Time tracking apps help contractors accurately log their hours, create invoices, and get paid on time. Check out our picks for the 7 best time-tracking apps for contractors. 

As an independent contractor, tracking work hours helps you avoid mistakes in your invoices and delays in payment. However, time recording can feel like a hassle when you’re working across projects for different clients with competing deadlines. Add in subcontractors, and you’ve got a real headache!

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. A time-tracking app is a simple, reliable way to keep track of the hours you (and your subcontractors) work. A digital time tracker not only ensures you get paid on time, but also helps you manage labor costs and budgets.

Plus, accurately recording your time encourages transparency with your clients when invoicing or billing. It also supports better project management and boosts productivity. 

Below, we discuss our recommendations for the 7 best time tracking apps for contractors.

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  1. The best solution for accurate and efficient time tracking for contractors

  2. Good for automatically tracking billable hours

  3. Good for integrating with payroll

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What to Look For in a Time Tracking App for Contractor

When choosing time tracking software, keep an eye out for these features. 

  • Time clock. The app should include an easy-to-use time clock to accurately track your time. Connecteam’s one-click time clock, for example, is a great user-friendly tool. 
  • Automated timesheets and payroll. The best time-tracking apps automatically generate timesheets. These can be exported to payroll, or—even better—choose a time tracker with payroll software integrations, like Connecteam. 
  • Reports provide insights into any time management issues you may need to address—for example, employees spending too much time on certain tasks. 
  • Mobile app. Contractors often work from different project locations and job sites. A mobile app like Connecteam’s means you always have access to your time clock, no matter where you are. 
  • Geofencing and GPS tracking give you a record of where you and your subcontractors have worked, ensure everyone clocks in on-site, and increase accountability with clients.
  • Notifications and reminders make sure everyone clocks in and out on time and in the right place. They also help you stay on top of labor costs and subcontractor overtime. 
  • Payroll integration. Integrating your time tracking app with your payroll software makes it quick and easy to pay your subcontractors on time. 
  • Absence and break management helps you accurately record time for invoicing and payroll purposes. 
  • Ease of use. A time-tracking app should make it quick and easy to enter your time so you can spend less time on admin work and more time on projects.

The 7 Best Time Tracking Apps for Contractors for 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one time tracking app for contractors

    Employee Time Tracking App

    Connecteam is the best all-in-one work management solution with a built-in time tracker. Like all of Connecteam’s features, the time clock is intuitive and easy to use. It simplifies and automates your time tracking, removing the need to rely on fiddly manual timesheets. Instead, you can add your working hours for each project in real time directly on your mobile device or through your web browser.

    Plus, Connecteam has several other features that make accurate time tracking a breeze, including automated timesheets, payroll integrations, GPS tracking, detailed reports, and more. 

    Let’s take a closer look at all of Connecteam’s time-tracking features.

    Accurately track your time

    You can use Connecteam’s time clock app to track your time on each task, project, or client with just one click. It records time to the second, so your timesheets are always accurate. And accurate invoicing helps you get paid what you’re owed, on time. 

    The time clock also lets you add notes and track metrics like equipment use and mileage, then import this information into your timesheets.

    Accurate time tracking reduces the risk of errors or misunderstandings with clients when it comes to billing them for time worked. It also improves transparency, since you’ll have a complete record of work hours to show your clients. 

    With Connecteam’s full-feature mobile app, you can conveniently use the time clock from any device or location. 

    Automate timesheet creation

    Connecteam’s app uses accurate time clock data to automatically generate timesheets. It’s very customizable, too. You apply different pay rates to different projects, clients, or subcontractors. 

    Timesheets can show total hours, breaks, and locations. They’re formatted in a clear, simple-to-read way, so you can easily see any errors that need to be addressed.

    Export data directly to payroll

    Connecteam enables you to export timesheets straight to your preferred payroll apps, including Gusto and QuickBooks. This automates the payroll process, saving you time and money. 

    Connecteam also lets you easily view a payroll period and identify any timesheet errors before exporting the data. This reduces the risk of payroll or invoicing errors and ensures both you and your subcontractors are paid accurately, on time.

    Read our in-depth review of the best payroll software solutions for small businesses.

