Table of contents
  1. Communication: a cornerstone for retailer operation
  2. The digital leap that resulted in 90% cost reduction
  3. Communication? Just the beginning.
  4. A success story: an innovative approach in a cost-conscious environment

In the retail industry? Here’s how FOX Group saved 90% of its communication budget

FOX Group is a publicly listed company with a sales floor area which covers approximately 200,000 square meters, in 637 different stores and over 7,600 employees.

Under its umbrella, you’ll find globally recognized brands such as American Eagle, MANGO, BILLABONG, CHILDREN’S PLACE, and many more. The group offers 11 Franchise operations of international retailers that operate stores in 15 countries.

Communication: a cornerstone for retailer operation

Running a big, complex operation, and managing an extensive workforce is not an easy task, and it starts with robust, timely and ongoing communication. FOX Group communicates everything to its employees from updates on seasonal deals and offers, to visual marketing instructions and all the way to working protocols and procedures.

But communication comes with a cost: cost of design, cost of printing and cost of delivery and distribution. Whether it’s the new sale guidelines or an update to an existing protocol, it takes time to distribute and involves a significant expense.

The digital leap that resulted in 90% cost reduction

In April 2017, FOX Group turned to Connecteam looking for a better way to communicate with their 7,600 employees in multiple locations. They were on the hunt for a communication solution that would allow them to target a specific audience of their employees, whether it’s an entire brand chain, a specific store, just the leadership teams or the full-workforce.

Shortly after subscribing to Connecteam, FOX Group started communicating daily with their teams using Connecteam’s all in one mobile app. Communication became fast, efficient and trackable and served different parts of the organization: The visual marketing team sends guidelines to store managers, HR updates employees and managers alike and addresses frequently asked questions, training leads communicate materials, tips and guides, and the leadership team sends out high level updates.

Connecteam, all in one mobile solution

Cost reduction didn’t lag behind: only two months later(!) FOX Group experienced a 90% saving on its communication budget resulting from  eliminating almost completely the need for printed and distribution of communication materials, and transforming its employee protocol book to digital.

Communication? Just the beginning.

Two years later, FOX Group is still enjoying Connecteam’s benefits, and for much more than just communication. Some examples for its extensive use include:

  • Onboarding new hires, including all paperwork, protocols and keeping track with a new hire’s progress.
  • Day to day operations such as store opening checklists or inspection reports for supervisors.
  • Read and sign documents for accepting the company’s code of conduct, uniform agreement, etc.
  • Training courses and materials are available at a click.
  • Franchise specific content  – tailored content per brand.
  • Employee wellness and benefits.

A success story: an innovative approach in a cost-conscious environment

As a market leader and the number one retailer in the Israeli market, FOX Group is known for its innovative thinking and operational excellence. Their success story with Connecteam shows the advantages that digital transformation holds for retailers, and how its innovative spirit helped it secure a competitive cost-saving advantage in a very cost-conscious environment.


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