The #1 Way to Seamlessly Manage Your Company’s Events

Manage Your Company’s Events

Add some fun to your team with internal company events that boost employee engagement and morale

  • Create any kind of work event
  • Easily access all event information directly from your mobile device
  • Promote a strong sense of belonging by instantly notifying users about the latest events
  • Make communication more vibrant with event comments and reactions
Manage Your Company’s Events

Trusted by Over 20,000 Companies Worldwide

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Company’s Events app

Have Complete Control Over What Your Events Look Like

Make your events as engaging or as informative as they need to be

  • Plan every kind of event, from team meetings to birthday parties
  • Add all essential information, including dates, times, locations, event descriptions, images, and more
  • Customize all aspects of the event, including RSVP options
  • Easily choose who to invite - individuals, a department or the entire company
  • Make events even more dynamic with shortcuts to event forms and polls
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Company's Events software

Create Any Kind of Event That Your Business Needs

Bridge the gap between you and your employees by creating a wide variety of events

  • Team meetings
  • Health and safety meetings
  • Equipment inspections
  • Birthday parties
  • Employee appreciation days
  • Team building events
  • Fun days and trips
  • Conferences
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manage Company's Events software

Easy Access to All Events Directly from Mobile Devices

Employees can keep up to date with whatever’s going on, even while on the go

  • Users are instantly notified when they are invited to an event
  • Employees can add comments and reactions, influencing other invitees’ decisions
  • Make it easy for users to ask questions about the event with a quick shortcut to the chat feature
  • Employees can confirm attendance wherever they are
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Get a Full Overview on Employee Attendance

Eliminate needless back and forth and get quick, clear answers on who is attending

  • Get an organized idea of who is attending and how many will attend
  • Employees get a quick view of who else is attending
  • Ensure that all users reply with follow-up reminders
  • Add more urgency to attendance confirmation by setting a last registration time
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Manage Your Company’s Events

What You See

Managers can create and customize events, invite whoever they choose from their company, track attendance and send follow-up reminders from their desktop dashboard

Manage Your Company’s Events

What Your Employees See

From a tablet, phone, or desktop, employees can receive event invitations, see who else is attending, make comments and reactions, and RSVP

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“Connecteam’s Events makes it so easy to keep employees' in the loop on everything happening within their company. Great user interface and by far the best work event management solution out there!”

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Improve employee engagement like never before!


About the Connecteam Events feature

What is an event feature within an app?

A digital event feature brings scheduling, planning, and communicating to the digital world. Using an app, you can streamline RSVPs and communicate with attendees. 

Are Connecteam’s event features free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s event features?

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