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Create A Simplified Kiosk Experience Using ANY Device

No what if’s or buts with accurate time tracking from a single device.

  • Allow all employees to clock in/ out with personalized pin codes, from a shared secure device.
  • Easy to set up and even easier to use!
  • Ideal solution for workplaces that need or prefer a clock-in station from one central location.
  • Go beyond time tracking with an all-in-one kiosk app!
Easy & secure time tracking

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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clock-in-and-out station

One Secure Device for All Your Employees

A full-proof system that eliminates time theft & buddy punching.

  • Ensure physical employee attendance with a kiosk from a fixed tablet.
  • Assign each employee a unique identification pin code to validate attendance.
  • Restrict late arrivals or early leavers with a set timeframe for clocking in and out.
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Eliminate buddy punching, time theft

Set Up the Kiosk in Minutes!

… and then enjoy an intuitive user experience.

  • Teach employees how to use the login within seconds.
  • Clocking in and out of work only takes a few clicks.
  • Clear defined toolbars for quick access.
  • Customize it to fit your exact needs.
  • An easy-to-navigate interface.
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Effortless Time Tracking

Connecteam's time clock kiosk app streamlines attendance

“Connecteam’s kiosk app makes it so easy for employees to clock in and out from one shared device in a centralized location. Great user interface and by far the best shared time-clock solution out there!”

More Than Just Time Tracking

Solves a Wide Array of Problems

Affordable & easy solution for any industry type!

  • Replace shift managers with a stationary kiosk, when you’re short staffed.
  • Ideal for workplaces that consider mobile phones a safety hazard.
  • Ensures employees who work on the go check-in at one unified home base.
  • Suitable for retail employees, restaurant crews and warehouse teams who depend on kiosks.
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Intuitive User Experience app

A fully comprehensive field employee management solution.

Within minutes, your employees can easily access Connecteam's tablet kiosk app

  • Provide employees with their daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules.
  • Let your staff submit absence requests or shift swaps.
  • Provide helpful training materials that employees can constantly reference.
  • Assign to-do’s and checklists to help employees stay on task.
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Watch the video below to see Connecteam time clock in action!

Connecteam Time Entry System 2023


two employees stanging at the entrance of a resturant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Connecteam offers a Kiosk app that you can install on a device for all of your employees to clock in and out from.

Each employee is assigned a personal 4-digit pin code to verify their identity. You can also activate an option for a selfie photo when employees clock in or out.

Connecteam’s time clock kiosk app offers an easy and efficient way to record your non-desk team’s attendance and work hours from a central and fixed location. Our time clock kiosk app is fully customizable and can be used to track accurate work hours, including overtime, as well as time spent on specific jobs or projects. With the time clock kiosk app, you can set up kiosk stations where your employees can simply clock in and out with personalized pin codes, using a shared and secure device. The time clock kiosk app is easy to use and doesn’t require any training, so you and your team can start using it within minutes. Work hours are automatically recorded onto digital timesheets, ready for your review, approval, and payroll processing. All in all, if you’re looking for the best time clock kiosk app for your non-desk teams, Connecteam is the most powerful and affordable solution for you.