11 Construction Cost Estimating Software in 2022

Rea Regan September 13, 2021 12 min read

You’re working against the clock to complete projects on time and most importantly within budget. We go in-depth about why calculating costs could affect your bottom line. Therefore, we’ve researched the market to bring you the top 11 apps that calculate costs down to a tee.

10 Most Recommended Construction Cost Estimating Software Solutions

Quick Guide

    When it comes to the construction industry, budget is everything. 

    This is why you must have an accurate estimation so that there are no unexpected surprises.

    Construction projects are not like building a treehouse. If you miscalculated and you require an extra panel of wood, you go over your budget by $10. 

    Construction projects are complex, with a lot of moving parts, and inaccuracy can mean going over budget by thousands. In addition, you have to factor in that customers can make changes even after you’ve started, and if you haven’t budgeted well, then you may come into some major troubles. 

    However, there is a way to control your costs and end a project with profit.

    That’s why when creating your estimation, you need to have it right from the beginning. You can’t change your budget midway because you will just be digging yourself a big hole. By achieving success the first time, you can witness profits and not run into the red. What you need is a construction cost estimating app.

    What Are Construction Cost Estimating Apps?

    Put simply, construction cost estimating software is computer software designed specifically for contractors to predict how much a construction project will cost, what materials they need, and how much of it they need to order. 

    There are certain differences between construction cost estimating software. Some are designed specifically for costs and measurements of various metals, while others are designed specifically to deal with the financial side of the business too. 

    How do you know which one is right for you? We did the leg work for you and checked dozens of providers that can help you align costs and send out professional invoices.

    Apps & Solutions To Consider For Invoicing and Estimating Costs:

    construction employee app

    Connecteam comes in at number one as it offers you a multitude of features to keep your construction business running efficiently. With built-in GPS on the time clock, your workers can only clock in and out from the site. This cuts out any time theft or buddy punching. With accurate timesheets you wont have to give payroll a second thought and you can even integrate it with Quickbooks Payroll. With these timesheets you can also invoice customers for the exact amount of time worked on site.  

    You can always bring up old timesheets to give an estimate for new projects. Once you have created an estimate, you can then PDF it and share it with clients, managers, accountants, etc. With Connecteam, you can manage the entire process from quote to invoice while tracking time and adjusting costs along the way. The timesheet capabilities are so diverse with capabilities of adding job, project, customer classifications, and more, directly onto the timesheet. When your worker arrives they already know exactly what to do. Your employees can send reports directly from the field to update you with the status of the project. 

    For whom?

    Small to large businesses that have at least 40% of their workforce out of the office. Connecteam is best suited for companies in the Field Services, Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Retail, and Manufacturing industries. When you have a large majority of deskless employees, having one construction estimating software to do everything is the best option.

    Key Features

    Automate time tracking with simple punch in and out

    GPS Geo-location

    Expedite timesheet review and approval process

    Export timesheets to your preferred format to simplify payroll.

    In-app chat

    Push notifications in real-time

    Scheduling by project or by worker

    Reporting from the field

    Pros and cons

    Ability to auto calculated breaks, overtime, double-time, daily limit, auto clock-out, the ability to add a shift in bulk, making it easy

    Geo-fencing has helped know who clocked in when and where, even on the go

    Connecteam’s kiosk app allows workers to clock in from a centralized kiosk station on their foreman’s mobile and ensures no one clocks in before the foreman is on site

    Seamless integration with Quickbooks Payroll

    The free plan is exclusive to companies up to 50 users


    Premium plans starts at $39/month for the first 50 users

    Free Trial: 14-day free trial

    Free-for-life plan: Yes

    No.1 App For The Construction Industry

    Connecteam is the perfect for time tracking, job scheduling, multiple communication tools, online mobile-first checklists, forms and reports, and much more.

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    invoice simple
    Courtesy of Invoice Simple

    Founded by a small business owner so it’s no surprise that this easy to use invoicing system is catering to small business owners. Access this software through your laptop or mobile device.

    For whom?

    Small business owners, owner-operators, freelancers, and contractors.

    Key Features


    Payment capabilities

    Ongoing billing for clients

    Billing in multiple currencies

    Pros and Cons

    Ability to customize invoices

    Simple to create invoices and add company branding

    Integration with online payment processing

    They should add a reminder option to send invoices


    Price: $10/month or $102/year

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free-for-life plan: No

    speed invoice
    Courtesy of Speed Invoice

    Create an invoice, any time anywhere using this handy app. You can get as inventive and creative as you like using SpeedInvoice’s +500 background images when setting up your invoices and estimates. What’s more, you can print or share any bill or estimate via other apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or SMS if your client prefers this route. To give the client the whole picture you can add documents for e.g. contractual terms, drawings, project plans in Word, Excel, and PDFs.

    For Whom?

    Big and small businesses. It’s ideal for workers on the go as you can work on the system offline (and send when you’ve got internet access again).

