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Rachel Cohen June 17, 2021 9 min read
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    Being a project manager comes with a lot of responsibilities. Project management is far more than just creating lists and checking them off once completed. Task management involves creating realistic timelines, monitoring performance, managing schedules, keeping track of your team, and much more! The right free task management software helps project managers check in with their team and make sure your team is efficient. 

    If you’re still doing all your tasks with pen and paper and carrying around a clipboard with checklists, it’s admirable! However, it’s inefficient in this day and age! With so many tasks to work on, whether it’s ensuring customers get paid on time or that your team meets deadlines, you need software to keep up with you. 

    Free task management software allows you to keep track of your deadlines and keep your team headed in the right direction, all via one tool. Let’s dive into our top 10 best free task management software.

    10 Leading Free Task Management Software in 2021

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    Connecteam comes at number one because it has so much to offer. With Connecteam, it’s easy to delegate tasks without calling or texting to know if workers are completing their tasks. The Connecteam free task management tool allocates tasks for the relevant employee. Your deskless team won’t believe how simple and easy completing their tasks is. 

    Create tasks in a matter of seconds: Quickly create basic simple tasks, or add more details such as sub-tasks, files, images, deadlines, notes, etc. All employees mentioned will get an instant notification, and once the task is obtained and read, you will get an update. As soon as the tasks are complete, you receive an update. It’s that simple! No longer chase your workers or have constant back and forth over the phone. 

    Receive push notifications in real-time regarding tasks: The free task management software sends out push-reminder notifications, which allows you to stay to have a clear overview of what’s happening. If you’re still working with pen and paper, digitizing with Connecteam puts everything on one board. You can get back to growing your business instead of spending your days trying to play catchup.

    Clear visibility: With advanced search filters, you can search by an employee, tasks due date, the status of completion, and far more to have a 360-degree view of where tasks stand at any given moment. You no longer have to call each worker to find out what they are up to or search through your handwritten notes. 

    Communication channel: Connecteam makes it simple to discuss any questions over tasks via the built-in chat. By adding task-related comments, everything is logged and can be reviewed at a later date. Speak directly via one app regarding the task without having to use multiple applications. 

    Repeat checklists and tasks: Transition easily into the digital era. Checklists that you use daily can be copied and pasted without having to recreate them every time. Reports, morning checklists, signed forms, and much more are all digitized. Setup in minutes, and your workers can view it from any device and any location. 

    Price: Connecteam’s free task management software is affordable!. The free package has multiple functions. If you want more features, it’s only $39/month for up to 50 users. 

    task management asana
    Courtesy of Asana

    Asana organizes your tasks with lists, helping your workers know what they need to do. Cloud-based free task management software allows you to schedule and see the jobs via the calendar view. Your workers can see which tasks are the priority along with their deadline. 

    Additional features include:

    • No limit on tasks
    • No limit of storage
    • List views
    • Board views
    • Allows up to 15 users
    • And more 

    Price: Asana’s free task management software costs $24.99/month per user. For more pricing options, contact their sales representative. 

    Task management employee
    Courtesy of Evernote

    Evernote’s free task management software can be accessed on any device and can be integrated with a number of apps, such as Slack. Easy to filter notes from keywords or even handwritten notes. Workers can access and share their notes, other members can then edit those notes. You can even upload emails to your notes. 

    Extra features include:

    • Accessible on any device
    • Easy search function
    • Save pages, PDFs, and pictures from their web clipper. 
    • Organize your notes your own way
    • 60MB uploads per month on their free version

    Price: Evernote’s business plan is $14.99/month per user. Premium options cost $7.99/month per user. 

    Task management employee
    Courtesy of Jira

    Jira’s free task management software is designed for IT departments, as it helps plan sprints, assign tasks. In addition, you have a birdseye view of your team. Even though Jira is known by IT teams, it suits any workforce. 

    Additionally, you can do the following:

    • Information is updated in real-time
    • Prioritize tasks
    • Easy reporting system
    • Simple to tailor workflows

    Price: Jira’s free task management software allows you to have up to 10 users. $7/month per user, up to $14/month for up to 10,000 users. For more than 10,000 users, you will need to contact a sales representative.

