8 Best Online Checklist Apps for Small Business in 2020

As a small business manager, you’re constantly juggling and prioritizing tasks in order to keep things running smoothly. However, the problem you’re faced with is that the list of tasks is never-ending. There is too much chaos to sift through, to organize, and to prioritize. The solution? An online checklist app.

What’s an online checklist app?

An online checklist app is a digital solution that prioritizes all daily tasks and streamlines operations. Instead of piles of paperwork and rows of folders, everything you need to efficiently run your business is available in the palm of your hand. Day-to-day operations are a core aspect of running a small business, checklists and reports are used to reduce friction from daily activities, automate information flow for improved response time, and gain better oversight. Let’s not forget that it allows you to easily standardize your business, oversee execution, and even improve efficiency. These are just some of the benefits an online checklist software offers you as a small business manager and we’d say it’s definitely worth looking into.

What else can you do with a checklist app?

  • Capture relevant information and create a to-do list from the information
  • Display a task or project in real-time
  • Send task reminders
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Go through an overview of the day’s tasks
  • Add pictures, video, e-signature and a GPS stamp for additional information
  • Track the progress of tasks and projects.

There are countless employee checklist app solutions available so be sure to think about what you need before making a final decision. For example:

  • Is a simple online checklist enough or do you need to add projects with subtasks? 
  • Can you collaborate or share your online checklist?
  • Can you set recurring tasks so nothing gets missed?
  • Can employees receive push notifications as reminders? 
  • Can you do more than just complete a checklist? Can you fill and send forms and reports (especially if you’re on the go)?
  • What systems can the online checklist run on? (Android, iOS, Mac, PC, etc.)?
  • Is it easy to implement and to use? And is it suitable for all my employees? 
  • How much training is required? 
  • Is it affordable? 

We took all those questions on board and did some digging to present you with 8 of the best online checklist apps in the market today. Not all of the options meet the above questions but they come close so be sure to read thoroughly to make the best decision for you, your employees, and your business. 

8 Best Online Checklist Apps

1. Connecteam


Out of all the online checklist apps on this list, Connecteam is the only mobile-first solution for small businesses as users can fill out checklists, forms, and reports that were designed especially for non-desk employees, which means it’s easy to use and perfectly compatible for mobile devices.

Start a checklist or form from scratch or edit an existing template and choose from many field options, like free text, multiple selections, image uploads, documents scanner, digital signature, GPS location, and more. Onboarding checklists, expense reimbursement forms, vacation requests, hazard reports, job reports and more can be filled from anywhere and automatically land at your desk for further actions. 

Customize your checklist and forms to suit your business needs because Connecteam takes it all to the next level. All entries submitted on Connecteam are digitally logged, can be automatically sent to a predefined email address, and can be exported in an Excel format. 

Pricing starts at $29/month for up to 200 users so you save money while streamlining processes. There is also a free plan that you can start using today!

Online access from anywhere

Go paperless and say goodbye to endless piles of folders. Improve compliance, standardize operating procedures, and move your business forward with Connecteam’s mobile-first online checklist and forms app. Start for free now!

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2.  Zenkit

Zenkit (kablan boards)

With Zenkit, you can work on your daily tasks in the to-do app or Kanban and Gantt charts. You don’t need to deal with syncing or imports, plus all the apps share one data store. Everything is connected in a single place from invoices to clients to features to bugs to documents and more.

Zenkit can integrate with over 1,000 apps like Asana, Clockify, EverNote, Gmail, Slack, and more.

Zenkit has a few pricing plans you can choose from: free, plus ($9/month/user), business ($25/month/user), and enterprise (contact a rep about pricing).



3. Any.do

Any.Do app

Any.Do has two main features to offer: to-do lists and a calendar. Each feature allows for scheduled or location-based reminders and list sharing. You can also sync Any.do with a Google Calendar, Exchange, or iCloud so all your events are kept in one place. The Teams option allows you to choose from a Project, Kanban or Calendar view. 

With the Premium ($2.99 per month) and Teams (ask for a quote) options, you can customize the theme and can review your agenda list of items in whichever way is easiest and best for you. Otherwise, there is a free option as well. 


4. Evernote Business

Evernote Business

Evernote Business is an organization tool with many uses. However, it is typically used for cloud-based media file storage, but it does have note-taking capabilities and an online checklist.

You can add images, videos, and other attachments to your checklist; sync tasks with your employees to everyone aligned. Plus, you can collaborate and share or pin notes so nothing gets missed. 

Currently, Evernote Business costs around $13 per month per user and for free, you can get Evernote Premium for personal use, that’s included with an annual business subscription. In addition, each Evernote Business account gets 20 GB monthly uploads to be shared across the company account, plus an additional 2 GB per user on that account.


5. Google Keep

Google Keep

There is a lot you can do with Google and that also includes a daily online checklist. With Google Keep, you are able to create a list and share it with co-workers, friends, and family. Easily add notes, lists, photos, and voice memos.

All tasks can be color coordinated while you can create unique labels that are specific to the topic. Google Keep has location-based and time-based reminders and you can also access the tool from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


6. Workflowy

WorkFlowy notes app

WorkFlowy is a simple web-based outliner or a notebook for lists. It is built for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals so they can be more productive. You can make lists, take notes, collaborate, organize your day, and so much more. All items are searchable so you save time looking for exactly what you need. Share lists with shareable links and use the text-based tool to organize whatever you need. 

WorkFlowy is free for up to 100 items a month. Plus, successful referrals will add an additional 250 items to the free account. The Pro plan costs $50 per year and includes unlimited lists and items. 


7. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk was founded back in 2004 and is still running today. This simple, efficient app makes it easy to create a basic task and to-do lists, which you can also sync across devices. Plus, you can set important deadlines, reminders, and prioritize tasks. 

Keep documents, spreadsheets, files, and photos alongside relevant tasks when you connect Remember The Milk to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. Remember the Milk can connect with Siri, IFTTT, Apple Watch, and Alexa devices. 

There is a free, basic version you can download. Or you can pay $39.99 per year for the Pro plan. 


8. JotForm

JotForm form builder

JotForm is an online form builder and creator that allows you to create online forms and gather data. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface so it’s super easy and simple to create forms, create fillable PDF forms, and once they’re published, you can integrate them to your site and can also receive responses by email.

Over 5.5 million users rely on JotForm and benefit from four pricing plans – from free and all the way to its most expensive plan of $82.50/monthly but billed annually.


In conclusion

When looking for an online checklist solution, make sure you find the right fit for you, your employees and your business. Go through the options we listed above and choose the best one for your business needs. Using an online checklist will help you make sure nothing gets missed, sets priorities, and keeps a digital record instead of a Mount Everest sized paper trail. 

We love using the Workflow feature!  We currently use workflows in all of our departments, here is a list of examples: Repair Orders, employees’ request Paid or Unpaid time off, sign policies and procedures, safety training, field invoices, Daily and Monthly Crane Inspections, Random In house DOT Inspections, a citation workflow. What I have seen is strong focus on making my life simple. – Shanna Moody, Director of Business Administration, Lightning Oilfield Service, Inc.

If you want to learn more about choosing the best checklists app, check out this detailed blog here.

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Connecteam is the best mobile forms and checklists app
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