Contractor apps allow you to manage your entire business and employees on the go. For this article, I’ve done all the market research for you so you can find the best option for your business. 

Construction management is complex, to say the least. Deadlines, budgets, schedules, communication, and decision-making all need to be managed to successfully complete a project.

To help alleviate some of these problems, cloud-based contractor apps keep all data in one spot. Secure, mobile, and easy to use, the apps were built with the needs of construction crews in mind.

From communication features to budgeting to data analysis and more, contractor apps help project managers ensure projects move forward on time and under budget.

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  1. Best all-in-one contractor app

  2. Good for detailed reports and analytics

  3. Good for project management

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How I Chose the Best Apps for Contractors

These are the key functions and features I looked for when reviewing contractor apps:

Important key features

  • Project management: With so many moving parts, it’s critical that contractors use an app with project management features to oversee multiple projects at once. 
  • Scheduling features: It’s vital that the software has scheduling featuers to create, disperse, and manage team schedules.
  • Easy communication tools: I looked for in-app chat, company updates features, and an employee directory. 
  • Onboarding and training: Because employees don’t all work on the same job sites, you should be able to create customizable training materials that they can access from their mobile devices, no matter where they’re located.

I looked for usability features, like:

  • Easy to use: It should have a user-friendly interface and not require much training for employees and staff to use.
  • Scalability: I checked if the software can grow with your company to meet future growth needs.
  • Integration with other software: I considered whether the software can integrate with other systems, such as payroll or recruitment software.

I checked for other important product features too, like:

  • Attendance and PTO management: The system should allow you to track and manage employee attendance, time-off requests, and leave balances. This should include features like automated time tracking, absence calendars, and the ability to generate reports.
  • Document storage: The best software allows you to store employee documents and create a company knowledge base that employees can refer to when they have questions.
  • Data security and compliance: I ensured that the software on this list prioritizes data security. It should help you stay compliant with relevant regulations, such as data protection laws or industry-specific requirements. I looked for features like data encryption, access controls, and regular data backups.

The 9 Best Contractor Appss of 2024

  1. Connecteam — Best all-in-one contractor app

    Connecteam is my top pick of construction management apps on the market. 

    Why I chose Connecteam: Connecteam comes with all the tools you need to manage your employees from anywhere. It’s also incredibly easy to use and extremely affordable. 

    Let’s take a look at some of the specific features: 

    Efficient employee scheduling tools

    Connecteam’s employee scheduling app is one of the best on the market. You can view time-off requests and scheduling preferences can be viewed directly in the app, helping to eliminate scheduling conflicts while creating schedules. The app also integrates with Google Calendar so your employees can transfer their shifts right from the app into their personal calendars on their phones.

    You can assign specific job sites and tasks and include important notes and documents with each shift, so your workers have all the relevant information they need to do their jobs, no matter where they are.

    To make employee scheduling even simpler, Connecteam comes with scheduling templates and sends immediate notifications to your entire team once schedules are published.

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    An illustration showing Connecteam’s scheduling from manager view

    Time clock with GPS-tracking ability

    With Connecteam’s time clock app, your workers can clock in and out right from their job sites by tapping a button on their phones. You can also see a complete overview of who is clocked in at any given time on the admin dashboard.

    Connecteam’s Time Clock is also enabled with GPS, so you can see exactly where your construction workers are while they are on the clock. With this geofence time clock, you can set a geofence around specific sites. This ​​restricts your staff to only having the ability to clock in and out when on-premise, preventing time theft. It’s important to note that workers’ locations are kept completely private when they’re off the clock.

    At the end of the pay period, Connecteam’s timesheets app automatically creates timesheets and sends them for manager approval. That way, you don’t have to manually enter employee hours, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

    Send and receive reports in real-time from construction sites

    Connecteam makes reporting much easier by enabling your workers to submit reports from anywhere, such as daily activity reports, submittal logs, or quality control reports. Your workers can fill out digital forms and checklists directly from their phones and submit them with a tap of a button. 

    Keep all important documents in one easily accessible place

    Connecteam’s team documents management system makes it possible to digitally store all employee files and documents in the app. This keeps all your HR processes organized and helps you remain compliant with industry and legal regulations. 

    Any forms and documents, including incident reports, blueprints, and contracts, can be pulled up and filled out at a moment’s notice directly from a mobile device. If a report is filled out, it automatically gets sent to the supervisor in real-time, so you know exactly what is going on at every job site.