    Task Management Employee
    Courtesy of Trello

    Tello’s free task management software is a tool that has a lot to offer the user. Trello is quick to set up and is simple to use for any user. The software has customizable workflows and lists where you can view deadlines and more. Each task is trackable and is sharable with the team. 

    The following features are available with Trello:

    • Automated tasks
    • Cards that are trackable and shareable
    • No limit on users
    • Assign team members to tasks
    • Add a powerup to help you focus on one goal

    Price: Trello’s business version is $12.50/month per user. For their enterprise version, you can speak with a sales representative for pricing requests. 

    Task management Employee
    Courtesy of Monday

    Monday is an easy task manager for all your team to get started. You can set deadlines for each task, have multiple boards, and set statuses for each project. You can assign jobs to different workers, and it’s quick to onboard. 

    Additional features:

    • Split boards into categories
    • Track deadlines
    • Set priorities 
    • Copy and paste boards

    Price: Monday’s free task management software provides you with a 14-day trial. After 14 days, you can continue on the free plan for two users. The basic plan costs $8/month per seat, and the standard plan costs $10/month per seat for up to 250 automation. The pro plan is $16/month per seat for up to 25,000 automation. Lastly, the enterprise has many more functions, such as multi-level permissions. For more pricing information, speak to their representatives.

    Task management employee
    Courtesy of Hitask

    Hittask free task management software has many different functions. You can repeat tasks whether it’s daily, every week, every month, or every year. Every assignment opened has a designated number that is trackable. You can assign tasks to employees, and once completed, you receive a notification. If an employee misses their deadline, you are updated. 

    Additional useful features: 

    • Email to Hitask to create tasks
    • Add comments on tasks
    • Progress reports
    • Export data to programs such as Excel
    • Calendar sharing

    Price: Hitask is free for up to 5 users. For a business plan, it’s $5/month per user, and for an enterprise, it’s $20/month per user.

    Free task management
    Courtesy of Wimi

    Wimi’s free task management software lets you have workspaces that are shareable for your team. Employees can view all the entries via a centralized system. Wimi also backs up files on a daily basis. The team is notified in real-time when changes are made to the tasks. 

    Wimi also offers:

    • Available on desktop and mobile devices
    • Project diary
    • See the history for each task
    • Gantt chart to assist with planning
    • Easy to create new projects

    Price: After a free trial period, it’s €6/month for one user and four guests. For the business plan, it’s €9/month for one user and four guests with added coaching on request. The enterprise plan provides you with a lot more features. Pricing requires you to speak to a sales representative.

    Task management employee
    Courtesy of Proofhub

    ProofHub free task management software is a tool with everything to help you manage tasks easier. ProofHub puts you in control of your tasks to assist you in meeting deadlines. Fast onboarding for both you and your staff. Easy to plan and sort out the tasks to ensure project goals are reached.

    ProofHub users also have the following:

    • Workflows that are customizable
    • Decide who has control
    • Kanban boards to assist teams
    • Gantt charts giving an overview of deadlines
    • Clear calendar 

    Price: The essential range is $45/month with 15GB of storage. For $85/month, you can have unlimited users and 100GB of storage.

    Task management employee
    Courtesy of Wrike

    Wrike’s free task management software allows you to create customizable workflows. You can set up forms, dashboards, and much more. Wrike’s platform lets you share files company-wide and gain reports in real-time. Wrike has built-in AI to provide you with smart replies and automated results. 

    Wrike’s additional features include:

    • Track progress
    • Advanced voice commands
    • Pre-built workflow templates 
    • Customizable forms
    • Manageable files

    Price: Wrike’s free version allows you to play around with the platform along with limited access. A professional plan is $9.80/month per user for more features. The Business plan has all the functionality and 50GB of storage, which will cost you $24.80/month per user. Lastly, the enterprise provides you with 100GB of storage and advanced features. For pricing, contact their sales representative team.

    Must-Have Free Online Task Manager Software

    The above demonstrates the best free task management software on the market right now. Each one has the potential to make your business more efficient and productive in only a couple of clicks. Digitizing is not anymore about being flashy. It’s about ensuring your team is on the same page. 

    Today is the day to make the switch and reap the benefits of being a digital company. You will notice that you are no longer searching for loose papers or figuring out which tasks everyone is on. You can have a full 360 view of your company and be your own undercover boss!

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