With the right time tracking tools, construction workers can clock in and out easily, and you know exactly how many hours they worked in time for payroll. Here are some of the very best construction time clock apps on the market today.

As you know, tracking your construction workers’ hours can be a massive headache. Manually juggling dozens, if not hundreds, of workers across several different construction sites opens the door to time theft and buddy punching, potentially costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

You need a software solution that is going to keep you up to date on who has clocked in, when, and where, while also making timesheets 100% accurate for payroll and freeing you to spend your time on more important tasks.

We’ve taken a look at dozens of construction time clock apps on the market today and put together a list of the best apps for your business.

If you don’t have the time to read through our research, jump down to our quick comparison table.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best all-in-one construction time clock app

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  2. Best for ensuring accurate payroll

  3. Best for GPS tracking

What to Look For in a Construction Time Tracking Software Tool

There are quite a few construction timesheet apps on the market, but not all of them are worth your time and money.

For a truly effective construction employee time tracking app, you need to be on the lookout for the following features:

  • Employee time tracking, preferably with geofencing and GPS tracking capabilities
  • A job and employee scheduling feature, across different locations, people and types of shifts
  • Multiple in-app communication tools: be able to communicate with everyone, in several ways
  • A central knowledge base, so employees can access documents, information and protocols at the click of a button.

The 7 Best Construction Time Tracking Software Tools of 2022

  1. Best all-in-one construction time tracking software

    • web
    • ios
    • android

    Connecteam is our best contractor time tracking app: that‘s because it’s the construction industry-leading all-in-one app that lets you efficiently, effortlessly manage your employees and your organization from your mobile phone, with everything in one place!

    Employee Time Clock: GPS-Tracked and Geofenced

    • The employee time clock feature lets your employees simply clock in and out in one click, directly from their mobile phone, no matter where they are!
    • You can geofence each site to clock in from a certain location (and set a certain time for your employees to do so before or after a shift).

    Customize Everything to Track Everything You Need To 

    • Your employees can request time off, chat with you and get automatic reminders to clock in and more!
    • You can track so much more than just time: track your customers, jobs, and even your equipment – while improving project management along the way. Connecteam’s construction time and attendance software is so customizable that you can track volume, take images, add files, add signatures to be sent to your clients or your employees – you name it, this software can do it for you!

    Effortless Compliance

    • When your employees clock in and out, your timesheets can do heavy lifting based on predefined rules that you set! That means you can easily auto-calculate overtime (and even set up automatic flagging, to prevent it from happening), breaks and any potential conflicts.
    • Let your employees self-serve, requesting their time off (for sick days or vacation) right from the time clock! You can easily audit these requests with history and notes to keep everything documented, in one place.
    • If your employees won’t have smartphones on them, Connecteam has a Kiosk app, allowing multiple employees to clock in and out from a digital construction time card app!
    • Accurate timesheets are made when everything works in harmony and everything is transparent to both you and your employees. In turn, payroll is just as accurate and can be processed through an integration with Quickbooks Online and Gusto.

    And so much more…

    Besides being the best contractor time tracking app Connecteam’s all-in-one app is equipped with everything your construction business needs to run daily operations smoothly:

    • Targeted communication allows you to reach every crew member; flexible schedules for easy planning and distribution.
    • Schedule your employees, jobs, locations, equipment and more, with all the necessary information you need: safety checklists, specific tasks for specific teams, across days, teams, shifts or jobs.
    • Robust task management
    • Employee training and onboarding
    • Create digital forms for everything – safety hazard reports, go and purchase materials – document and submit expense reimbursement form.

    Key Features

    • Real-time timestamp & GPS location is tagged when clocking in and out
    • Foreman Kiosk station so you can clock an entire team in and out
    • Automated notifications and reminders
    • Easy to navigate & multiple export options for timesheets
    • Payroll process directly integrates with Quickbooks Online and Gusto
    • Manage time off requests in-app


    • Easy to use and implement
    • Excellent customer service
    • All-in-one capabilities
    • Mobile, desktop, and kiosk access
    • Affordable solution


    • 3rd-party integrations in development


    Starts at just $29/month for up to 30 users Free 14-day trial Free plan available

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. Good for: Accounting

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    • windows
    • mac
    Time Tracking Software Tool

    QuickBooks Time is a well-known construction time tracking solution, project tracking, and labor estimates. Its core features include accurate payroll, detailed timesheets, workforce visibility, and remaining compliant with DOL and DCAA standards. It’s a solid construction timesheet software…but if you have more than a few employees, it can get very expensive, very quickly.

