12 Best Team Management Apps in 2022

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Rea Regan September 17, 2021 7 min read

Leading a team effectively is no small feat. And seeing how this is the 21st century, you need the right tools to excel at leadership. We list the best team management apps to lead productive and motivated employees.

12 Best Team Management Apps

Quick Guide

    Managers from any industry and company size will tell you that one of their biggest challenges is delivering effective team management.

    And it doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time manager or have been around the block, the challenges are all the same.

    Especially when 58% of managers said they did not receive any management training.

    In fact, a 2021 leadership forecast found that “only 11% of surveyed organizations reported they have a “strong” or “very strong” leadership bench, the lowest it has been in the past 10 years.”

    The numbers are clear, team management and leadership go hand in hand and something is clearly lacking.

    What Are Common Team Management Challenges?

    According to Indeed, and others, these can include:

    In addition, the Center for Creative Leadership highlights six main, core challenges that leaders face around the world, which you can see in the infographic below.

    6 Leadership Challenges | Connecteam

    By understanding team management challenges, you can then begin to focus on key areas to improve your management style. This allows you to ensure employee engagement and satisfaction from start to finish. 

    And given that it’s the 21st century, most managers have realized that they can’t do it alone. This is why so many turn to team organization apps.

    Why You Need A Team Organization App

    See, the role of a team management app is to help streamline daily processes in a method the younger generation expects. And also when you are successfully enhancing the skills of a multigenerational workforce

    The benefits of a team management app cannot be overstated:

    • Enhances coordination among team members
    • Coordinates daily tasks and workflow 
    • Collects data in real-time to allow for smarter decision making
    • Enhances transparency and accountability 
    • Boosts internal communication
    • Scheduling efficiency 
    • More accurate time tracking for payroll
    • And so much more

    In reality, the benefits of a team management app could run a mile long but you get the point by now. 

    To save you valuable time, we looked at the best team management apps in the market based on price, ease of use, accessibility, feature set, and more to present you with the 12 top team management apps.

    Go through each team management app and look through which features will benefit you and your team the most then factor in how easy it is to use if training is needed, the price, and so on in order to make the best decision for your business.

    12 Best Team Management Apps In 2022

    Event scheduling app

    Connecteam is the only true all-in-one team management app that can efficiently help you manage a team, as it includes EVERYTHING you need. Whether it’s communication, employee engagement, task delegation, time tracking, job scheduling, and much more.

    Connecteam is the leading, best team management app in the world as voted by and reviewed by real users on Capterra and more. Thanks to its ease of use, top customer service, robust feature set, and affordability, Connecteam leads the way for how a team management app should work.

    Key Features

    Keep everyone alinged with 1:1 or group chat

    Social feed for company updates, announcements, etc.

    Enhance payroll & timesheets with GPS time tracking

    Easy to assign shifts with templates, drag & drop, & more

    Manage reports, checklists & forms on the go

    Smooth onboarding & training with a digital knowledge center

    Enhance engagement with surveys, live polls, & a suggestion box

    Share group or individual tasks

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    The best, most responsive customer support

    Quick to implement

    Limited integrations at the moment


    Starts at $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free plan

    Free 14-day trial

    Take Employee Management To The Next Level

    Free 14-day trial, no credit card needed


    FunctionFox offers three main products for teams: time and project planning, advanced project management, and internal creative teams. As each product, or solution, has its own offering, the features per solution differ as well. Therefore, be sure to understand your needs before signing up for a plan. 

    Key Features

    Timesheet with timer

    Estimate and budget tracking

    Reports and to do lists

    Blog for internal communciation

    Job intake forms

    Email alerts

    Pros & Cons

    Great customer support

    Can be hard to navigate


    Basic plan is $5/month per user

    Free demo available


    ClickUp offers an array of features that are useful for teams, for example, to-do lists, project management, spreadsheets, docs and wikis, events, reminders, email and chat, goal tracking, resource management, and more. It boasts of 1,000+ integrations. 

    Enhance daily tasks with assign comments, customer notifications, recurring tasks, thread comments, filter, progress percentage, and more.

    Key Features

    Create your own views, for example list, board, calendar, doc, activity, etc. 

    Build custom “Spaces” so teams can work together with their own Space

    Color coordinate statuses

    Set statuses for projects to best understand the status of a task/project at a glance

    Pros & Cons

    Smooth interface

    Great choice of templates

    Little bit of a learning curve


    Starts at $9/month per user

    Free plan

    Free trial


    Monday.com is a well-known project management software solution as it’s super easy to use and has a superb user interface. It allows you to easily plan, track, and manage a project from beginning to end. 

    Key Features

    Project management templates

    Due date reminders

    Gantt chart, visual timeline, etc.

    In-depth dashboards and reports

    Customizable code-free automations

    Set a project owner, status, timeline, notes, due date and more

    Pros & Cons

    Great customer support

    Attractive interface, user-friendly

    Need higher plan to maximize all features


    Basic plan: 5 seats cost $8/month per seat

    Free 14-day trial


    Ravetree digs deep and allows you to manage clients, projects, budgets, and more. The software is catered towards executives, managers, and teams. 

