6 Expert Ways to Engage Seasonal Workers

‘Tis the season! Whether you need more drivers or cashiers during the holidays or servers during the summer months, you need your seasonal workers to be engaged. Engaged workers, as in individuals genuinely and emotionally invested in their employers and their job role, are far more productive, provide superior customer service, have less accidents and will want to return the following year.

So if you’re asking yourself how to attract seasonal employees and how to motivate and engage your seasonal workers, then look no further. We spoke to the experts and read countless material to present you with the top ways you can do just that. 


6 Expert Ways to Engage Seasonal Workers


1. Train them right! 

Too often are seasonal employees considered necessary but not really worth investing in. We get it. Hiring, on-boarding and training employees is expensive and time-consuming – applying that logic to seasonal staff might not be high on your list. But here’s the thing, training your seasonal workers really well means you have a highly skilled workforce which leads to better customer satisfaction. 

Don’t overload your seasonal staff with information on the first day, that’s counterproductive. No one can absorb an overwhelming amount of material and information in a few hours or just a couple of days. Instead, train your employees in small doses so they can absorb the material better and can really apply to their job role. 

What happens when you train your employees? | Infographic



2. Show them some appreciation 

A seasonal employee may not be a long-term, full-time employee but that doesn’t mean they aren’t making huge contributions to your bottom line. Take the time to personally acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments. But go beyond that standard “Thank you!” Here’s what Matt Heller, author of The Myth of Employee Burnout: What It Is. Why It Happens. What To Do About It, had to say about that point exactly: 

“It’s also important to realize how recognition, in its most basic form, can have an impact. Specifically, in calling someone by name or remembering something about them. Recognizing them as a person and as a human being with thoughts, feelings, aspirations and fears allows you to make a connection with that person that builds trust and respect.” 


3. Communicate with your employees

Managers are probably used to their seasonal workers having more questions than their long-term staff. And this is totally understandable! They’re not in the office day in and day out. However, phone calls and emails are time-consuming and not productive methods to effectively communicate. Additionally, your team shouldn’t have to wait hours or even days to get an answer – whether it’s about an incident or how to work the register or anything in-between – your employees deserve the opportunity to communicate with you in real-time. 

Using a chat app allows employees to reach you at anytime – they can either start a private one-on-one chat or can ask the community. With better communication in place, your employees will be better engaged, happier and more productive. 

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4. Don’t just bring everyone back 

When you need to bring seasonal workers back for the next season, don’t just bring everyone back. If you bring everyone back, completely ignoring performance, then you’re telling all your top employees that go above and beyond and work super hard, that it’s all just worthless. Because if anyone can get called back, no one will be engaged or productive in their performance. 

You want seasonal employees who have a strong work ethic to come back as they’re more likely to genuinely want to come back and will work hard to gain a permanent spot in the company. 


5. Offer goals and career advancement

Ask your seasonal employees what goals they have and work together to make that happen. As you encourage employee retention, you also encourage a career path that works in both your favors. Maybe this year, your seasonal employee started off as just another number but the following year, they could be the team lead and then supervisor. 

Infographic: Business Benefits of Career Development


Offer your team meaningful work with plenty of opportunities to climb up the ladder. Your seasonal workers will want responsibility on their plate and to excel in the company, all this leads to them being more engaged and invested in the company meetings its goals. 


6. Avoid the “us” versus “them” mentality

Sometimes you may have long-term (full time) employees who don’t respect the seasonal workers and this can easily kill employee engagement in a heartbeat. Make sure long-term employees acknowledge that seasonal staff are part of the team and that everyone must work together. 

Assign veteran mentors to seasonal employees to develop relationships and to further training for seasonal staff. Team building games are also a great option to help build comradery. Host company outings and invite everyone. For example, take the entire team bowling, attend a cooking class, have a happy hour after work hours, and so on. 

Or implement the following incentives which apply to every team member.

Your customers expect amazing service and they don’t care if it comes from a seasoned worker or a temporary one. Only through employee engagement can you make this a reality so implement the six tips we highlight above and you’re already there.

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