    Key Features

    Billing for hourly work

    Pay per project

    Payment processing

    Tailor your invoices

    Database with your list of contact

    Pros and Cons

    Easy to organize your invoices

    Can create both quotes and invoices

    Simple to use no onboarding needed

    You can’t view invoices offline


    Price: $47.50/year

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: No

    Proest construction app
    Courtesy of Software Advice

    ProEst’s pre-construction estimation uses cloud-based software to provide contractors accurate estimations. The platform works online and assists with cost estimating and CRM.

    For whom?

    For Contractors and subcontractors to help create estimates.

    Key Features

    Accessible from both mobile and desktop

    24/7 accessibility

    Plumbing estimation

    Templates that can be customized


    Pros and Cons

    Modern software

    Easy to use the reporting feature

    User friendly software

    Could do with some improvements


    Price: $5,000/year

    Free Trial: No

    Free Plan: no

    Courtesy of Quilder

    Quilder lets you send professional quotations and invoices to clients directly from your phone by text or email. If you have your own catalog for parts, labor costs, etc., you can add it all to Quilder and add it straight to your invoice.

    For whom?

    Quilder says its services are aimed directly at tradesmen. Anyone in the construction industry really – from plumbers to joiners to electricians and beyond.

    Key Features


    Quotes with branding

    Transfers to PDF

    Customizable to your labor charges

    Search local suppliers

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to find all the parts nearby

    Fantastic for me to use on my mobile device

    Invoices are professional

    Can be a bit slow


    Price: Starts at $0.01

    Free Trial: No

    Free Version: Yes

    Building calculator Construction calculator
    Courtesy of Building Calculator

    Building Calculator is compatible with all mobile devices and helps calculate the allotment of materials for house building or maintenance. You can use it offline too. One downside is that it only allows for metric measurements. This construction estimating software is also available in Russian.

    For whom?

    Anyone who has to regularly calculate values for materials and formulate budgets for house building tasks.

    Key Features

    Calculator for foundation

    Convertor for values

    Regular calculator

    Calculator for how many bricks are required

    Pros & Cons

    Works really well

    Don’t need my laptop on site as it works well on mobile

    Good for new builders

    Wasn’t good for imperial measurements


    Price: Free

    Free Trial: No

    Free Plan: Yes

    materials estimation calculator
    Courtesy of Material Calculator

    Use this app to answer your everyday building questions like ‘How many do I need?’, ‘How much will it cost?’

    For whom?

    Anyone in the construction industry who needs something that can quickly provide material solutions for gravel, fences, blocks, flooring, tile, paint, decking, and more.

    Key Features

    Calculates in most measurements

    In built help with explanations

    Computes per unit

    Has memory capacity

    Calculates material requirements

    Pros & Cons

    The calculators are really useful and assist in making estimates more accurate

    Easy to use

    Great features

    No dark mode


    Price: $44.95

    Free Trial: No

    Free Plan: No

    all in one calculator
    Courtesy of Google Play Store

    For whom?

    It has a calculator catering to the construction industry which can estimate cement, sand, or gravel quantities for concrete blocks, wall plastering, and brickworks. 

    Key Features

    Calculator with 75 built-in calculators

    Unit Convertors

    Currency convertor

    Smart search

    Pros & Cons

    Great calculator

    Easy to use

    Great features

    Too many pop ups


    Price: Free

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: Yes

    Steel Weight Calculator
    Courtesy of Google Play Store

    If you need to calculate the weight and length of different types of metal, then this app is for you. This handy app helps you calculate the weight simply by inputting details about its length, and it can also do the same calculation in reverse (i.e. input the weight to get the length). Measurements are available in the metric system and the U.S. measuring system.

    For Whom?

    Civil engineers and others in the construction industry that deals in metal.

    Key Features

    Calculates weights of metals

    Works in both inches in feet

    Offers you a variety of shapes for the metals

    Pros & Cons

    Measurements are accurateֿ

    Calculating has never been faster

    Saves paper

    Could improve having the ability to calculate more materials


    Price: Free you can purchase in-app products

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: Yes

    construction master pro
    Courtesy of Google Play Store

    For measurement estimation, you can’t go wrong with this handy app. It can quickly and accurately calculate a construction problem while you’re standing there consulting with a client.

    For Whom?

    It’s ideal for contractors, estimators, architects, carpenters, builders, draftspersons, engineers, farmers, and tradesmen.

    Key features

    Built in right angles

    Calculates dry wall

    Easy to calculate even in metric

    Assists with calculating stairs

    Pros & Cons

    Must have app for construction

    Good for contractors

    Very professional

    Could do with more conversions


    Price: $74.95

    Free Trial: No

    Free Plan: No

    Courtesy of Buildertrend

    For Whom?

    BuilderTREND is great for residential, commercial builders, refurbishing, specialty builders, etc.

