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Up to 200 users

Features Included:

  • Time Clock
  • Scheduling
    Schedule and manage jobs and shifts, keep the staff organized and save loads of time.
  • Workflows
  • Chat
  • Updates
  • Directory
  • Suggestion Box
  • Events
  • Surveys
  • Quiz
  • Knowledge base
  • Media and files
Start for free
Up to 200 users

All basic features plus:

  • Assets duplication
    Schedule and manage jobs and shifts, keep the staff organized and save loads of time.
  • Archive assets
  • Archive users
  • Smart groups
  • Manager permissions
  • Advanced filtering
  • Advanced directory
  • Advanced updates
  • Advanced chat
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More than 200 users

All advanced features plus:

  • Users API
    Schedule and manage jobs and shifts, keep the staff organized and save loads of time.
  • Workflows API
  • Dedicated customer success manager

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“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job. We save time, improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

Darren Gradus CEO – Canada’s Restoration Services


Do I have to pay for it?

The trial is free but after that you’ll need to subscribe to one of our plans to continue using Connecteam. Bummer, right? Well, not really 🙂 We’re committed to bring you the most powerful tools to manage and communicate with your non-desk employees, while keeping our product extremely customizable and easy to use. Plus, our pricing is probably the only one out there that allows you to bring your entire team or company for the same price with all features included. So wether it’s your need to improve communications in the company, save time and money on manual procedures or just to bring everyone together to keep them on the same page – you can do it all and much more with an app that is highly customizable for your business. Totally worth it, right?

Which plan is right for me?

That’s a good question, but not a though one to answer. If you have less than 200 employees, we suggest starting with the Basic plan and see from there. Or, reach out to our Customer Success Team – we’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

What's the benefit of the Advanced plan over the Basic plan?

We named it as it really is – a more advanced offering. The Advanced plan provides more automations, more modifications, more customization options and, well, a more advanced use of the platform.

Which one should you choose? If you’re new to Connecteam we suggest you begin with our Basic plan. As your use of Connecteam gets deeper, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Advanced plan.

What happens when my free trial is over?

After 21 days of free trial, you’ll need to decide if you wish to continue using Connecteam. If you do, you’ll need to subscribe. We try to make this decision as easy as possible, that’s why we offer a monthly subscription that can be canceled at anytime and an annual subscription with a 30 days refund policy.

If you don’t want to subscribe, all your information will stay intangible until you decide to subscribe or delete the account upon request.

Do you offer a fully branded mobile app?

Yes we do. We have a separated pricing for that and it includes a fully branded app for iOS and Android devices. This option is for annual subscriptions only. Contact our Customer Success Team for more information.

How does your pricing work?

We have 2 main plans that include all of our main capabilities for up to 200 employees. Yes, you read correctly – we do not charge per employee. The reason for that is because we believe your real value starts when your entire team or staff are on the same page.

We also have an Enterprise plan for companies with 201-10,000 employees. Contact our Customer Success Team for more information about the Enterprise plan.

How does 2 free months work?

When purchasing a plan on an annual subscription, your monthly cost is being reduced in a way that equals to 10 months of use on a monthly subscription. And there you go – 2 months for free 🙂

How does the free trial work?

For 21 days you can use Connecteam’s Advanced plan, completely free. No credit card needed, no strings attached. During those 21 days our Customer Success Team will help you understand if Connecteam is the right solution for your business, while you can use everything we have to offer with some or all your employees.

After purchase, can I change plan?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel you plan at anytime.

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