    Improve time recording with GPS tracking

    Connecteam’s time clock has built-in GPS functionality to log where you clock in and clock out. This feature is great for managing your own staff or sub-contractors. Ensure work time and locations are recorded accurately, so you pay only for work that was actually performed. 

    Importantly, Connecteam stops tracking employee location when they’ve clocked out.

    Generate reports for time management insights

    Connecteam’s app also lets you access real-time information on work hours and labor costs to create customized reports. You can generate and export reports by client or project.

    Reports show how much time you spend on certain tasks or projects, helping you become more productive and boost efficiency. 

    Break and absence management improves accuracy and transparency

    Connecteam lets you and your subcontractors easily log breaks and absences directly from the mobile app. 

    This is important for compliance purposes to ensure everyone takes mandatory meal or rest breaks. It’s also essential for accurate payroll and invoicing. You’re not paying or charging for unpaid breaks, which helps you manage labor costs and improves transparency with clients. 

    Staying on top of when your subcontractors take time off also helps you manage projects efficiently. You can find another subcontractor to fill in for them and adjust project timelines to keep things running smoothly. 

    Scheduling features for better project management

    In addition to its powerful time clock, Connecteam also includes a useful scheduling feature to create and send out schedules to your staff or subcontractors in just a few clicks

    Everyone always has access to the schedules via the app, so your subcontractors know where they need to be and when. You can easily see where your subcontractors are and manage their time off.

    Connecteam’s app also lets you add schedule details, such as project information or photos. This is especially useful when starting a project or using subcontractors who haven’t worked together before. 

    Read our in-depth review of the best staff scheduling software.

    Never miss an update with notifications and reminders

    The Connecteam app includes push notifications and reminders for:

    • Reminding subcontractors to clock in or out.
    • Notifying subcontractors about their schedules and any changes.
    • Receiving notifications when a subcontractor exceeds a certain number of hours.

    These features help you manage project deadlines and budgets by giving you accurate, real-time information on your hours

    An affordable time tracker and so much more

    Connecteam is the best and one of the most affordable all-in-one time tracking solutions. Its Small Business plan is free for life for up to 10 users, ideal for contractors working by themselves or with a few subcontractors. It provides access to all of Connecteam’s most popular features, including its time clock. 

    But Connecteam is more than a time-tracking app—it’s a do-it-all work management solution. As well as a time clock, Connecteam includes in-app chat, task and HR management tools, forms and checklists features, and so much more. This makes it an ideal solution to easily, efficiently manage your contracting work.

    Connecteam also offers a free for life plan – Get Started Now!

    Key Features

    • One-click time tracker for accurate, reliable time recording

    • Automated timesheets that make payroll and invoicing a breeze

    • Advanced employee scheduler

    • Reports for powerful productivity insights

    • Built-in team chat

    • Mobile app for easy access from anywhere


    • All-in-one solution

    • Free plan

    • Intuitive and easy to use

    • Affordable pricing


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. Timecamp — Good for automatically tracking billable hours

    A screenshot of the TimeCamp website

    TimeCamp combines project management and time tracking tools. The app’s automatic time tracking software monitors activities and assigns the right tasks to the right project based on what you and your subcontractors are doing.

    Reports also show hours worked, so you can send detailed invoices and accurately budget for each project. You can bill clients based on projects, hours worked, or completed tasks, and even set different billable rates for different clients. 

    Unfortunately, the reporting feature isn’t included in TimeCamp’s free plan.

    Key Features

    • Attendance tracking to monitor absences and time off
    • Approve timesheets daily or weekly
    • Make comments on timesheets
    • Clients can pay invoices with PayPal


    • Over 70 integrations
    • Ability to create budget estimates


    • Automated time tracking can cause errors
    • Free plan doesn’t include reports or integrations


    Starts at $2.99/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  3. QuickBooks Time — Good for integrating with payroll

    Available on

    Screenshot of the QuickBooks Time webpage

    QuickBooks Time synchronizes with QuickBooks accounting software and automatically tracks hours worked, so you don’t have to worry about switching projects on the clock. It saves hours worked to timesheets.

    The app has a built-in GPS, can create invoices, and lets you schedule shifts or contractor time schedules. QuickBooks Time also generates reports with details about expenses, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets.

