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Give employees the boost they need to perform at their very best.

  • Celebrate hard work with digital recognitions

  • Inspire employees to consistently deliver with digital rewards

  • Make every employee feel valued with personal celebrations

  • Help employees grow into their roles with customized training courses

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Acknowledge Employees for Their Hard Work With Digital Recognitions

Celebrate every win, big or small, to create a culture of excellence.

  • Reinforce achievements so that individuals and teams continue to deliver
  • Share pre-made recognitions or personalize them in your company’s voice
  • Recognize star performers in private or show them off to the entire team
  • Send recognitions to one employee or multiple team members
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Reward Employees With Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Give employees incentives for a job well done.

  • Reward employees with tokens to buy gift cards from their favorite stores
  • Choose how many digital tokens you want to give employees
  • Let employees redeem tokens straight from your app
  • Set rewards on auto-pilot, so employees always perform at their best
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Boost Employee Motivation with Connecteam

Enhance employee engagement and motivation with Connecteam's app
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Make Every Employee Feel Valued With Personal Celebrations

Shine a light on every birthday and work anniversary.

  • Personalize each celebration with a heartwarming message
  • Set big moments on auto-pilot and never miss a special date
  • Ensure employees see every celebration on their mobile app
  • Employees can share in the celebration with comments and reactions
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Help Employees Grow Into Their Roles With New Skills and Knowledge

Push employees to the next level with online courses and employee motivation programs.

  • Onboard new hires or provide additional training with customizable courses
  • Give employees the power to complete courses from their mobile apps
  • Test new skills and knowledge with personalized online quizzes
  • Evaluate progress with actionable insights and feedback
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Customize Recognition & Rewards to suit your exact business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

By recognizing good work, your employees will feel appreciated and motivated. Connecteam Recognitions enables you to promote excellence within your team, spread positivity and reward those who deserve it the most.

Connecteam Recognitions was designed to give you everything you need to motivate your non-desk team. 

Easily custom-create recognitions for any case or occasion, and spread the word to your entire team.

A rewards app allows you to grant your employees performance-based rewards. 

Connecteam Rewards lets you grant tokens to your outstanding employees, which can be turned into well-known and loved gift cards.

Yes. Everyone gets a 14-day free trial to use all Connecteam features. After the trial ends, you can opt for the free plan or subscribe to a premium plan to continue using all Connecteam features.