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I love that I can easily view my entire staff's schedule, approve vacation, export timesheets for payroll for a specified pay period, and set up daily reports for my staff to fill out using the workflow option. I also love that I can see specifically which employees read updates.

We played around with several different software options for our staff. We were using several different apps and wanted to switch to something that had all features in one place. Connecteam has been AWESOME for us! My staff uses the workflow feature daily to fill out daily reports about their day, the chat feature to communicate with their coworkers, and the time clock and shift swapping is super easy! We love how easy it is to learn and use! And the customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. As a manager, it's so convenient and way less time consuming to have all these features like vacation approval, exporting timesheets, and capability to upload PDF files etc. to update my staff quickly!
Kourtney T. Manager
Gym, 11-50 employees
"Exceptional product and outstanding customer service!"

Very easy to use. Easy to integrate with the business. Our team loves it. Works perfectly. The features Connecteam has to offer, cover everything we need to build a well-organized team with many custom workflow process.

Very easy to use and the features cover everything we need to build a better, strong, and well organize team. Our company needs software where we can create a customized workflow, scheduling, team communication, knowledge-base, data information and so on. Connecteam makes it easy for us to do all of those in no time. Thanks to everyone from Connecteam who always there for us to answer every question we had, and even better supports our business during pandemic situation!

Highly recommended if you want to take your business to the next level!
Terra L. General Manager
Professional Training & Coaching, 11-50 employees
"Great Product, Great Price & Great People"

Overall we are extremely happy with Connecteam and the fantastic support we received since implementation. The customer service team are friendly and always ready to help.
Andrew D. Client Service Manager
Environmental Services, 51-200 employees
"Checked All Of The Boxes"

Connecteam customer services team is very helpful and responds to request quickly. Also, I like the look and ease of use. My staff really appreciate that.

The Connecteam platform checked all of the boxes for our operations. Timeclock, Scheduling, Workflows, and Customization features have streamlined our business and improved our staff communication significantly. Plus it's very easy to use!

The features and cost. Can't beat it!
Brain J. COO
Hospital & Health Care, 11-50 employees
"Blown away."

Everything I need to do from communication schedules keeping track of employees clocking in and out as well as location. Just too much more great things to mention. I chose Connecteam because they get it. And they have a genuine desire to see their product help companies succeed.
Shaun H. Owner
Computer Software, 1-10 employees
"Overall this application is very handy. I can reach out to all my employees at once."

I chose Connecteam because of the features that it provides. Easy to use. We had so many different applications for everything including time clock, scheduling, patrolling... Connecteam is the real all in one application.
Parfait V. Manager
Security and Investigations, 51-200 employees
"Great way to manage my team's (constantly-varying) licensing and capabilities."

The administrative capabilities of Connecteam allows my company (and now, my entire network) to keep track of our field team's licensing, which varies constantly. We can use filtering to find the people we need when and where we need them.

Due to the COVID epidemic, my team had to rapidly transition our way of business. Connecteam allowed us to solve several logistics problems that allowed us to thrive and grow. Also, the availability of the support team is amazing. Whenever I have a technical or sales question, the site's chat window gets you straight to one of their members of that team. By now, I am on a first-name basis with several of them since we have spoken to frequently.
Josh G. COO
Insurance, 11-50 employees
"Excellent software for small business employee management"

I REALLY like Connecteam. I had tried quite a few programs before settling on it and it is by far the best value option I've tried. We use it for employee checklists and as a knowledge directory, all our timesheets are completed in it and we use the chat function to communicate job updates. I'm still developing our processes to suit it but I can see it doing much much more. Great program. Exceptional customer service. So much better than many other options out there.
Nikki F. Business Manager
Construction, 1-10 employees
"Connecteam has been a complete Game Changer for our company!"