    Key Features

    • Managers can review who’s working and what they’re working on
    • Reports
    • Alerts for schedule changes, timesheet approvals, and overtime
    • GPS and geofencing


    • Included with QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite
    • Activity feed


    • Features and integrations can get confusing
    • Can be expensive, especially for large teams


    Starts at $20/month + $10/user/month Trial: Yes — 30-day Free Plan: No

  4. Harvest — Good for tracking budgets for multiple clients and projects

    Screenshot of the Harvest webpage

    Harvest is a contractor time tracking app that can track expenses and hours worked for different tasks, clients, and projects. You can generate reports to see the time spent on a specific job or project, its progress, its budget, and the time left to complete it. You can also add notes to time entries to detail what you’ve worked on.

    Harvest creates timesheets that show how much time each contractor has spent on a task or project, as well as the total hours worked for a project or client.

    Key Features

    • Integrates with Xero and QuickBooks
    • Can submit expense requests
    • Manually edit time sheets
    • Project budget tracking


    • Simple to use
    • Tracks paid and unpaid invoices


    • Free version is only for a single user and two projects
    • Becomes expensive for larger teams


    $10.8/user/month Trial: Yes — 30-day Free Plan: Yes — Up to 1 seat & 2 projects

  5. Procore — Good for construction time tracking

    Screenshot of the Procore webpage

    Procore is a contractor time tracking app and project management platform for the construction industry. Contractors can log their time in the field, and managers can then export timecards for payroll. Timecard entries appear in daily project reports, so you can see in real time how many hours are being spent on each project.

    Procore enables managers to monitor work progress, answer contractor questions, and send work files. The Daily Log feature allows contractors to send observations and notes from the field.

    Key Features

    • Set billable hours on projects
    • Track billable and non-billable hours
    • Copy timecards to avoid re-entering project data
    • Filter timecards by date, worker, or project


    • Includes bid management and estimate features
    • Workforce planning included


    • Not for companies outside the construction industry
    • Pricing isn’t transparent


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

  6. Freshbooks — Good for: Self-employed individuals

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac
    Screenshot of the FreshBooks webpage

    FreshBooks tracks time spent on projects, organizes expenses, and lets you create and send client invoices. With permission from administrators, users can update projects and log expenses, too. Reports and financial statements help managers track expenses, revenues, and profits per client or per project.

    FreshBooks automates invoicing, sends payment reminders, and lets you pay your team online. In the platform, you can upload project files and information so your team has what they need for each task or shift.

    Key Features

    • Integrates with Hubspot, Dropbox, Zapier, and other programs
    • Track time in Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and other programs
    • Review time worked by week, project, or team
    • Add notes to time entries


    • Can bill automatically for hours worked
    • Weekly and monthly views of time worked


    • Not for larger companies
    • The Lite plan is only for 5 clients


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: Yes

  7. Teamwork — Good for: Agencies

    Available on

    • Web
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Mac
    Screenshot of the Teamwork webpage

    Teamwork is a software solution with project management and time tracking features useful for agencies. Contractors can see work assignments, task lists, task and project due dates, and links to files they need to complete work. Managers can track project progress and contractor contributions.

    Teamwork’s time-tracking feature enables workers to track and log their hours. Managers can see how much time each team member has worked and what they worked on, and clients are able to view logged hours, too.

    Key Features

    • Integrates with Dropbox, Slack, Google, and other programs
    • Set budgets and track hours
    • Agency clients can see time entries
    • Add notes and descriptions to tracked time


    • Transparency for clients
    • Generate invoices and reports


    • Not designed for deskless workers
    • Free plan is only for up to 5 workers


    Starts at $10/user/month Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

Compare the Best Time Tracking App for Contractors

Topic Start for free
Starts at just $29/month for the first 30 users
Starts at $2.99/user/month
Starts at $20/month + $10/user/month
Contact vendor for price
Contact vendor for price
Starts at $10/user/month
Free Trial
Free Plan
Free Up to 10 users
Up to 1 seat & 2 projects
Use cases
Best all-in-one time tracking app for contractors
Good for automatically tracking billable hours
Good for integrating with payroll
Good for tracking budgets for multiple clients and projects
Good for construction time tracking
Good for: Self-employed individuals
Good for: Agencies
Available on
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

What Is a Time Tracking App for Contractors?

