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Connecteam’s employee management app is the perfect solution to manage, track & scale manufacturing

  • Online checklists & real-time reports
  • Seamless employee scheduling
  • Easy time clock
  • Mobile-first communication app
Employee management app for manufacturing with real-time reports & checklists, time clock and scheduling

Track & manage your manufacturing business with Connecteam

manufacturing employee scheduling app

Streamlined Safety Procedures & Work Checklists

Instantly send and receive real-time reports or checklist entries

  • Safety hazard observation
  • Incident report
  • Tool inspection checklist
  • Vehicle accident report
  • Repair order ticket
  • Pre-drive checklists for forklift
  • Delivery acceptance checklist
Scheduling app for your manufacturing business

Easy, Yet Powerful Job Scheduling

Schedule multiple jobs in a click

Schedule individual or team shifts for onsite employees, easily attach notes, equipment lists or locations. Set schedules ahead of time, to plan for the weeks ahead or adjust schedules on the go. Manage and control all shifts – both overnight and during the day.

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Take your manufacturing business to the next level

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employee time clock app

Accurate Time Tracking with GPS

Let your employees clock in easily even on-the-go

Receive real-time timestamp and accurate GPS location when employees clock in. Track employee hours with ease, export timesheets in a click to expedite payroll.

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Communication app for your manufacturing business

Safety Updates, Chat and Training

Communicate with your workforce in one app

Reach every single employee via our dedicated chat, or communicate through measurable group updates. Ensure safety compliance & easily share valuable information to train new employees.

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A BIG deal for small businesses

Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

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What Our Customers Say

The solution we needed! With a mobile workforce, we needed a system to reach everyone with ease. Connecteam delivered that and more.

Daniel A.

Jenco Inc

I REALLY like Connecteam. I had tried quite a few programs before settling on it and it is by far the best value option I've tried.

Nikki F.

Business Manager, Construction

Looks professional, easy to use, and great value for the cost.

Kristina T.

HR Manager in manufacturing

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Free trial available


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Over 92% adoption rate among employees!


Available in 11 different languages

Never drop the ball again. Manage your manufacturing process better


Connecteam’s employee app is the best all-in-one solution for a manufacturing company with non-desk employees. Our manufacturing checklist app will help you increase employee compliance and get rid of pen and paper tasks and checklists, and with our manufacturing employee scheduling software you’ll find out that you can spend more time on work than on managing your employee tasks. On top of that, we added a manufacturing employee time clock that makes time tracking for jobs and projects easier than ever by using multiple customized features like tags and shift attachments. Plus, Connecteam’s manufacturing employee timesheet is one of the easiest ways to save time when issuing employee payrolls, reviewing work hours, and managing manufacturing employee timesheets in general. All, and much more, is available for a fixed, affordable price. Start with the free plan today!