    The company knowledge base is another useful feature where you can store important team documents, like training materials, SOPs, safety guidelines, and employee handbooks. Your employees can access these documents whenever they need to reference them right from their mobile devices. 

    You also have complete control over user permissions so you can control who has access to which documents. 

    Streamline employee communication

    Communicating with your office staff and workers out in the field is incredibly simple with Connecteam’s online team chat.

    Use the chat feature to create 1:1 and group chats with your employees and share company updates and announcements on the social media-style company newsfeed. You also get a complete company employee directory to keep employee contact information, emergency contact information, the preferred method of communication, and dietary requests. 

    A image of a worker next to a mobile phone with the Connecteam app - chat interface

    Easy task and project management

    Allocate one-time and recurring tasks, like site preparations or foundation work,  in just a few clicks with Connecteam’s task management app. Then, include built-in reminders to make sure your staff perform their tasks on time.

    Create detailed tasks, attach files, and add due dates. You’ll also automatically receive progress updates in real time as tasks are completed.

    Onboard and train new hires and existing drivers

    Quickly and efficiently onboard new employees or train existing workers on new procedures straight from the field. Connecteam’s employee training app allows you to create customized and structured employee training materials with training documents, read-and-sign forms, quizzes, videos, and PDFs. Create as many training courses as you need and customize them for each position.

    That way, you can be sure that all your workers, whether working from the office or out in the field, have the training they need to do their jobs right.

    All of your staff can complete training directly from their smartphones, and managers can track their progress and results.

    And so much more…

    In addition, Connecteam offers excellent customer service, a user-friendly interface, robust workforce management tools, and complete customizability. 

    Connecteam’s paid plan starts at just $29 per month for up to 30 users, and small businesses with fewer than 10 users can access the app completely free.

    Connecteam also offers a free for life plan – Try Connecteam here!


    • All-in-one software solution

    • Excellent customer service

    • Affordable and scalable

    • Extremely attractive and simple user interface


    • Needs internet or wifi access to work


    Free-for-life plan availablePremium plans start at $29/month for 30 users

    14-day free trial, no credit card required

    Start your free trial
  2. LetsBuild — Good for detailed reports and analytics

    Screenshot of the LetsBuild webpage

    LetsBuild has 4 primary product solutions: LB Site Diary, LB Apropllan, LB Geniebelt, and LB Coordination. 

    Why I chose LetsBuild: This contractor app was made specifically for construction teams to more easily manage all aspects of their businesses. I like that the GenieBelt feature is ideal for basic scheduling related to any kind of project. The software is also great for helping connect users’ home offices to their main work sites, making it easy to share and distribute blueprints and plans.

    There are also multiple dashboards to keep managers up-to-date on projects and tasks. The software creates detailed reports and provides helpful analytics so managers can make better data-driven decisions. The app is also sleek and user-friendly

    Learn more about LetsBuild

    Key Features

    • Track and update project plans
    • Process analytics and insights
    • Access to latest documents, blueprints, and project plans
    • ​​Digitize key processes in a central system


    • Very user friendly
    • Task management features are particularly good


    • Users report there are too many popups
    • Users report some features are difficult to find in the app


    Contact vendor for price Trial: Yes Free Plan: No

  3. Procore — Good for project management

    Screenshot of the Procore webpage

    Procore is a construction app that’s designed to help teams collaborate easily together. 

    Why I chose Procore: Procore keeps the entire construction process organized by offering four solutions: Preconstruction, Project Management, Resource Management, and Financial Management.

    You can easily manage designs, estimates, bids, and project budgets and move projects forward with precise financial insights. The mobile project management feature is great and made for use in the field. You can trust that all relevant workers have access to the latest project information in a centralized location, and in a format that everyone can understand.

    The software also helps you quickly identify potential issues by notifying you immediately of any scheduling or project conflicts so there are no unwanted surprises.

    Learn more about Procore

    Key Features

    • Streamlined communication
    • Knowledge base and employee directory
    • In-app chat
    • Real-time labor costing


    • Offers up to date information about each project
    • Comes with good onboarding and training


    • Can be difficult to manually sync projects
    • Difficult for less tech savvy individuals


    Contact vendor for price Trial: No Free Plan: No

  4. Raken — Good for tracking hours

    Screenshot of the Raken webpage

    Raken is designed specifically for the construction business.

    Why I chose Raken: If you’re looking to digitally track hours and streamline payroll for your construction business, then Raken is a good choice. Raken Time Cards make it easy to bulk upload your crews and allocate hours to all your teams in one go. In addition, you can easily and quickly add members from the app or edit hours for a single team member.

