Staff Managers’ Favorite Geofencing Time Tracking App

Accurate Field Employee Time Tracking for electricians

Connecteam’s robust geo time clock makes tracking employees’ real working time and location a breeze! See exactly when and where employees are clocking in and out, or limit it to the preset hours and work zones.

Accurate Field Employee Time Tracking for electricians

Automate supervision with an accurate and reliable geofencing time tracking app

geofencing employee tracking

Help Employees Stay in The (Work) Zone

Preset clocking in and out perimeters or approve requests in real-time

Create unlimited custom fenced areas for different jobs and locations, and make sure all your teams are exactly where and when they are supposed to be. No more calls and guessing games — Connecteam enables geofencing employee tracking from an app on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

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100% Accurate Payroll

Eliminate buddy punching, time theft, & timesheet errors

  • Absence Management
  • Breaks & Overtime
  • Notifications
  • Auto Reminders
  • Scheduling Conflicts

Customize time tracking settings to fit your team like a glove & save you time when the payday comes.

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Manage Everything on the Go

A geo time clock that works behind the scenes so you don’t have to

  • Easily view all fenced sites
  • Customize job sites
  • View employees' location on the map
  • Approve/decline clock out from non-fenced areas

Connecteam leaves no place for confusion and lets you automate the time tracking and payroll process like never before.

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Not Just Geofencing Time Tracking

A complete field employee management solution

  • Check & approve absences
  • View current and past timesheets
  • Schedule & swap shifts
  • Communicate in the in-app chat
  • Send & receive company updates
  • And so much more

Connecteam isn’t just a geofencing employee tracking solution, but an all-in-one platform that allows you to communicate, train and operate your entire business from one place.

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Watch the video below to see Connecteam time clock in action!

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What Our Customers Say

The flexibility to assign a geofence to restrict where employees clock in and out was critical for one of our clients, who relies primarily on mobile workers who aren't in a traditional office setting.

Brittany B.

HR operations lead

I love that this software has the geofence so we can rely on more than just the honor system. I like that it will also auto clock out after a certain time frame.

Sierra L.

Operations manager

A geofencing time tracking feature lets you know if your employees are at work when they clock in or out. This makes it simple to do no matter where you are located in our various warehouses!

Kathy H.

Finance manager

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Connecteam is the best geofencing time tracking app with a GPS time clock that can be accessed from any smartphone. Our geofencing employee tracking can track time spent on work hours, jobs or projects. Designed especially for deskless employees, our geofencing employee tracking is easy to use and requires no training, so you can start using your very own geofencing time tracking app for multiple team members within minutes. Connecteam’s geo time clock helps to monitor regular hours, double hours and overtime, which may be customized to fit your business’ needs. Connecteam’s geo time clock can even help with mileage read, equipment usage or additional information needed to deal with payroll. Greatly benefit from the integrated in-app chat, employee directory, job scheduling and easy to use timesheets to make the payroll process faster than ever. If you’re looking for the best geofencing time tracking app for deskless employees then Connecteam’s geofencing employee tracking is the most powerful and affordable solution for your team.

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