Top 9 Field Service Management Software For Small Businesses in 2021

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Denis Yankovsky November 7, 2021 11 min read

Field service management requires a lot of oversight and control. Don’t fret! Here are 9 great software solutions available to help streamline and optimize day-to-day field service management and operations.

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Quick Guide

    The field service management industry is booming and there are no signs of slowing down. This is great news, especially as globally, the field service market was estimated at 3B in 2020 and by 2025 it’s expected to be worth 5.1B

    You may be asking yourself, how can this market experience such growth? The answer is that there is an increase in technology for this sector

    Companies are now looking for real-time information and data. When you have the data in your hands at the right time, your processes move faster with fewer errors.

    field service management market

    Organizations both large and small are looking to find the right software that can increase efficiency and productivity. How do you achieve that? By implementing field service management software that allows you to report from the field back to the office.

    Which Industries Make Up This Market?

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    What Is Field Service Management?

    Market Watch defines field service management as, “Field service management (FSM) is the process of managing the company’s field operations by allocating them strategically for enhancing customer satisfaction and to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the company.”

    What Are The Challenges In Field Service Management?

    Market Watch defines field service management as, “Field service management (FSM) is the process of managing the company’s field operations by allocating them strategically for enhancing customer satisfaction and to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the company.” 

    When your team is all spread out, your main challenge is to know where your team is and what they are all up to. Customers are now used to knowing the latest updates on the tasks and they expect to know the progress. Therefore, without modern technology, it becomes difficult to update your customers. This is because you don’t have access to have far along the project your employee is. 

    With the correct field service management software, you have a full overview of your employee’s tasks and you can update your customer in real-time. Without the right technology, managers or customers can’t know in real-time whether a technician is meeting those expectations out in the field. Connected field service management technology, however, can give managers full visibility into the completion of tasks and allow customers to see updates as they happen. By having that information, you can begin to prioritize jobs and make sure everything happens in a timely manner.

    The most common challenges are:

    • Scheduling conflicts
    • Time tracking & accounting
    • Travel costs & “gas money”
    • Work order management
    • Cluttered communication
    • Efficiency control
    • Invoice and payment management
    • Safety & legal compliance

    Using versatile field service management software saves you a lot of time and money. You simply avoid making costly mistakes that daily operations can cause. Streamlining daily processes usually leads to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction rates.

    The Field Services Favorite Business Management Software

    With all of the field service management software solutions on the market, how do you know which one is best for you? We listed a few features above that the field service management software should include, so keep that in mind when scouring the web. But, fret not we, also rolled up our sleeves and listed the top 9 field service management software solutions.

    Top 9 Field Service Management For Small Business

    Connecteam has been ranked no.1 due to its multifunctionality. Using Connecteam can help you run your business efficiently in order to give the end customer the all-important information they require. 

    Scheduling conflicts don’t occur with Connecteam. Employees are able to submit their vacation or sick day requests, providing you the knowledge to speed up processes and put back the order in your business. Add notes to the shift so employees know exactly what to expect when they get to work. 

    Connecteam’s built-in GPS puts you back in control, your employees clock in and out and you can see exactly where they are located. Additionally, with live geo-tracking uses breadcrumb capabilities to periodically track your employees’ location. There is little effect on your employee’s data plan or battery life either! There is no need for constant back and forth communication to find where everyone is situated. 

    Connecteam’s all-in-one app means you can complete everything via one app without the use of multiple tools. The app allows you to send videos, pics, and more while on site. This means that issues are dealt with there and then without time lag.

    For whom?

    Connecteam is a field service management software used by many small businesses to avoid miscommunications, delays, and errors, streamline daily operations, and simplify communications. It allows small business owners and managers to go paperless. Wait, there’s more, automate daily procedures, create clear processes, instantly populate important updates, improve compliance, standardize operational communication, and all-in-all move the business forward with this impressive feature set.

    Key Features

    Easily create shifts with drag and drop

    GPS stamps let you know the whereabouts of all your employees

    Track and manage employee work hours

    Digital checklist and forms

    Optimal reports

    In-app direct and group chat

    In-app employee directory

    Employee feedback survey

    Desktop and mobile access

    Training and onboarding capabilites

    Pros & Cons

    Improves time management

    Speeds up payroll with exportable timesheets

    Clearer view of the schedule ahead

    No buddy punching or time discrepencies

    Digitized policies along with read and sign forms

    Excellent customer service

    No integrations, it is in an all-in-one solution therefore, there is no need for additonal integrations


    Premium plans cost $50/month for 50 users

    Free Trial: Yes

    Free Plan: Yes

    Best Choice For Field Service Management

    From communication, to operations, to training – Connecteam is made for the field services management industries. Start your free plan today!

