
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Customize Your Auto-reports To Best Suit Your Needs

Easily customize to get the information you want, when you want it.

  • Create PDF or Excel auto-reports from scratch or use pre-made templates
  • Choose between timesheets or user-specific reports that focus on overtime, and more
  • Set the frequency and timeframe to get your reports
  • Choose relevant data fields and special filters to get the most relevant information
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Get Connecteam 100% Free for Up to 10 Users!

Small Businesses Think BIG

Connecteam’s employee time clock app with automatic reporting allows you to gain insights on employee attendance and share the data with whomever you need. You can also customize the reports to monitor specific projects, sites, or jobs so they contain only the necessary information. With the employee time clock, you can track working hours and time spent on jobs or projects with ease. Designed specifically for non-desk teams of all industries, the time clock syncs with the shift scheduler and allows you to monitor attendance, PTO, breaks, and overtime hours in real-time. All tracked hours are then automatically recorded onto digital timesheets, ready for review, approval, and payroll to speed up the entire process. The app is also enabled with GPS and geofencing technology so you can track employees’ locations while on the job to ensure they don’t leave their job sites while working, preventing time theft. With multiple communication channels, such as in-app chat and an employee updates feed, Connecteam allows you to remain synced and aligned with your teams no matter where they’re working.