The app that makes geofencing time tracking easy!

Connecteam’s geofencing time tracking app sets your business on auto-pilot so you’re not wasting valuable time overseeing your employees and double-checking their hours and location. With geofence, managers are totally hands-off as the feature ensures your employees’ clock in and out only in the designated work zones and nowhere else.
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Effective, accurate and fully-automatic time tracking solution for your business

Ensure employees are in the work zone

Geofence time tracking clocks you in at the job site only
Add an unlimited number of sites and create a digital geographic fence that can be used for multiple jobs, projects, and customers. Just name the site, set its geographic location, select the fence size, and you’re good to go!

100% accurate payroll

No more timesheet errors and edits
Using geofencing employee tracking helps you as a manager spend less time verifying employees’ location when on the clock, eliminates time theft and provides a more hands-off time tracking experience. But it doesn’t stop there. Connecteam’s time clock allows you to customize time tracking settings to fit your business like a glove: overtime, absence management, breaks, custom notifications and more, can all be easily configured and save you loads of time every day!

Manage everything on-the-go

A geo time clock that works behind the scenes so you don’t have to
As the admin, you have full capabilities and oversight on Connecteam’s geofencing time tracking app. Easily view all fenced sites, add or edit job sites, view the map to see an employee’s location and the fenced area in one place, approve or decline clock out from a non-fenced area, and much more.
all in one security guard app

The total all-in-one package

More features to boost time tracking
It doesn’t stop there, with Connecteam, you have access to more than just geofencing employee tracking. Right from an employee’s mobile phone, they can request absences, view current and past timesheets, add notes to a particular shift, communicate with the in-app chat, and so much more, all while on-the-go. With intuitive, mobile-first user experience, your team doesn’t even need training to get started with the best geofence tracker. Get started for free today!

Connecteam is trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide


“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job. We save time and cost, while improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

Darren Gradus CEO & Owner Canada’s Restoration Services

“As a big retail company, Connecteam ‘s solution is ideal for us. The App and its management system help us to be in constant contact with all the employees of the company, which are located throughout the country.”

Barak Alfital Training & Organizational Development Manager FOX Group

“Connecteam improved our work processes in a significant way. The mobile app helped us improve our workflows and made our projects run more effectively. As an organization, our overall communication and flow of information has become fast and accurate””

Racheli Oz Organizational Develpment & Welfare Manager Carasso Motors

“Connecteam is an intelligent collaboration solution. In Sodastream, we found this solution friendly and useful, with high adoption rates among our users. The Connecteam staff are creative and dynamic, and great partners to work with.”

Nir Rehav Head of Global IT Sodastream Intl.

Connecteam’s geofencing time tracking app sets your business on auto-pilot

A simple, powerful and affordable solution to manage non-desk employees. Try it yourself!

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Connecteam is the best geofence tracker complete with a GPS time clock that can be accessed from any smartphone. Our geofencing employee tracking can track time spent on work hours, jobs or projects. Designed especially for deskless employees, our geofencing employee tracking is easy to use and requires no training, so you can start using your very own geofencing time tracking app for multiple team members within minutes. Connecteam’s geo time clock helps to monitor regular hours, double hours and overtime, which may be customized to fit your business’ needs. Connecteam’s geo time clock can even help with mileage read, equipment usage or additional information needed to deal with payroll. Greatly benefit from the integrated in-app chat, employee directory, job scheduling and easy to use timesheets to make the payroll process faster than ever. If you’re looking for the best geofence tracker for deskless employees then Connecteam’s geofencing employee tracking is the most powerful and affordable solution for your team.

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