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Recognition & Rewards

Make your team feel appreciated & valued

Recognize your employees’ achievements in front of the entire team and reward them with in-app gift cards that can be redeemed in real life.

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Engaging Updates

Bring your company closer together

Create social-style updates that keep your employees engaged, connected, and engaged by introducing new colleagues and promoting success stories.

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Benefits of strong workplace culture


Higher productivity


Higher employee engagement


Higher employee retention

Surveys & live polls

Gather thoughts & insights effortlessly

Collect your team’s opinions and learn what’s on their mind – from employee wellness to climate survey, you’ll have all the answers you need in no time.

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company events

Organize unforgettable company events

Announce your upcoming event attractively, providing all the information and letting your employees react and comment on their excitement.

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If you’re looking for something to connect your people — it says it right there in the name & that’s exactly what it’s done for us!

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