7 Best Construction Time Tracking Software Solutions

Rea Regan July 7, 2020 8 min read
7 Best Construction Time Tracking Software Solutions

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    The construction industry is made up of many moving parts. From consulting, accounting, complying with local or federal permits and controlling how the work is performed. Not to mention tracking how much time is spent on each project, job site, and how many hours the crew is throwing into the project. 

    This is where a construction time tracking app is golden.

    Why use a construction time tracking app? See below just some of the reasons why you need to implement a construction time tracking app ASAP.

    • Capture all costs so you don’t underbill clients 
    • Keep on track by being able to assign a certain amount of hours to each job
    • Add value for the client so they can see a breakdown of costs and hours
    • Improve quotes so you can see the big picture of how long a job actually will take
    • Easily see which employee worked at which site and job and know how long it took them

    Running a construction company is hard work, and that’s an understatement. However, that work can be easier when you use construction time tracking software. Below, we list the best time tracking apps for construction that you need to look into

    7 Best Construction Time Tracking Software Solutions

    1. Connecteam

    Connecteam is the best time tracking app for construction companies as it offers an industry-leading all-in-one mobile-first solution so you can efficiently and effortlessly manage your organization from anywhere with one tool. 

    Construction companies who use Connecteam on a daily basis told us about Connecteam’s core time tracking features and more: 

    • Mobile-first solution: Connecteam’s time tracking solution allows your employees to simply clock in and out directly by their mobile phones,  no matter where they are.
    • GPS empowered: each time an employee clocks in and out, a real-time timestamp and GPS location is tagged.
    • Geo-fencing: Connecteam’s geofencing employee tracking allows you to automatically ensure employees are clocking in and out only at the job location.
    • Foreman Kiosk clock in: with Connecteam’s kiosk app, teams can clock in from a centralized kiosk station of their foreman’s mobile, making sure no one is clocking in too early before the foreman is on site.
    • Notifications and reminders: you can set Connecteam’s time tracking app to remind employees when it’s time to clock in and clock out. It can even clock them out automatically so you won’t have to deal with endless shifts when doing payroll.
    • Timesheets and payroll: Connecteam’s timesheets are super-easy to navigate and manage, plus it allows multiple export options that save time
    • Stay on top of things, even on the go: Connecteam’s mobile admin tab allows you to easily know who’s clocked in where and when, view location stamps over a map, manage employee requests for absences, and shifts and much more.

    Besides being the best time tracking solution for contractors, Connecteam’s all-in-one app is equipped with everything your construction business needs to run daily operations smoothly: 

    • Safety resources and training: Safety is a key aspect for construction companies which is why raising awareness and standards is easily done on Connecteam. 
    • Receiving reports and forms in real-time: day-to-day operations are a core function to effectively run your construction company. Connecteam’s checklists & reports help lessen friction from daily activities and automate information flow. From safety hazard reports to site observation and more.
    • Targeted communication allows you to reach every single crew member: Connecteam’s construction time tracking software provides advanced communication features such as chat groups and channels, real-time push notifications, updates directly to your employee’s mobile phone, in-app directory, and more so you can reach every single crew member.
    • Flexible schedules for easy planning and distribution: with a simple drag and drop planning board and templates, assigning sites and jobs to your crew is easy and quick. 

    Price: Connecteam is the best time tracking app for construction as it’s the most affordable solution. Connecteam offers a fixed monthly fee starting at just $39/month for up to 50 users. Or you can commit to the free construction time tracking software plan after your 14-day trial is up.  

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    2. TSheets

    TSheets Time Clock Construction

    TSheets is a well known time tracking solution, project tracking, and labor estimates. Its core features include accurate payroll, detailed timesheets, workforce visibility, and remaining compliant with DOL and DCAA standards. 

    Some of TSheets time tracking features for your construction crew include: 

    • Clock an entire team in and out
    • Preset permissions for managers and employees 
    • Track and submit time right from the app
    • GPS time tracking
    • Geofence

    Price: Pricing plans start at $8/month/active user plus $20/month base fee.

    3. Hubstaff

    Hubstaff Construction Time Clock

    By downloading Hubstaff on any mobile device, your construction team can easily clock in and out at any job site. Once downloaded, Hubstaff runs in the background so you and your employees can focus on getting the job done. 

    Hubstaff offers the following time tracking features: 

    • Easily payroll processing
    • Accurate timesheets
    • GPS location tracking
    • Geofence to create job sites
    • Automatic time cards
    • Worksite budgeting
    • Send client invoices

    Price: If all you need is one user then you can use Hubstaff’s free plan. However, pricing then starts at $7/month/user and goes up to $20/month/user. There is a free 14-day trial. 

    4. Raken

    Raken solution

    Raken makes it easy to digitally track hours and streamline payroll. Raken Time Cards allow you to bulk upload your crews and allocate hours to all teams in one go. Plus, it’s simple and quick to add members from the app or edit hours for an individual team member.

    Raken offers the following time tracking features for your construction crew: 

    • Time cards for teams or individuals
    • Overtime management
    • Assign time to cost codes
    • Real-time project progress
    • Daily reports

    Price: Pricing plans start at $15/month/user but its most popular plan will cost you $37/month/user. There is a free 15-day trial.

    5. busybusy


    busybusy is a cloud-based solution that’s available on any mobile device, tablet, or browser. And if you don’t need employees to clock in and out individually, then supervisors for smaller crews can even clock the entire crew in or out at once (not available on the free plan). 

    The following are some of the time tracking features available on busybusy:

    • GPS clock in and out
    • Digital time card signature
    • Advanced reports
    • Time tracking for projects, sub-projects, job codes, and equipment
    • Location and time based reminders 

    Price: busybusy offers two plans – free or Pro which costs $9.99/month/user. If you’re considering the free plan, look into what features are included to make sure it has everything you need. 

    6. ExacTime


    As cloud-based software, ExacTime ensures that your password-protected data is available from any device and employees can clock in from anywhere in a click of a button.

    Some of ExacTime time tracking features include: 

    • GPS tracking
    • Photo ID capture
    • Easy clock in or cost codes 
    • Instant reporting
    • Streamlined payroll
    • Compliance with digital forms, hours, and timesheets

    Price: Pricing starts at $6/month/user. If you need scheduling features as well, it’ll cost $1/user. 

    7. ClockShark

    ClockShark is a professional job costing solution for your labor. This way, employees choose what Job and Task they are working on with each clock in so, you as a manager, know what they’re doing. Easily read those jobs and tasks on a smooth electronic timesheet, and make edits as needed. 

    Some of ClockShark time tracking features for your construction crew include: 

    • Print time reports
    • Supervisor or foreman can clock in multiple crews
    • Mobile app available on any device
    • Drag and drop scheduling
    • GPS time clock
    • Integrates with QuickBooks, Sage, ADP, and more 

    Price: ClockShark pricing starts at $3/month/user + $15/month base fee. The Pro, top plan, starts at $8/month/user + $45/month base fee. There is a free 14-day trial. 

    Choose the Best Construction Time Tracking App for Your Organization

    The days of manual time tracking are long over. With an automated construction time tracking app, you are saving time and money while also reducing errors. The list of 7 construction time tracking app solutions above, you can truly take your construction company to the next level. Sign on for a free trial to really understand if you’re using the best construction time tracking app.

    Time Tracking Has Never Been Easier

    Connecteam’s construction employee app is the perfect solution for your construction company. Time tracking, job scheduling, multiple communication tools, online mobile-first checklists, forms and reports, and more, all from one place.

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