10 Best Snow Removal Business Software Solutions in 2021

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Denis Yankovsky November 9, 2020 12 min read

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    According to the IBISWorld statistics, the US snowplowing industry market caps at about $20bn.

    Another report from the Snow & Ice Management Association(SIMA) says it has been growing about 3.8 percent annually over recent years.

    So as you see, the snow removal business is a very lucrative industry to be in, but it’s definitely not easy money. When it starts snowing, all of your customers want your service immediately, all at once, all over the area. Just like that, you need to quickly deploy all your fleets to the right places, at the right time, and with the right snow plow truck, and/or snow blower. 

    But being a successful snow clearing service provider means so much more than just showing up to a job site and shoveling away snow and ice. It’s also about employee management, communication, scheduling, solving logistics challenges, maintaining equipment, cost estimating, billing and invoicing, maintaining client relationships, complying with the latest truck driving laws, and so much more.

    To be able to cope with all that, you as a business owner should use the right software tools that can transform your snow removal business and your team into powerful AND efficient snow removal, money-making machines. By the way, unless you live in an area where it’s snowing 12 months a year,  you might want to have a business that runs year-round and diversify your offerings, for example, by offering lawn care services during the warm season.

    Every software has its own benefits and applications, but usually, the main reason you want to consider adopting the snow removal business software is to reduce costs and improve staff productivity

    For example, using a fleet management system with GPS tracking for your vehicles, and time tracking for your employees can save a lot of time and money for your snow clearing business, regardless if you’re an enterprise with multiple locations and crews, or a private residential landscaping business. When choosing the snow removal business software solution, you want it to offer quick and easy implementation, the ability to increase performance and customer relations. Plus, it should be easy to use and affordable — you have much enough fleet costs to take care of, and your employees will mostly be without a computer science degree.

    With that in mind, we’ve researched the best snow plow management software solutions that you and your employees can greatly benefit from (without burning a hole in your pocket either) and created a list of the top 10 of them.

    10 Best Snow Removal Business Software Solutions in 2021

    1. Plowz & Mowz (For Landscapers)

    Plowz & Mowz App

    Plowz & Mowz is sometimes dubbed as “the Uber of snow removal”, and it’s a digital marketplace for the snow removal industry. For the end customers, this mobile application allows on-demand snow-removal anywhere and anytime. It also allows the customer to book a snow clearing service in advance. For snow removal businesses, this app is the way to promote their services and collect orders. 

    As a snow removal contractor, you simply register on the platform, select the snow clearing services you can provide (snowplow, blowers, hand shoveling, salting), and see the jobs available within your designated area. The platform also provides various other services such as lawn care, yarn cleaning, so that you can have landscaping jobs all year round.

    Price: The app is available for Android and iOS devices for free.

    2. Connecteam

    Connecteam snow removal business app

    Connecteam offers a very simple and clean GPS time tracking solution, listed by the US Chamber of Commerce as one of the best time clock apps available. Connecteam’s business software is designed to help your snow removal business reduce costs, streamline payroll and timesheets, enhance compliance and safety, and automate processes within your fleet operations and employee management.

    Connecteam’s all-in-one, mobile-first snowplow management software is used by business owners and their crews to better organize and manage day-to-day operations. 

    With Connecteam, you and your snow removal businesses can benefit from:

    • Compliant time tracking that allows your employees to clock in and out directly from their smartphone. Whenever an employee clocks in and out, a real-time timestamp and GPS location is tagged.
    • Real-time reports from the field allowing real-time reports to be submitted on the go with pictures & attachments, such as job completion report,  truck repair request, vehicle inspection, and more.
    • Efficient scheduling features to make single, multiple and team shifts a breeze, recurring or dispatch shifts can be done per client, job or location, and more. Assign routes based on different requirements, provide relevant information such as time, address, and special instructions for the crew. 
    • Safety control that allows you to rest assured your employees have instant access to important safety information and resources, safety protocols, ongoing safety training, and real-time safety reporting.
    • Streamlined communication to simplify logistical and operational communication, engaging updates, announcements, as well as advanced communication features like chat groups and channels, real-time push notifications, private chat,  employee directory, and more.
    • Task management: allocate one-time tasks to your deskless teams and include built-in reminders for your team to execute and automatically receive updates in real-time on task completion. Examples of one-time tasks include license renewal and yearly vehicle inspection.
    • Digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms that ensure all employees are on the same page through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, for example, employee handbook, uniform agreement, sexual harassment policy, and more.
    • Onboarding new hires and training: quickly and efficiently onboard your drivers and get them up to speed. Create a structured onboarding experience with read-and-sign forms, quizzes, videos, PDFs, and more.

    Connecteam has a complete toolkit of features that can benefit your snow removal company, that’s why tens of thousands of service businesses worldwide rely on Connecteam for their day-to-day needs.

    Price: You can sign up for the free for life plan, or pay a fixed monthly price starting at just $39/month. A free trial is also available.

    All-In-One FREE App For Snow Removal Business

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     3.  Fleet Maintenance Pro

    Fleet Maintenance Pro App

    This software’s name speaks for itself, meaning that it is a software to track vehicle fleets and manage their maintenance. As snow removal and snow clearing businesses are mostly dependent on the snowplow trucks and other vehicles, it’s crucial to manage and maintain them well.

    This software includes 

    • fleet inventory tracking of an unlimited number of vehicles
    • preventative maintenance so you know when your vehicle is due for service
    • repair maintenance 
    • history recording 
    • fuel tracking 
    • parts inventory 
    • work orders (in Shop edition only)
    • flexible reporting 

    With this snow removal fleet software, you can easily and effectively maximize uptime and efficiency while enhancing the useful life of your assets. This diverse fleet business management software makes snow clearing vehicles fleet tracking easier to maximize the capacity and reduce the possible downtime.