Time tracking software for contractors helps them accurately track the time they work. They can log hours worked, categorize time entries by project or client, and generate timesheets and reports. They can also create invoices and manage budgets, expenses, and hours worked on each project. Some time tracking apps offer extra features like payroll integrations, absence and break management tools, GPS location tracking, and more. 

For contractors, time-tracking apps are essential. Apps keep accurate records up to the second, so you can budget for projects and pay everyone fairly, even when your workers are on site.

How Does a Time Tracking App for Contractors Work?

Time tracking apps for contractors include clocks that contractors can turn on and off to indicate when they’re working on a project. Most have automated time tracking that starts when you clock in and stops when you clock out. These apps can also enable you to:

  • View analytics to help you evaluate project profitability, costs, and more.
  • Set and see time-tracking details, such as subtasks that a contractor worked on.
  • Create and send invoices.
  • Generate automatic timesheets.
  • Track expenses.
  • Integrate with payroll software.
  • Set different billable hours and hourly rates for different employees, clients or projects.
  • Monitor performance.
  • Edit time entries, in case a clock didn’t start or stop on time.

Some time tracker apps include features for workforce time clock, task management, project management, and more.

The Benefits of a Time Tracking App for Contractors

A time-tracking app is essential for contractors who work on multiple projects or manage subcontractors. It ensures you get paid on time for your work. Keeping track of the time you spend on specific projects is also essential for delivering projects on time and within budget.

Time-tracking apps are more accurate than manual timesheets. They make it easy to record both billable and non-billable hours, so you can produce weekly or monthly invoices for clients based on specific and accurate data. 

A time tracker also saves you time. Manually entering your and your subcontractors’ time can take hours each month. Creating timesheets and invoices on top of this takes even more time. A time-tracking app automates this entire process for you, reducing the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks.

Tracking your time also leads to better project management by helping you stay on top of deadlines, deliverables, and projects. Using a time tracker app gives you a clear picture of how you’re spending your time and helps you make more accurate project estimates in the future.

A time tracker also enables you to easily follow projects’ labor costs in real time, which can help with project budgeting and keeps everyone accountable for their work. This allows you to manage your projects to ensure profitability

Time tracking software also ensures total transparency with your clients. You’ll have detailed information about the hours worked on a project, which you can show them at any time. Finally, a time-tracking app can provide you with insights into how much time—and money—you spend on tasks, projects, and clients. This helps you and your subcontractors understand how you’re using your time so you can be more productive.

How Much Does a Time Tracking App for Contractors Cost?

Most time management and tracking apps for contractors cost a set price per month, with an additional charge for every user. Teamwork, for example, is $5.99 per user, per month, while Harvest costs $10.80 per user, per month. Higher-priced tiers generally include more features.

Connecteam is the best time-tracking app for contractors and the perfect all-in-one work management solution, thanks to its robust features and affordable price. Its Small Business Plan is 100% free for life for up to 10 users. Paid tiers start at just $29 per month for up to 30 users, plus only $0.50 for each additional user.


How do contractors keep track of hours?

A mobile app is one of the best options for tracking hours worked. It’s more accurate than using an online timer and a spreadsheet. Apps also make it easy to track specific tasks and subtasks.

How do you monitor a contractor’s work?

Start with clear expectations. You can use a time tracking app to see where employees are spending their time and to manage performance. Some apps even include GPS and geofencing to help managers monitor contractors.

How do contractors manage their time?

Contractors need to create a schedule, stay organized, and reduce interruptions. Time-tracking apps can help contractors with this. Workforce time clocks enable contractors (and their managers) to better understand how they’re spending their time. Some apps even track productive and unproductive time to help contractors stay efficient.

The Bottom Line on Time Tracking Apps for Contractors

Contractors need an easy, efficient way to track time, especially when they’re on site. Spreadsheets and timers can result in inaccurate timekeeping and incorrect pay. Time tracking apps help contractors accurately track their hours, with just one click or tap of a screen. They can even generate reports to help managers monitor projects’ progress and labor costs. Plus, they help simplify payroll and invoicing processes and boost productivity. 

Connecteam is the best time-tracking app for contractors. With Connecteam, you can clock in and out with one touch, know where contractors are with GPS tracking, manage paid time off requests, and more. With additional features for everything from scheduling to human resources management, Connecteam is the do-it-all solution to help you make the most of your workdays.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Connecteam now and see how it can help streamline your contracting business.