We had been looking for a program that would provide a "one stop shop" for communicating with our employees who are in the field 98% of the time and stumbled across Connecteam while looking, about 1 1/2 years ago. This platform has completely changed how we do almost everything relating to back office, communication and safety! It is so user friendly, not only on the back side but to our employees. It has cut down on so much paperwork and allowed us to train people during their down time in the field instead of having them come into the office. I could go on and on... we use Connecteam for Safety Training, Announcements, Time Clock, Benefits, Repair Orders, Flash Reports, etc. It is AMAZING!!

Overall experience is 150% wonderful! Their customer service is the best! The best thing about Connecteam is that it can work with any type of business. It is so customizable!!
Shanna M. Director of Business Administration
Oil & Energy, 201-500 employees
"Most Valuable APP for SMB Ever"

Only add the functions you want. Not encumbered by bloatware or features we will never us. EXTREMELY intuitive. Once create an account, do the 5 minute walkthrough and you feel confident enough to manage your company. FLAT-FEE pricing! Once you decide to upgrade (we chose $29/month yearly plan) No 'per-user' cost like virtually every other solution. One flat-fee and can add up to 200 users with no hidden fees. Messaging/chat options are way better than other messaging apps. Like 'voice' chat, and the ability to integrate other formats. Supports rich text. Take FB messenger, Sling, and Viber and combine all the good features, and this is what you have. GPS tracking of all remote employees. Save money. Everything in one application.

We used TSheets, 7Shifts, Sling, and Trello for everything we needed. Now we have it all combined, everything we needed in a single solution- Connecteam.

Our company utilizes employees here in the US, and numerous remote employees in the Philippines (less than 20 employees). We had one solution for scheduling, another program for task and project management, another app for messaging, and a cloud-based program for time-tracking. Until we found Connecteam. Everything we needed (plus more), all in a single solution. Not only did we cut our previous costs by 80%, everything is now in a single solution.
Scott W. Director of Operations
Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees
"Innovative All-in-one"

Everything is great in it. It is literally an all-in-one software. We use it to communicate with our teams, do online training, write incident reports, have them emailed out to appropriate recipients, time & attendance, scheduling and much more. It's incredible what you can do all in one app. Very innovative and best of all is their customer service + the pricing.

Since its implementation we have had phenomenal feedback from our employees. We had a difficult time keeping track of all the different (and expensive) softwares that did different things. We had 4 software companies doing different thing now all in Connecteam.
Compliance tracking was an issue as well, but with workflows you can easily see who submitted & who didn't their reports and many more features. I have nothing bad to say about Connecteam!
Hofsep Y. Regional Loss Prevention Manager
Security and Investigations, 51-200 employees
"The fix for remote employees and paperwork overload"

The efficiency of the customer service, I can customize everything (checklists, timesheets, employee training) and I can do everything I need in one app which removes countless hours of double handling information between our CRM and employees.

I looked at a range of EMS and Connecteam was the least expensive but with the most functionality. Saved time shortening face-to-face time for induction training, being able to quantify how much time was spent on different tasks (as a non for profit accountability to our funders is paramount), the availability/ scheduler and customized time sheets is a big time saver for us.

Liken it to the simplicity of Mac OS with the full customization of Android OS. The person previously in my role needed an assistant because of all the paperwork and roster/ availability issues, running around after staff who were unsure of up to date information. It is all in the app. Certain shift locations need specific additional mileage added? Done; it's added with a click to the time-sheet. Looking for someone to cover a shift? Done; shift open for employees to claim. Need photos for social media promotion? Done; employees can upload their photos. Need staff trained on new equipment? Done; checklist written and gamified training session created. Forms need to be signed by the customer? Done; no more lost/late paperwork. AND it was the cheapest of the ones I looked at!
Pia H. Community Education Manager
Education Management, 11-50 employees
"Great for fire department shift management"

I trialed about 10 shift management solutions and Connecteam's shift scheduling functionality was the only solution alongside their mobile app that would work for my department. I had some questions and feature requests early on and their support team was very responsive and professional.
RJ B. IT Director
Public Safety, 201-500 employees
"Great for onboarding and online training"

Ease of setup - we were using it almost immediately, while other e-learning platforms were too cumbersome or expensive. Price point can't be beat. We automated our entire technical internship in a few days.
Robyn H. CFO
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, 51-200 employees
"Great time clock app!"