    Learn more about Raken

    Key Features

    • Time cards for teams or individuals
    • Overtime management
    • Rollover hours for duplicate work every day
    • Team communication


    • Works well on mobile devices
    • Ability to send out daily reports


    • Reporting features are limited
    • No search feature


    Contact vendor for price Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  5. Smartsheet — Good for automating workflows

    Screenshot of the Smartsheet webpage

    Smartsheet makes it easy to connect and have a holistic view of your projects, from all stages including pre-construction and closeout. 

    Why I chose Smartsheets: You can connect and collaborate with your office and field teams, sub-contractors, consultants, inspectors, and other stakeholders. You have total project visibility so you can reduce safety hazards, create ownership, have fewer redundancies, and create accurate schedules.

    Smartsheet is user-friendly and works for all teams, both large and small. The app assists companies in managing their work and provides better organization with advanced workflows.

    Learn more about Smartsheet

    Key Features

    • Resource management
    • Quality control
    • Safety management
    • QR codes at job sites


    • Constant updates means the product is always improving
    • Good set of features


    • Additional features must be purchased
    • Doesn’t offer many integrations


    Starts at $7/user/month, max of 10 users (paid license required to edit) Trial: Yes — 30-day Free Plan: Yes — For 1 user & up to 2 editors

  6. Fieldwire — Good for aligning office and field teams

    Screenshot of the Fieldwire webpage

    Fieldwire is great for general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, architects, and designers.

    Why I chose Fieldwire: You can assign tasks, work from up-to-date drawings, and align the field and office, all from your mobile device. You can create schedules of upcoming tasks and projects and create project management templates.

    The software comes with real-time messaging, documentation features to record project inconsistencies, and even view project plans and drawings right on your mobile device.

    Learn more about Fieldwire

    Key Features

    • Assign tasks and work from up-to-date drawings
    • Align field and office with real-time messaging
    • Record your markups and as-builts
    • Repeat best practices across projects


    • Has assisted with making schedules
    • Easy to upload and view building plans


    • More expensive than some other options
    • Software can freeze sometimes


    Contact vendor for price Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

  7. PlanGrid — Good for team communication

    Screenshot of the PlanGrid webpage

    PlanGrid is used by many construction companies to provide organization from the beginning until the end of building projects.

    Why I chose PlanGrid: PlanGrid is an Autodesk Construction cloud that targets four core product areas: documents, progress, reporting, and a feature for large enterprises. Additionally, PlanGrid is easy to use, built for the field, and is super fast. You can access project information anywhere, whether it’s plans and specifications or punch lists, documents, and photos. You can also distribute plans and documents that are already automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and searchable.

    Learn more about PlanGrid

    Key Features

    • Smart drawings
    • Documents and workflows
    • Punch lists
    • Field reports


    • Helps improve communication
    • Easy to use


    • Users report that the field reporting feature needs improvement
    • Uploading revised plans is cumbersome


    Starts at $39/user/month Trial: Yes — 21-day Free Plan: No

  8. Zoho Projects — Good for project tracking

    Screenshot of the Zoho Projects webpage

    Zoho Projects assists construction teams with staying on track to meet deadlines. 

    Why I chose Zoho Projects: Zoho’s construction app helps keep your team under budget using time management, task management, and enhanced communication tools. In addition, Zoho lets you have a full overview of your team’s productivity.

    Zoho is one of the best construction management apps because it suits all teams no matter their size. The app is aimed at companies looking to improve their project management as it assists in planning and collaborating on projects.

    Learn more about Zoho Projects

    Key Features

    • Automated workflows
    • Time management
    • Budget Control
    • Gantt View


    • The app supports you as your business grows
    • Templates are very useful


    • Difficult to search for tasks
    • Can be buggy


    Starts at $4/user/month Trial: Yes — 10-day Free Plan: Yes — For up to 3 users

  9. TeamGantt — Good for creating visual project timelines

    Available on

    Screenshot of the TeamGantt webpage

    TeamGantt is the only work management platform centered around a visual timeline. 

    Why I chose TeamGantt: You can schedule tasks to the right employees whenever you need and use Gantt charts, kanban views, lists, or calendars to make better decisions. You can customize the views based on your preferences. I really like that there is no steep learning curve with this contractor app and that it has an incredibly clean and simple user interface. 

    TeamGantt also includes time tracking software that doesn’t disrupt workflows, and see how work is progressing directly from your project views. The project health report also shows you which tasks are at risk or running behind so you can get on top of them quickly.