    Learn more about QuickBooks

    Key Features

    • Clock an entire team in and out
    • Preset permissions for managers and employees
    • Track and submit time right from the app
    • GPS time tracking
    • Geofence


    • Vast array of detailed reports
    • Real-time GPS tracking


    • Additional features require technical assistance
    • Poor customer support


    Elite: $40/month + $10/month/user Free 30-day trial Free plan for one user

  3. Good for: Both Desk Work and Field Work

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    • windows
    • mac
    Hubstaff Construction Time Clock

    By downloading Hubstaff on any mobile device, your construction team can easily clock in and out at any job site. By downloading the construction timesheet software Hubstaff on any mobile time device, your construction team can easily clock in and out at any job site. Once downloaded, Hubstaff runs in the background so you and your employees can focus on getting the job done. It’s a great time clock system for construction but can get very expensive very quickly with more than a handful of employees.

    Learn more about Hubstaff

    Key Features

    • Payroll processing
    • GPS location tracking
    • Geofence to create job sites
    • Automatic time cards
    • Worksite budgeting
    • Send client invoices


    • GPS tracker included
    • Automated payroll and detailed reporting


    • Difficult to contact customer support
    • Dashboard is difficult to understand


    Starts at $7/month/user Free 14-day trial Free plan for one user

  4. Good for: Electrical Contractors

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    Raken Construction Time Tracking app

    Raken is a construction time card app that makes it easy to digitally track hours and streamline payroll. Raken Time Cards allow you to bulk upload your crews and allocate hours to all teams in one go. Plus, it’s simple and quick to add members to your construction timesheet app or edit hours for an individual team member.

    Learn more about Raken

    Key Features

    • Time cards for teams or individuals
    • Overtime management
    • Assign time to cost codes
    • Real-time project progress
    • Daily reports


    • Easy to use on mobile devices
    • Ability to send out daily reports


    • Does not work offline
    • No Excel export capabilities


    Starts at $15/month/user Free 15-day trial Free plan? No

  5. Good for: Field Workers

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    busybusy Construction Time Tracking Software Tool

    busybusy is a cloud-based construction timesheet app that’s available on any mobile device, tablet, or browser. And if you don’t need employees to clock in and out individually, then supervisors for smaller crews can even clock the entire crew in or out at once from this construction time tracking app (although you should know that this function isn’t available on the free plan).

    Learn more about busybusy

    Key Features

    • GPS clock in and out
    • Digital time card signature
    • Advanced reports
    • Time tracking for projects, sub-projects, job codes, and equipment
    • Location and time based reminders


    • Easy to track workers’ hours
    • Streamlines payroll


    • Clocking out sometimes fails to sync
    • Unattractive user interface


    $9.99/month/user 30-day free trial Free plan

  6. Good for: Managing Labor Costs

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    ExacTime Construction Time Tracking Software

    As cloud-based software, ExakTime is a construction time tracking app that ensures that your password-protected data is available from any device and employees can clock in from anywhere with a click of a button.

    Learn more about ExakTime

    Key Features

    • GPS tracking
    • Photo ID capture
    • Easy clock in or cost codes
    • Instant reporting
    • Streamlined payroll
    • Compliance with digital forms, hours, and timesheets


    • Excellent reporting capabilities
    • The ability to set geofences


    • Employees can’t see hours worked from mobile
    • Prone to slow loading and lagging


    Starts at $8/month/user + $50/month base fee Free trial? Two-month free trial Free-forever plan? No

  7. Good for: GPS Tracking

    • web
    • ios
    • android
    ClockShark Construction Time Tracking app

    ClockShark is a professional job costing solution as well as a construction time tracking app for your labor force. This way, employees choose what job and task they are working on with each clock in so, you as a good manager, know what they’re doing. Easily read those jobs and tasks on a smooth construction timesheet app, and make edits as needed.

    Learn more about ClockShark

    Key Features

    • Print time reports
    • Supervisor or foreman can clock in multiple crews
    • Mobile app available on any device
    • Drag and drop scheduling
    • GPS time clock


    • Great GPS location capabilities
    • Very easy to use


    • Reporting sick days takes multiple steps
    • Unable to edit timesheets when employees are clocked in


    Starts at $3/user/month + $15/month base fee 14-day free trial Free-forever plan? No

Compare the Best Construction Time Tracking Software Tools

Starts at just $29/month for up to 30 users
Elite: $40/month + $10/month/user
Starts at $7/month/user
Starts at $15/month/user
Starts at $8/month/user + $50/month base fee
Starts at $3/user/month + $15/month base fee
Free Trial
14 days
30-day trial
14-day trial
15-day trial
30-day free trial
Two-month free trial
14-day free trial
Free Plan
Yes, up to 30 users
for one user
for one user

What Is Construction Time Clock Software?