    Price: The cost of the software is a one-time charge. Standard, for single users, is $499. Deluxe is $749 – $5,499. Shop is $1,249 – $8,499. Fleet Maintenance Pro offers a free 30-day trial of any of the editions. 

    4. Waze

    Waze app for snow removal companies

    The snow removal business is heavily dependent on logistics: showing up to each job site on time, especially during the snowstorm, requires a good portion of route planning. 

    That’s where Waze comes in. Enter the address and Waze will show you the fastest route, complete with the arrival time. While on-route, you’re alerted to shortcuts and live traffic updates, such as accident notifications, road hazards, optimized routes options, and so on, so that you and your crews will have everything you need to arrive on time. 

    Your snow removal employees will greatly benefit from Waze’s route assistance, just download and hit the road. 

    Price: Free.

    5. AccuWeather

    AccuWeather for snow removal business

    The weather is one of the key factors for the snow removal business. It determines if you have a job or not if you can complete a job as planned or if you need to alter your plans. 

    AccuWeather provides you with real-time weather reports and current conditions for all local and international locations so that you could constantly keep an eye on the current situation and adjust your schedule — the last thing you want to experience is to be caught by surprise by a blizzard when some of your vehicles are going through maintenance, and half of your employees are on their day off. 

    Some 1.5 billion people rely on AccuWeather every day and when it comes to your snow removal business, this free solution can influence your entire day. 

    Price: Free.

    6. GasBuddy

    GasBuddy snow plow business app

    Snow removal business means lots and lots of driving around, so the fuel bills for your trucks can really add up to a giant amount, eating in from your profits. 

    That’s why it might be a good idea to join millions of users across the nation that rely on GasBuddy. GasBuddy shows you which station has the cheapest fuel and all you need to do is plug in the zip code or city name. GasBuddy is available in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

    Price: Free.

    7.  Webfleet (Ex Telematics by TomTom)


    Webfleet is another fleet management system that offers real-time vehicle tracking with instant alerts, fleet optimization, dynamic communication between your mobile workforce and offices, encouragement of green and safe driving, and business software integration.

    This online snow removal vehicle fleet management system includes vehicle tracking devices, and pro driver terminals and is designed to track where your vehicles and employees are: get insight into driving time, driving behavior, time on site, standstill, and working time.

    The company specializes in fleet management in such industries as:

    • snow clearing and snow removal
    • service and maintenance
    • towing and recovery fleets
    • delivery and logistics vehicles
    • passenger transport

    Price: Not disclosed by the vendor, please contact a representative for a pricing quote.

    8. Yeti

    Yeti Snow Removal Software

    Yeti is a dedicated snow clearing industry-focused platform for business management.

    This snow removal business software helps business owners to manage the entire business from the same place, including dealing with clients, sites, events, equipment and materials, crews and sub-contractors, invoicing, and reporting.

    Yeti consists of a dispatching dashboard for operations managers and a mobile app for field crews. 

    The dispatch dashboard main features are:

    •  real-time visibility to the staff
    • crew management
    • equipment & vehicles condition control
    • optimizing routes during the job
    • easy invoicing and billing
    •  the most current site map

    Price: Base pricing starts from $249USD/month for up to 50 sites for unlimited staff and mobile users. For more than 50 sites there is a custom pricing model. A free trial is also offered.

    9. Exactrack


    Exactrack is a business software created for tracking, map routing, and remote management for the local authority vehicles, such as snow removal and snow plow vehicles, salt gritters, communal cleaning, and winter maintenance fleets.

    This snow removal business software allows drivers and dispatchers to create the preset winter maintenance routes online and transfer them to the service vehicles’ navigation system via the cloud. The process is instant and has completely removed the need to manually upload routes to gritting vehicles.

    This system also includes the in-vehicle GPS tracking system that constantly monitors the vehicle location and progress, and shows the dispatch of all the data in real-time.

    Price: Not disclosed by the vendor, please contact a representative for a pricing quote.

    10. Service Autopilot

    Service Autopilot

    Service Autopilot is a business software solution for lawn care, landscape maintenance, cleaning, and snow removal organizations. 

    Service Autopilot features client and lead management, scheduling and dispatching, routing and mapping, mobile field access, and more. 

    Organizations can schedule and dispatch teams with a single technician or the entire crew. They can create services, assign them to teams, and build service routes. The automatic invoicing feature can send invoices to multiple recipients.

    Price: Base pricing starts from $47 USD/month, plus a $97 sign up fee.

    Bottom Line On Best Snow Removal business Software

    Snow removal is a very demanded business, but it is very demanding too: you have to take care of the fleet and equipment, comply with regulations, track employee working hours, invoice customers, schedule jobs and calculate payroll. Doing all that manually might bury you under the layer of paperwork deeper than any snow, and leave no time for actual operational work. It will cause you a lot of mistakes and friction too. That’s why using smart business software solutions is a must for a successful snow removal business. 

    Each software solution can benefit your snow clearing business and crews in different ways. From communication to landing more gigs to scheduling and payroll, these solutions can help you focus on the bottom line, make sure people are trained, and the equipment is ready — before the first snow falls on the ground. 

    Connecteam: The Best FREE Snow Removal Business App

    Connecteam offers the best all-in-one employee management app so you can easily manage all your employees from one place. Time tracking with GPS geo-stamps, scheduling or dispatching, digital safety-reports, communication capabilities, submitting forms while on the go and so much more.

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