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Put Safety & Accuracy First with the #1 Employee GPS Tracker!

Follow employee work routes only when they’re on the clock.

  • GPS tracking begins when employees clock-in & stops at clock-out.
  • Cross-reference employee schedules with completed work routes to verify timesheets.
  • Usable from an office, on-site, or on the go.
Employee GPS Tracking App

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seamless time clock with GPS tracking for employees

Hold Employees Accountable with Time & Location

Make sure employees are in the right place at the right time.

  • Clocking in and out can be done from any device, even on the go!
  • Send automated notifications to remind employees to clock-in and out.
  • Set a restricted geofence radius for job sites that employees can clock into.
  • Simple and intuitive user experience with minimal training required.
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employees gps clock-in location

See the Complete Shift Route of Any Employee

Get full visibility of where your employees go during their shift with Breadcrumbs technology

  • Easily search the map for a specific employee or see the entire team at once.
  • Have a clear visual of the routes employees take & the associated timestamps.
  • Send clients automated location reports to verify employee work routes.
  • Experience a dependable time clock that keeps recording when phones die or there’s a loss of wifi.
  • Minimize battery & data usage with Breadcrumb tracking technology.
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Monitor Employee Location

Connecteam's GPS tracker for real-time location monitoring
employee GPS tracking - Privacy & Compliance

Be a Company that Prioritizes Employee Safety

Notification alerts & clear visuals of employee whereabouts

  • Instantly communicate and respond to any incident with a built-in chat.
  • Receive automated alerts once employees have stepped out of their agreed work zone.
  • Ensure lone workers have returned to base once tasks are complete.
  • Pick & choose which job positions or employees require GPS tracking.
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Control of Labor Costs with employee GPS tracking app

Spot Discrepancies Before they Become Costly

Eliminate time theft & buddy punching for accurate timesheets.

  • Easily spot red flags on timesheets
  • Notify employees of missing clock-ins & outs.
  • Check and approve completed shifts from any device with ease!
  • Automatically calculate break times, absences, overtime, and PTO.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Connecteam Time Clock offers a breadcrumbs capability that gives managers a live view of where everyone is while they are clocked in.

Yes! On your desktop admin dashboard, navigate to “Today View,” scroll down, and you’ll have a full map view to see your employees’ exact clock-in locations. In addition, managers can also view employees’ clock-in locations via the admin tab on the mobile app.

Yes! You will know exactly where your employees are with Connecteam’s live GPS tracking (Breadcrumbs). In addition, using Connecteam’s geofencing capability, you can ensure that your employees are clocking in ONLY from the job site.

Note: The app will only track your employees’ location while they are clocked in.

Connecteam’s mobile employee GPS tracking app allows you to track accurate work hours for your non-desk team, no matter where they work. The employee GPS tracking app offers a GPS time clock that lets you track employees’ live locations while on the clock or limit from where they can clock in and out. That way, you can ensure they are at the right place, at the right time, throughout the workday. So no more buddy punching, early clock-ins, and other forms of time theft. Our employee GPS tracking app can be used to track work hours as well as time spent on specific jobs or projects. Your employees can simply clock in and out from the app to automatically record their regular hours and overtime. Connecteam’s employee GPS tracking app can also help with mileage reading, equipment usage, or any other information necessary to issue with payrolls. It also has an integrated in-app chat and easy-to-use timesheets, making the payroll process faster.