In general, a construction time card app is a piece of software designed for construction workers to clock in and out from their job site via their smartphones. Instead of clocking in and out using a manual station, users are provided with a specific construction time and attendance software that includes their own personal time card. It also allows managers to track their workers’ time and in some cases even verify that their employees are actually at the job site when clocking in and out.

How Does Construction Time Clock Software work?

There are a handful of common functionalities that you can expect to see in most apps. For a start, construction workers have a digital time card within the app in which they can clock in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts. Work hours are then automatically added to each employees’ digital timesheets, creating reports in the process that managers can inspect when payroll comes around.

Other common features that can be found in many construction timesheet software solutions include the ability to calculate overtime, track PTO, and a time and attendance system. Then other construction timesheet software solutions include advanced features such as geofencing, GPS tracking, and even facial recognition.

Why You Need a Construction Time Tracking App

Why use a construction timesheet app? First of all, it’s the 21st century! And second, manually tracking your employees’ working hours via Excel, pen and paper, Google Calendar or anything else, can only end in time theft and those dreaded payroll errors.

But that’s not all. Here are some of the most important reasons you need a contractor time tracking app ASAP.

  • Easily see which employee worked at which site and for which project
  • Capture all costs accurately, so you don’t underbill clients
  • Keep on track by being able to assign a certain amount of billable hours to each job
  • Add value for the client so they can see an accurate and detailed breakdown of costs and hours
  • Improve quotes so you can see the big picture of how long a job actually will take
  • Understand how long it takes your crew to complete projects
  • Since you can’t be in all places at once, you’ll be able to know everyone’s in the right palace, at the right time, without your input.
  • Track time for everything you need, including volume, equipment used and more
  • Get signatures, upload images, have the most precise timesheets around (and use them for super accurate payroll and invoicing).
  • Looking professional and on top of things – show customers how slick and well-managed the whole process is

Running a construction company is hard work, and that’s an understatement. However, that work can be easier when you use construction timesheet software. Below, we list the best time clock systems for construction that you need to look into.

How Much Do Construction Time Card Apps Cost?

Pricing definitely varies from one construction time card app to the other. For example, Quickbooks Time and Busy Busy are the most expensive time clock systems for construction on this list, with plans of $10 per user (plus $40 base fee) per month and $9.99 per user/month, respectively. While time clock systems for construction like ClockShark ($3/user/month + $15/month base fee) and Hubstaff ($7/user/month) have cheaper plans.

However, none of these construction time and attendance software solutions quite compare to Connecteam in terms of the bang for your buck you can get. With its free trial, your first 50 users can clock in and out in real-time, use a kiosk station, and edit timesheets. Many more advanced time clock-related features are available if you decide to upgrade to the Basic plan, which costs $29 per month for up to 30 users. Or, you can simply keep the free plan forever.

Many of these time clock systems for construction either include free trials or free plans. So it’s worth trying them all out to test their basic features so that you can make an informed decision as to which app best suits your business’s needs.


Why Should I Invest In A Construction Time Tracking App?

There are countless benefits of implementing a construction timesheet app. Among the most important to your construction business are; saving on costly mistakes due to manual errors on timesheets, ensuring you’re fully complying with regulatory laws for overtime and record-keeping, and fewer accounts of time theft.

Plus, a contractor time tracking app offers you full visibility with robust data on employee hours and productivity.

Will I Have To Pay Per User?

Not all construction timesheet apps are the same so when it comes to pricing, this varies greatly as well. Some contractor time tracking apps will charge per user. Others will charge per project or location or the features you need. Be sure to read everything on the pricing page and ask the sales representative as many questions as possible so that you’re fully informed about pricing before you make a choice on which construction timesheet app to choose.

The Bottom Line on Construction Time Tracking Apps

Construction timesheet apps are going to go a long way in eliminating time theft, buddy punching, and inaccurate timesheets from your business.

Ultimately though, we believe that your construction workers are better of with time clock systems that can truly handle every single aspect of their day-to-day–from time tracking and shift scheduling to employee training and internal communication.

Connecteam’s construction time and attendance software ticks all of these boxes, while providing many more invaluable features to take your construction company to the next level.