Send Out Gift Cards to Motivate Employees with the #1 Rewards App!

Recognize your employees’ hard work with gift cards they’ll love to use

  • Reward employees for every kind of achievement
  • Select gift cards for stores, fashion outlets, restaurants, and more
  • Give employees tokens they can redeem to purchase gift cards
  • Track how tokens and gift cards are being used

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Reward Employees for Any Kind of Achievement

Celebrate every win, big or small, with employee gift cards

  • Give your employee of the month gifts that they’ll love
  • Choose the best gift cards for employees to buy
  • Select from an extensive library of vendors
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Choose Gift Cards for Employees to Shop at Their Favorite Places

We collaborate with the most popular vendors, including sportswear, tech giants, and restaurants.

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Repay Your Employee’s Hard Work With Tokens

Motivate your team and boost morale with digital incentives

  • Send tokens automatically based on how often employees use the app
  • Select any number of tokens you see fit to match your employees’ achievements
  • Employees can redeem tokens to purchase gift cards straight from mobile
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Keep Track of How Employees Use Their Rewards

See how tokens are being used to improve how you reward employees

  • Get a full overview of all sent tokens and who sent them
  • Check how many tokens admins are sharing and to whom
  • Clearly see how employees are spending their tokens
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What You See

Managers can select vendors to reward employees from an extensive gift card library, and send tokens from their admin dashboard. 



What Your Employees See

From a tablet, phone, or desktop, employees can receive, claim and redeem tokens to purchase gift cards from selected vendors.


How to Send Gift Cards to Employees with Connecteam’s Rewards

  1. Sign up for free.

  2. Set up your company account and invite employees.

  3. Activate the Rewards feature, and purchase tokens.

  4. Select for which vendors employees can redeem tokens for gift cards.

  5. Send tokens to selected employees.


Free trial available


It takes only 5 minutes to set up


Over 92% adoption rate among employees!


Available in 11 different languages

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rewards app?

A rewards app allows you to grant your employees performance-based rewards. 

Connecteam Rewards lets you grant tokens to your outstanding employees, which can be turned into well-known and loved gift cards.

What kind of rewards can I give my employees?
Is Connecteam Rewards & Recognitions free?

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