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Communication and Engagement

Updates and Announcements

Posts for Engagement
Likes, Comments, Mentions and Replies

Disable An User's Ability to Comment and Like an Update

Publish an update without creating an engaging discussion around it

Media and File Attachments
Images, Videos, PDF, GIFs, Files and Location Sharing

Live Poll Posts

Pre-Scheduled Posts

Pin Post to Top of Feed

Organizational Chat

Media and File Attachments
Images, Videos, PDF, GIFs, Files and Location Sharing

Team Chat
Chat for Teams and Groups

Chat Channels
Broadcast Information and Company News

Use channels to broadcast news and information. Only channel admins can create content, users can't reply

Conversation Settings
Control Who Can Start A New Conversation

Create rules with exceptions to set your company's direct communication tool on autopilot

Organizational Directory

Custom Work Contacts

Emergency contacts, vendors, suppliers, or any other work contact that isn't an app user

Selective User Field Display

Easily control which user profile fields should be displayed in your directory, such as department, branch, role and more

Option to Hide Specific User Information


Anonymous Surveys

Employee Time Clock

Employee Scheduling

Checklists and Forms

Employee Task Management

Employee Training and Resources

User Management and General Settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for it?

Well, no! After the 14 days free trial, you need to decide if you wish to use our free plan or subscribe to one of our premium plans. We’re committed to bringing you the most powerful tools to manage and communicate with your non-desk employees while keeping our product extremely customizable and easy to use. Plus, our premium plans pricing is probably the only one that allows you to bring your entire team or company onboard for the same price with all features included. So whether it’s your need to improve communication, save time and money on manual procedures, or just to keep everyone on the same page – you can do it all and much more with an app that is highly customizable for your business. Totally worth it, right?

A free plan and a trial? I don't get it...
How does the free trial work?
What happens when my free trial is over?
What are the benefits of the Expert plan?
What's the benefit of the Advanced plan over the Basic plan?
Which premium plan is right for me?
How does your pricing work?
How does 2 free months work for the annual subscription?
After purchase, can I change plans?
Do you offer a fully branded mobile app?

Manage your employees from one place!

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Manage your employees from one place!

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