10 Best Apps for Construction Businesses in 2022

Rea Regan October 8, 2021 8 min read
8 Best Apps for Construction Businesses in 2020

Quick Guide

    Work smarter, not harder is the name of the game for contractors.

    And, it doesn’t matter if you’re an independent contractor, general contractor, or anything in between, odds are you rely on a construction app to do just that.

    With one of the best construction apps implemented, you quickly notice that you save time and money. Now, who doesn’t want that? 

    In addition, you engage your workforce who aren’t sitting behind a desk or working from an office.

    On top of that, you need a construction employee management app to easily manage: 

    The benefits of a construction app don’t stop there, it’s never-ending really. 

    We have compiled a list of the best construction employee management apps on the market to help you achieve all your business needs and goals. 

    10 Best Apps for Construction Businesses in 2022

    construction employee app

    Connecteam is the best construction employee management app considering that it’s the only solution to offer an all-in-one solution so you can effectively manage your company from anywhere. The Connecteam construction app offers all the features needed to communicate with your team, schedule shifts, track time, organize your business, and easily process payroll – and so much more. 

    When on-site, your employees have documents that they are working from. These include quality control, site map, architectural drawings, government restrictions, employee handbook, and the list goes on. 

    For Whom? 

    Connecteam comes in at number one of our ten best apps for construction. Connecteam offers teams one platform to perform everything they need. 

    Key Features

    Send reports in real-time

    Safety checklists

    Updates regarding hazards

    Communication company-wide

    Push notifications

    Easy onboarding

    Foreman Kiosk Clock in

    Built-in GPS

    Company protocols on the go

    Pros and cons

    Helps notify other employees before a hazard becomes dangerous

    Can update managers once job is completed in real-time

    Easy to use, no training needed

    Great customer service

    Direct integration to Quickbooks Online for smooth payroll

    The free plan is accessible for up to 50 users only


    Premium plans starts at $39/month for up to 50 users

    Free trial: 14-day free trial

    Free plan: Yes

    #1 Employee App for Construction Companies

    Connecteam is the best solution for contractors and is an all-in-one app equipped with everything your construction business needs to run daily operations smoothly.

    LetsBuild software
    Courtesy of LetsBuild

    LetsBuild is the second out of our best construction apps. It’s designed to support you and your team throughout the construction project. The app allows your site team to collaborate efficiently, have access to clear processes, and receive information in real-time. Therefore, sharing information between site and office is no longer a chore. There are four “products” that LetsBuild offers: Documents, Progress & planning, QHSE, and Control and insights. 

    For whom?

    Designed to assist construction managers, and workers who have multiple routine tasks.

    Key Features

    Track and update the project plan

    Process overviews and insights

    Access to latest documents, latest drawings, on-site

    Compliance with standards and regulations

    Digitize key processes in a central system

    Seamless communication and collaboration

    Pros and Cons

    Helped with checklists and was able to keep track of the task

    Simple and user-friendly interface

    Really useful even for the least tech savvy

    Too many pop ups


    Price: Speak to a sales rep for pricing

    Free trial: Yes

    Free plan: No

    Procore construction software
    Courtesy of Procore

    Procore is the third out of our best construction apps. Procore assists you in supervising your projects right from the plans to the final build. The construction app is designed to help teams collaborate easily together. The app assists all team members to communicate easily with the general contractor and the specialty contractor. 

    For whom?

    The app is for construction teams who require organization. It connects the entire construction process in four software solutions: Preconstruction, Project Management, Resource Management, and Financial Management.

    Key Features

    Streamlined communication

    Every app, document, and person is housed on Procore

    Customize fields, workflows, and tools to fit your processes


    Real-time labor costing


    Quick search

    Pros & Cons

    Offers up to date information about each project

    Demo was helpful enough not to require additional training

    Keeps all the files organised and accessible

    Difficult for the non tech savvy to use the app


    Price: Speak to a sales rep for pricing

    Free trial: Yes

    Free plan: No

    Raken solution
    Courtesy of Raken

    Raken is the forth out of our best construction apps. If you’re just looking to digitally track hours and streamline payroll for your construction business then Raken is a good choice. Raken Time Cards make it easy to bulk upload your crews and allocate hours to all your teams in one go. In addition, you can easily and quickly add members from the app or edit hours for a single team member.

    For whom?

    Raken is for all size contracting business and is useful for even the smallest of companies. 

    Key Features

    Time cards for teams or individuals

    Overtime management

    Assign a time to cost codes

    Real-time project progress

    Rollover hours for duplicate work every day

    Daily reports

    Production tracking

    Integrates with Procore, Aconex, Google Drive, QuickBooks, and more

    Pros & Cons

    Works well on mobile devices

    Ability to send out daily reports

    Easy to share photos

    Can be difficult to find old items


    Price: Speak to a sales rep for pricing

    Free trial: Yes

    Free plan: Yes

    Wrike software for construction companies
    Courtesy of Wrike

    Wrike is the fifth out of our best construction apps. Wrike is a robust work management solution that offers remote team management, custom dashboards, workflows, team-specific automation, real-time communication, full visibility into projects, and more.

    For whom?

    A good tool for medium to large companies to enhance collaboration on projects. Wrike can be customized to your needs with regards to workflows, reports, and more. 