This app is extremely easy to use and has some really great features, even on the most basic plan!
Bonnie C. HR Manager,
Aviation & Aerospace, 11-50 employees
"Connecteam is the best!!!!"

Ease of use and the customer service is TOP NOTCH. too bad all companies don't model the same customer service like Connecteam. It's not expensive, no risk with free trial and excellent customer service from the beginning, and no email needed by employees can sign up using a mobile number.

Connecting and engaging our non desk employees which has never been so seamless before!
Nicolette D. Marketing & Finance Specialist,
Retail, 51-200 employees
"Fantastic Product"

The product is really to use. I love their tech support on how they handle things and guide you on how to properly set up the product. The software is fully customizable, affordable and you can contact your employees without having to call every single individual. You post some forms and their team responds, and voila! The pricing is upfront and no BS sales call to swindle you in purchasing a really expensive software.

I love Connecteam and they are fantastic group of people getting the job done. This product really works!
Rufus P. Manager,
Security, 51-200 employees
"I have several old-school folks on my team. This app works great and my team really seems to like to like it. It is very easy to install and user-friendly."
Sara P. Co-Owner,
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 11-50 employees
"Before Connecteam, we had 3 softwares: Dokuwiki, Shiftplanning and Whatsapp. Now we only need Connecteam. It’s very flexible and I can customize how I need it."
Tayfun B. Dispatcher,
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad, 11-50 employees
"We learned how to use this software in 1 day! Great product and highly recommend it to everyone."
Sarah C. Dentist,
1-10 employees
"Connecteam is a software that is being used departmentally in the institution. It makes it possible for members of each department to internally communicate. It has different options in which employees can use to be kept up to date and feel connected. One of the thing that excites me the most is the great customer support that is always reachable. The software is also easy to use and come at a market friendly price."
Fiona K. Senior Administrative Assistant,
Higher Education, 501-1000 employees
"The eye candy dashboard is amazing and the mobile application is very much uncomplicated, with simple yet effective home menus and easy to use. The intuitive and smart way the launch pad was built not only is giving me many ways to communicate productively with my team, but is also affecting positively our revenue, as we are on top of everything in real time. I am also spending less time on my desk and more on the operation."
Daniel A. Director of Food & Beverage,
Leisure, Travel & Tourism, 201-500 employees
"Best Platform Of It's Kind For Scalability! I tried about 20 different platforms for workforce management before deciding to go with Connecteam to manage my 75 employees. One thing my company struggles with is managing so many staff members when our administrative and management staff work during the day, our clinic staff work nights and on the weekends, and additionally, our employees are spread across 4 different clinic locations. I've been incredibly impressed with the scalability of Connecteam: they are the only app I've found that allows me to do everything from employee scheduling and new hire on-boarding to extensive employee training via videos and quizzes and even monitor and display metrics for performance in different departments. It's simple enough that it's not overwhelming in the way some platforms can be, especially if you are a business owner who is setting it up yourself, but there are still enough options to allow you to do almost anything with it, and they're adding new features almost weekly. By far, however, I've been most impressed with their customer support... I really can't say enough good things about this platform!"
Meghan H. Chief Operating Officer,
Hospital & Health Care, 75 employees
"Want to design your own employee app? No, seriously... a REAL app? Connecteam is for you. Want to add custom features such as a mobile time clock, work schedule, event calendar, incident report app, reimbursement report app, online education center, custom push notifications, digital company handbook, in app messenger, team self-assessment, team surveys, a mobile help desk, and much much more? Connecteam is for you. It is ready to you right after sign up, and scaling up seems endless. I could rave for days - l.i.t.e.r.a.l. days about everything I love about this software! What I will say is that Connecteam has solved every problem I've had since starting my business that I paid over 2x as much for other programs to do that couldn't. Connecteam is what all other 'create your own app in a few clicks' companies wanted to be and promised to be."
Nyla C. Founder & Owner,
Hospitality, 11-50 employees
״Connecteam has improved the way we run our business and day-to-day work, as it allows full control over what’s happening in the shop without the need to be physically there. 