    Key Features

    Project management



    Project and client files

    Client portals

    Time and expenses management

    Pros & Cons

    Great customer support

    Long learning curve

    Can crash, not that stable


    For 25 users, it’s $975/month

    Free trial

    trello project management software

    Trello is a well-known software that offers boards, lists, and cards to organize your teams and projects in a user-friendly way. Whether it’s for work or managing your personal life, Trello is a top choice. 

    Key Features

    Rich details on each card such as due date, checklist, attachment, comments, etc.

    Workflow automation

    Create boards for different projects, office locations, etc.

    Use templates or build your own

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Great customer service

    Lacking some key features


    Starts at $12.50/month per user

    Free plan

    ProjectManager software

    ProjectManager offers a hub for all things project management. It is a cloud based software that is available on Windows and Mac without a lengthy installation process. The software also integrates with 1,000+ solutions. 

    Key Features

    Gantt charts, task lists, and Kablan boards

    Easily add due dates, comments, files, etc.

    Drag and drop scheduling

    Track time with timesheets

    Set sprint or waterfall projects

    Real-time dashboard and reports

    Pros & Cons

    Good choice of features

    Hard to use


    Starts at $15/month per user (starts with 5 users)

    Wrike software for construction companies

    Wrike, a cloud-based platform, is a customizable solution that can be tailored to fit your business and team needs. It offers 360-degree visibility for your teams with easy collaboration and automation capabilities. Wrike also integrates with various solutions like Salesforce, Google, GitHub, and more.

    Key Features

    Real-time updates and reports

    Set team or individual tasks 

    Gantt charts

    Pros & Cons

    Sleek interface

    Little bit of a learning curve


    Starts at $9.80/month per user

    Free plan for 5 users


    Confluence offers a base for knowledge management, project collaboration, and a modern intranet. It offers multiple templates to make work easier for your teams and projects. Additionally, the software integrates with various solutions like Trello, Slack, Dropbox, and more. 

    Pages on Confluence are documents that allow your teams to create, edit and discuss whatever is needed.

    Key Features

    Work blog

    Personalized feed

    Real-time editing and notifications

    Permission settings

    Pros & Cons

    Robust features

    Great customer support

    Learning curve

    Can be clunky


    Starts at $10/month per user

    Free for 10 users

    Lineup Teams

    Lineup is a cloud-based solution that’s known as a powerful talent database for your workers. It allows you to store, organize, and manage all volunteer, SME, or employee data so that it’s easier to get to know your employees. Real-time data collection ensures transparency and actionable information at your fingertips. 

    Key Features

    Recruitment process

    Create meetings, workshops and committees

    Talent and team database

    Forms and surveys

    Employee evaluations 

    Pros & Cons

    Great customer service

    Little bit of a learning curve


    $199/month for 20 users

    Zoho Workplace

    Zoho Workplace is unique as it offers an entire suite that is filled with numerous options that you can choose to build your own platform based on the needs of your team members. 

    Key Features

    Email and chat

    File management

    Word processor

    Social intranet

    Pros & Cons

    Connects with any device

    If you don’t customize, it’s hard to use


    Starts at $4/month per user

    Free 15-day trial

    Evernote Business

    As far as cloud-based productivity software goes, Evernote Business leads the way. Now, you may be familiar with Evernote for it’s a note-taking app but it also offers a productivity solution that allows you to better manage all your projects, workflows, and deadlines.

    Key Features

    Document scanning


    Share notes and files

    Web clipper

    PDF and Doc search

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Offline mode is lacking


    Starts at $14.99/month per user, minimum two users

    Free trial available

    Frequently Asked Questions About Team Management Apps

    Are Team Management Apps Difficult to Use?

    Any team organization app should be easy to use with little to no training needed.

    Even your less tech-savvy employees should be able to learn how to use the team management app at their own pace. 

    How Do I Choose the Right Team Management App For My Business?

    Start by knowing the answers to some basic questions. For example:

    • What’s my total budget?
    • How many users do I need?
    • What features are a must?

    Sure, these are pretty basic questions but you need to choose the right team management app if you’re going to succeed.

    What Are Common Team Management App Features?

    Any team organization app should be able to do the following:

    Are Team Organization Apps Expensive?

    Typically, a team management app should be pretty affordable but it depends on the solution you choose. Some team management apps will charge per user or per feature, some have hidden costs, and others offer free plans.

    So do your homework before choosing a team organization app!

    Wrapping Up Team Management Apps

    Effective team management may not always be the easiest task on your plate, but when done correctly, you, your company, and your employees will reap the benefits for years to come.

    By implementing a team management app, you constantly have real-time and direct access to your team and projects so that nothing falls through the cracks. Apart from better efficiency, productivity, and morale, the time and money saved with a team management app are clearly defined. 

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