    Key Features

    Automated reporting

    Project management

    Drag and drop interface

    Gantt charts

    Integrates with Stripe, Adobe, GitHub, Google, Box, and more

    Pros and Cons

    Easy to run several projects at the same time

    Projects run smoother

    Good set of features

    Customer service could be improved


    Price: $9.80/user/month

    Free trial: Yes

    Free plan: Yes

    Smartsheet software
    Courtesy of Smartsheet

    Smartsheet is the sixth out of our best construction apps. Smartsheet makes it easy to connect and have a holistic view of your projects, from all stages such as pre-construction and closeout. Additionally, you can connect and collaborate with your office and field teams, sub-contractors, consultants, inspectors, and other stakeholders. You have total project visibility so you can reduce safety hazards, create ownership, have fewer redundancies, and create accurate schedules.

    For whom?

    Smarsheet is user friendly and works for all teams both large and small. The app assists companies to manage their work and provide better organization with advanced workflows. 

    Key Features

    Real-time data, even on the go

    Resource management

    Quality control

    Safety management

    QR codes at job sites

    Real-time notifications for scheduling

    Budget management

    Integrates with G Suite, Box, Dropbox, DocuSign, Salesforce, and more

    Pros & Cons

    Constant updates means the product is always improving

    Good set of features

    The forms are clear

    Has known to make some mistakes


    Price: $7/month

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: No

    Fieldwire software
    Courtesy of Fieldwire

    Fieldwire is the seventh out of our best construction apps. Fieldwire brings together the entire project team, from the foreman to the project manager, so that it’s easy to collaborate and share information in real-time. You can benefit from coordinating effectively, tracking performance, and reducing risks. 

    For whom?

    Fieldwire is great for general contractors, specialty contractors, owners, architects, and designers. 

    Key Features

    Assign tasks and work from up-to-date drawings

    Align field and office with real-time messaging

    Record your markups and as-builts

    Create schedules for upcoming work

    Repeat best practices across projects

    Digitized forms

    Pros & Cons

    Has assisted with making schedules

    Clear display on mobile

    Easy to upload plans for the build

    A bit pricey once you have more than 5 users.


    Price: After 5 users the Pro package begins at $29/user/month

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: Yes

    Plangrid software

    PlanGrid is the nine out of our best construction apps. PlanGrid is an Autodesk Construction cloud that targets four core product areas: documents, progress, reporting, and Enterprise. Additionally, PlanGrid is easy to use, built for the field, and is super fast. You can access project information anywhere, whether it’s plans and specifications or punch lists, documents, and photos. You can also distribute plans and documents that are already automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and searchable.

    For whom?

    PlanGrid is used by many construction companies to provide organization from the beginning until the end of the build. The app encourages working together and information is relayed faster.

    Key Features

    Smart drawings


    Documents and workflows


    Punch lists

    Project hub

    Field reports

    Admin console

    Pros & Cons

    Very easy to use

    Communication improved after using the app

    Integrates well

    Customer service could be improved


    Price: $39/month/user

    Free Trial: Free for 21 days

    Free Plan: N

    Zoho projects Construction app
    Courtesy of Zoho Projects

    Zoho is the ninth out of our best construction apps. Zoho projects assists construction teams to be on track with meeting deadlines. Zoho’s construction app helps keep your team stay within budget with it’s time management, task management, and enhances communication. In addition, Zoho let’s you have a full overview of how productive your team is. 

    For whom?

    Zoho is one of the best construction management apps as it suits all teams no matter their size. The app is aimed at companies looking to improve their project management as it assists in planning, and collaborating on projects. 

    Key Features

    Automated workflows

    Time management

    Budget Control


    Gantt View

    Pros & Cons

    Easy to break down tasks into bite size chunks making it easier to complete tasks on time

    The app supports you as your business grows

    Templates are very useful

    Doesn’t always integrate well


    Price: $5/user/month for up to 50 users

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: Yes

    Teamgantt Construction App
    Courtesy of Teamgantt

    TeamGantt is the tenth out of our best construction apps. TeamGantt is one of the best apps for construction because it’s easy to collaborate and plan. The app has everything you require to plan your build right though the final stages. The app is easy to use due to it’s intuitive interface. Your team can communicate easily, share files, and so much more. 

    For Whom?

    TeamGantt app is useful for construction companies that is useful for projects that require collaboration.

    Key Features

    Resource management

    Manage projects

    Manage tasks easily

    Track skills

    Keep expenses under control

    Pros & Cons

    The layout is clean and simple

    The app is fast and responsive

    Helped when we had several projects on at the same time

    Can be a bit tricky with adding people to a task


    Price: $19.90/month 1 user plus more guests

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: Yes

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Apps For Construction

    Can a Construction App Help With Time Tracking?

    Yes, taking on a construction app can help your business to become more efficient. The most crucial part of your business is to ensure that you are staying within your budget. Therefore, implementing one of our best apps for construction, can save you from making costly mistakes such as:

    A construction app can give you the true insights of how productive your team is. You can see how many hours they have worked, and where labour was spent. 

    Will I Need to Pay For Each User?

    When you are looking for a construction app they all vary when it comes to pricing. Some apps charge per user and others are based on certain features. It’s vital that you read the small print and ask the sales representative any questions you may have. Once you know the pricing you can make an informed decision. 

    Summarizing the Best Apps for Small Construction Business

    If you are in the market for some help with your next construction project, there is quite literally an app for that. As you saw from our list of the best apps for construction business.

    From field to office and while on the go, you can stay connected with your team so they have direct access to helpful resources, can collaborate easily, view the schedule, clock in and out, remain compliant, stay up to date with safety protocols, and so much more right in the palm of their hand. Carefully review our list of best apps for small construction business to get ahead and streamline projects.

    Try the Ultimate Construction App

    Connecteam’s construction employee app is the perfect solution for your construction company. Time tracking, job scheduling, multiple communication tools, online mobile-first checklists, forms and reports, and much more, all from one place.

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