 Most importantly, it gives us an easy and flexible way to manage the company’s most valuable asset, which is our employees!״
Shaul W. Owner and CEO,
Retail, 50 employees
"Able to deploy messages to employees with no organizational mailbox, arrange registrations to events and meetings, and get feedback surveys for trainings in the company. Plus, they have a great support team!"
Liran Y. IT Admin,
Manufacturing, 2500 employees
"We like the GPS location reporting of where our team members are clocking in from. Being in the construction field, our job-sites change on a daily basis. Great value for the savings we received from either accidental or intentional time punches."
Devon P. Director of Operations
"Connecteam app has improved our compliance and implementation. Streamlined communication. Helped reduced operating costs. The managers are constantly improving the checklists, surveys and more.. we have 6 branches across the country and Connecteam is a vital part of us and for us."
Darren G. CEO,
Environmental Services, 120 employees
"We have been searching for a free time clock that our team could use remotely as we aren't all in the office when we clock in or out. This has been the perfect solution. even during the first few weeks when people were getting used to clocking in and out it was easy to correct their times when they'd forget. Its been a perfect solution for our small business to track times more accurately which has saved us money because people are no longer "guessing" what time they clocked in and out. The staff really likes the feature of being able to see their time sheet, too!"
Katy A. General Manager,
Hospitality, 1-10 employees
"Simple and easy to use is my experience with Connecteam, software that fits my business like a glove. The ability to create custom and even complex checklist and workflow is why Connecteam is my go-to tool for everything related to my employees. What I have seen is strong focus on making my life simple. Keep up the good work."
Guðmundur Jón H. CEO,
Financial Services, 1-10 employees
"From initial startup to becoming familiar with the program the support has been second to none. It is very user-friendly and has improved our ability to respond in a timely manner as well as decreased the number of phone calls into dispatch operations allowing them to concentrate on customers and in turn increase orders."
Andy F. Dispatcher,
Environmental Services, 51-200 employees
"It is easy to communicate and use! Everyone on the app loves it!The team provides great feedback!"
Jennifer A. Administration Manager,
Business Supplies and Equipment, 11-50 employees
"The company had trouble with clocking their office hours which affected the look of the companies productivity. Connecteam allows advisors to set goals and make sure all employees are putting in the amount of work needed. This app has allowed everyone to become more productive while maintaining the fun atmosphere."
Elizabeth S. President of Internal Affairs,
Program Development, 51-200 employees
"The app helped us improve our work and as made our projects more efficient. Since we started working with the app the communication in our organization as progressed and the information is arriving faster and more accurate to our workers. The app as a variety of options which allows us to use it for many projects and easements. The service level is very high which give us the options to come to Connecteam stuff with any questions and easements. "
Rachel O. Manager of Organizational Development and Welfare,
Human Resources, 1001-2000 employees
"The app & the portal are so easy to use! It has made managing employee accountability & payroll in several different states easier than ever. My favorite part of Connecteam, though, is the customer service. The staff is absolutely wonderful to work with and their response time is legendary!!!!!"
Natalie B. Assistant Director
"The Customer Support is outstanding. The supporting team have been through in their explanation and support to my questions."
Ralph O. President,
Airlines/Aviation, 15 employees
"I've been using their service for a little over three months now and to say that it's simple would be a gross understatement. It allows me access from anywhere, I can see where the punches are taking place, and it eliminates the guesswork from payroll."
Wayne C. Owner,
Insurance, 10 employees

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