Manage Your Hotel Staff Better with Connecteam

Connecteam’s hotel app is the perfect solution to manage your hospitality business

  • Time clock with geofencing
  • Easy staff scheduling
  • Multiple communication tools
  • Online mobile-first checklists & forms
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Streamline your daily business operations with Connecteam

Dispatching & scheduling app for logistics management

Easy, Yet Powerful Shift Scheduling

Save more time than you can imagine by simplifying your scheduling

Easily assign employees to shifts based on their role, skills, and availability. Schedule your front desk, housekeeping, kitchen staff, bartenders, and more, with an intuitive, color-coded schedule, and save time with multiple notifications, automation, shift tasks, and much more!

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Online forms, reports & checklists app for hospitality business

Online Checklists, Forms & Reports

Automate daily processes and operational procedures

  • Room inspection checklist
  • Daily morning checklist
  • Customer complaints report
  • Maintenance tickets report
  • Uniform order form
  • Read & Sign

Take your hospitality business to the next level

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Time Clock with Geofence in hospitality staff app

GPS Time Clock with Geofence

Leave the worries aside, by ensuring employees track time from the worksite

Track your staff work hours in a simple way, manage PTO requests, save time on your payroll process, and avoid buddy punching and time theft by setting up geographical fences around your locations, so employees can only clock in and out when are physically at the worksite.

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hospitality communication app

Employee Communication, Training and On-Boarding

Enhance professional skills and day-to-day communication

Reach every single employee with our dedicated chat, or communicate through measurable group updates. Keep new employees on the same page, easily share valuable information, create training courses, and much more.

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What Our Customers Say

Easy to setup and customize. Very intuitive, great for Mobile Teams!

Amanda M.


Very easy to use, very user-friendly. Scheduling is great as you can set up to 12 months ahead with each job! Cost is great for the options you get.

Richard M.


Connecteam has helped our business out tremendously. Everything at our fingertips. All my staff can access the info anywhere and they can connect with each other at any time.

Adelle J.


It's easy and free to get started with Connecteam!

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Free trial available


It takes only 5 minutes to set up


Over 92% adoption rate among employees!


Available in 11 different languages

Everything your hotel staff needs in one place. Scale your hospitality business


Connecteam’s hospitality app is the perfect tool to manage your hotel staff. With Connecteam, you can communicate with all employees, save time on employee training, reduce costs for daily operational procedures, and take your guest experience to the next level. With easy-to-use hotel concierge software, hotel staff can have everything needed to provide valuable information to any guest while being able to report and communicate back to hotel management immediately and on any matter. With Connecteam’s hospitality app, your employees will be able to fill daily checklists, open maintenance tickets from anywhere, report live on any guest request, view hotel activities and agenda, and so much more. But that’s not all, as a world-leading employee app, with Connecteam you can do much more, like employee scheduling, time tracking, employee engagement and many more great features that will make your hospitality app feel like home. Connecteam’s hotel concierge software starts at just $39/month for up to 30 users! Start with the free plan today to discover everything the Connecteam’s hospitality app has to offer.