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Reach, connect, and manage your frontline workers in real-time and guarantee an effective communication strategy

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  • HIPAA compliant
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Close your frontline information gap

Put company updates and all the information your team needs at their fingertips and ensure your messages get across.

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Make communications quick and efficient

Centralize all work contacts and reach all the right people at the right time via chat, feed, or directory

Connecteam's Chat and Directory infastructure

Using an employee communication app in numbers


Increase in reach


The amount of time saved on looking up information


Boost in collaboration and teamwork

Promote healthy communication

Include staff in conversations and surveys to ensure everyone feels heard, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

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Maintain oversight and control

Manage every aspect of your internal communications in one secure place – from analyzing user engagement to ensuring conversations stay professional

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Nothing replaces the opportunity to meet with team members personally. At times when you can’t, it’s important to ensure the consistency of accurate information

Robert Hayes, HR Business Partner, Saint Gobain Ceramics North America
Robert hayes

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