    Key Features

    Sales Capabilities

    Email marketing



    Customer relationship management

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to follow up with customers

    Project management is so easy and efficient

    Great use of features

    A bit clunky


    Price: According to the pro plan $299/month

    Free Trial: No

    Free Plan: No

    Why Do I Need Cost Estimation Apps (And Why Now)?

    Welcome to 2020, where customers want quotes and estimates – and they want it now. While you’re taking out your measuring tape, and fiddling with the calculations at the office on a spreadsheet, some other carpenter, architect, or builder has whipped out an app and given your client a quote on the spot.

    I know that it may seem like some unnecessary bells and whistles and “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but don’t underestimate the importance of the Wow Factor. It could be what sets you apart and what helps you get the stick out in a sea of hard hats.

    Not to mention, it will actually save you time and money. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to embrace technology and be able to provide accurate calculations and costs. Some apps are free, while others charge a monthly or yearly fee. It’s important to compare costs and functions to choose the one that’s best for you and your business.

    How To Choose The Construction Estimating Software That’s Right For You

    Cost: is not the only factor to consider when choosing the right app. It’s important to define what needs this system will serve and what functions it must perform to enable you to do your job. Every business has its own needs and requirements but here’s what you should factor in to narrow your decision:

    Ease of use: Downloading a tool that you don’t understand or can’t use is not a good fit, that’s just obvious. If you’re not the only one accessing it, make sure that your employees or other team members know how it functions.

    Compatibility and integration: This app may need to integrate with other systems of your business. Consider what your app needs to gel with and plan accordingly.

    Compliance and regulations: Think about your industry and what rules and regulations it needs to follow. Does this app accommodate this or is it not suitable when it comes to your industry’s standards? Can it even help improve your regulatory compliance while reducing the costs you incur along the way?!

    cost of regulation compliance for home builders

    Security and reliability: Within the construction trade it’s vital that measurements are accurate and estimates need to be close to the final amount. You need an app that meets all of these needs. Then there’s also the app’s ability to store information safely and securely, particularly when it comes to your financials and invoices. The last thing you want is to lose precious data! So make sure you choose software that’s safe and secure with good reviews from those of your peers that also make use of them.

    Estimations and invoices are the fuel that keeps your business running they are the oil in your gears. However, if you want your business running smoothly there’s more to it than just an oil change.

    Best Practices In Construction Cost Estimating

    So we know that construction cost estimating software has made things much easier, but it is still the responsibility

    Remember that the key to cost estimation all starts with understanding all of the different costs and categories. For instance, the two most significant cost types are direct and indirect costs. Direct costs typically include team wages, fuel for equipment, and so on. Whereas, indirect costs usually include security costs, utilities, and so on. What other categories do costs come from? There is labor, material, equipment, services, software, hardware, facilities, and contingency costs. All of the expenses we just listed, in addition to all of the direct and indirect costs, are collected to make a “basis of estimate” report.

    Construction cost estimating software is to help keep your costs within budget. The software follows industry standards whether that’s for all measurement units or filling out the following cost-related documents.

    By using a cost estimator you can ensure your work is verifiable and easy to hand over to a contractor, or such. A cost estimator’s job role involves identifying indirect costs and examining contractual terms to know what impact indirect costs have. They are also responsible for:

    • Evaluating subcontractors’ bids
    • Reviewing all construction drawings for constructibility and accuracy in terms of representing the project scope 
    • Assessing client’s schedule requirements in terms of impact on the performance of the project
    • Analyzing completed estimates for accuracy
    • And the list goes on! 

    This job is for someone who is focused and experienced to make certain it’s done right.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cost Estimating Software

    Is it easy to adapt to cost estimating software?

    Yes, using digital cost estimating software can allow you to have more control over your budgets. Some apps have a calculator that can calculate each material for you, so that there is less waste and more accurate estimates. 

    Should I choose an all in one app?

    An all-in-one app for construction can help streamline your business. Apps such as Connecteam offer you a sophisticated time clock that allows you to provide an accurate quote according to the time spent. You can also allocate the time using the scheduling tool where you can set your team’s schedule and utilize the time allocated to complete the project effectively and efficiently. You can also task manage, communicate via the app and so much more. 

    From Estimation to Paid Invoices and Everything In Between

    The construction industry is changing, and you don’t want to be the one lagging behind. Software providers know that productivity can increase by at least 15% by using the right technology. The apps are tailored to the needs of a construction PM or business owner. They simplify cost estimation so you can remain within budget and see more of the blue than red. 

    Apps are becoming more in demand because they offer a lot more than just assisting with cost estimation. Some apps have time tracking, so you can make sure important projects are complete first. Furthermore, you cut out buddy punching and time theft provided that you chose an app with built-in GPS on the clock in feature. With so many capabilities technology can provide, your question shouldn’t be why do we need an app? It should be why, didn’t we do it sooner?

    Leading Construction App

    Connecteam assists you in increasing productivity, boosting engagement and compliance. Easily automate daily processes and so much more!

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