    Learn more about TeamGantt

    Key Features

    • Resource management
    • Manage projects
    • Manage tasks easily
    • Track skills


    • The layout is clean and simple
    • Multiple project views including Gantt charts and kanban


    • Can be a bit tricky with adding people to a task
    • Doesn’t integrate with many other software


    Starts at $19.90/month, for a single user Trial: Yes Free Plan: Yes

Compare the Best Contractor Appss

Topic Start for free
Starts at just $29/month for the first 30 users
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Contact vendor for price
Contact vendor for price
Starts at $7/user/month, max of 10 users (paid license required to edit)
Contact vendor for price
Starts at $39/user/month
Starts at $4/user/month
Starts at $19.90/month, for a single user
Free Trial
Free Plan
Free Up to 10 users
For 1 user & up to 2 editors
For up to 3 users
Use cases
Best all-in-one contractor app
Good for detailed reports and analytics
Good for project management
Good for tracking hours
Good for automating workflows
Good for aligning office and field teams
Good for team communication
Good for project tracking
Good for creating visual project timelines
Available on
Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

What are Contractor Apps?

Contractor apps are designed to assist professionals in the construction and contracting industry. These apps offer a range of features to streamline project management, including scheduling, budgeting, and progress tracking.

Communication tools facilitate efficient collaboration among team members, allowing for easy information sharing. Additionally, contractor apps often include functions for estimating, invoicing, and resource management to enhance overall project efficiency and organization.

How Do Contractor Apps Work?

Contractor apps work by providing a centralized platform for construction professionals to manage various aspects of their projects. They typically include features for project planning, allowing users to schedule tasks, track progress, and manage budgets. Communication tools within these apps allow for real-time collaboration among team members, enhancing coordination and information sharing. 

Contractor apps often integrate functions for estimating and invoicing, allowing users to generate accurate project quotes and streamline the billing process. Overall, these apps aim to improve efficiency, organization, and communication throughout the construction and contracting workflow.

Benefits of Apps for Contractors

Here are the primary benefits of using contractor apps in your business:

Improved efficiency

Contractor apps streamline project management processes, allowing for more efficient scheduling, task allocation, and progress tracking, ultimately saving time and resources.

Enhanced communication

These apps provide a centralized communication platform, facilitating quick and effective collaboration among team members, subcontractors, and clients, leading to better coordination.

Increased accountability

With features like time tracking and progress monitoring, contractor apps promote accountability among team members. This can lead to a more disciplined and efficient work environment, ensuring that everyone is contributing to project success.

Accurate estimating

Contractor apps often include estimating tools, helping contractors create accurate and detailed project estimates. This leads to better budgeting and cost control throughout the project lifecycle.

Resource management 

Contractors can efficiently manage labor, equipment, and material resources through features like time tracking, inventory management, and expense tracking, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Document organization

These apps help organize and store essential employee documents and project plans, including blueprints and plans, reducing the risk of misplacing important information and improving accessibility for team members.

How Much Does A Contractor App Cost? 

Apps for contractors can be priced in different ways, but the most common is on a subscription basis. The cost can be dependent on the size of your business or on the volume of work you do. Contractor apps range in price, as all apps do. Apps for contractors generally range from about $5 per user per month to about $40 per user per month.

There are also free apps for contractors, like Connecteam. Connecteam is 100% free for small businesses with up to 10 users and starts at only $29/month for up to 30 users. This app comes with all the essential tools contractor and construction companies need to manage their employees on the go, like scheduling, communication, HR, and time tracking features.


>>Get started with Connecteam for free today!<<


Can a construction app help with time tracking?

Yes. Many construction apps come with employee time clocks and project time tracking features so you know exactly how long it takes for your workers to complete tasks. 

You get helpful insights into how productive your team is and which tasks take the most time.

What is the best app for contractors?

My #1 pick is Connecteam because it includes a wide array of features for managing all aspects of business. It’s also particularly useful for teams with field workers because the majority of tools can be accessed and used from any mobile device. 

The Bottom Line on Contractor Apps

Contractor apps are essential tools for construction businesses, addressing daily hurdles like complex schedules, resource allocation, and communication. They can also act as excellent team management apps. Without the right tools, projects can face delays and budget uncertainties, impacting client satisfaction. 

Contractor apps provide a unified platform for precise project management, streamlined communication, and optimal resource allocation. By refining processes like scheduling, budgeting, and document management, these applications make it much easier for construction professionals to solve challenges and work more efficiently.