    Upkeep’s software helps businesses the tools they need to run at their full potential. The platform assists you in managing your work orders, assets, and receiving real-time data to solve problems on the spot. UpKeep is designed for all your field workers with robust features to provide them with the support they need to complete their tasks.

    Upkeep software

    For whom?

    UpKeep is a mobile-first CMMS software that is supposed to make managers and small business owners easier by providing a platform to manage all the work orders and history.

    Key Features

    Work requests with the ability to attach pictures

    Inventory management

    Digital checklists and forms

    Maintenance calendar

    Pros & Cons

    Organized software that’s easy to use

    Timely customer service

    Simple to start and begin project managing

    Customer service could be improved

    Work orders can be complicated to use


    Price: Starts at $45/user/month

    Free Trial: Yes, 7-day

    Free Plan: Yes

    Wrike is an online project management software that allows you to have full visibility and control over all your tasks. With its customizable workflows you won’t rely on emails to set meetings, share updates, etc. Wrike has Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time tracking, and so much more to help you produce a productive team that satisfies your customer.

    Wrike is an online project management software

    For whom?

    Wrike is useful for medium to large businesses who are looking for the perfect software solution to deliver multiple projects on time. Wrike can be tailored to your needs with reports, workflows, and more.

    Key Features

    Create customized reports and forms

    Organize work by region, type of work or manager

    Follow job status

    Pros & Cons

    Helps keep everyone on top of all your projects

    Good tool for collaboration

    Project management is smoother

    Customer service could be improved

    Can often be confusing to find the right workflow you require


    Price: $9.80/user/month

    Free Trial: Yes, 14-day

    Free Plan: Yes

    Fluix’s easy-to-use field service management software assists you in digitizing your company’s documents. In addition, you can automate your tasks which will reduce human error and boost productivity company-wide. Fluix is accessible on iOS or any web browser.

    Fluix field services management software

    For whom?

    Fluix allows you to accelerate business cycles, reduce costs, and human error, which leads to a boost in the whole Fluix is most suitable for companies with over 10 employees who are looking to speed up and enhance their business activities. The field service management software smoothens the tasks of distributing the information from the field team to the office to the end customer.

    Key Features

    Easy to fill reports online and offline

    Collect and analyze data

    Automate workflows

    Integration with Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive, WebDAV, and PFT

    Pros & Cons

    A lot to learn however, the customer support are there to guide you

    A good option for storing data

    Even the non tech-savvy can onboard

    Can be complex to save documents from the app

    Some features need a bit of work to be more intuitive


    Price: Starting from $20/user/month

    Free Trial: Yes, 14-day

    Free Plan: No

    AI Field Management is a cloud-based solution that can help you manage and collaborate with your field employees. There is a mobile app so you can communicate with your employees in real-time. AI Field Management can integrate with QuickBooks, Dropbox Mileage Tracker, Slack, Google Maps, and Waze.

    AI Field Management Software

    For whom?

    AI Field Management is a cloud-based solution that can help you manage and collaborate with your field employees. A good solution for all size establishments. AI field service management software is advisable for all field teams such as janitorial, plumbing, security, etc.

    Key Features

    Invoice and payments

    Inventory management

    Time tracking

    Payroll reports

    Sales revenue and commissions tracking

    Pros & Cons

    Good set of management features

    Responsive customer service

    Easy onboarding

    Can take some time to navigate

    More languages would be great


    Price: Starts from $7.99/user/month

    Free Trial: Yes, 21-day

    Free Plan: Yes

    OptimoRoute was designed for delivery drivers and technicians in the service industry. Their schedules and routes help employees to improve efficiency by up to 25%. With better routes, more orders can be fulfilled and the saved time can be allocated to other tasks.

    For whom?

    For businesses who require to improve their scheduling and create more productive routes. Suitable for all-size businesses.

    Key Features

    Delivery tracking

    Accessible on mobile devices

    Built-in GPS

    Transportation management

    Pros & Cons

    Good value for money

    Tracking helps communication

    Delivers customers requests accurately

    Better support would be nice

    Read and sign forms would be nice


    Price: Starts at 17.50/driver/month for 250 orders

    Free Trial: 30-day

    Free Plan: No

    Okdesk is used to manage SLA management, provide better schedules, assets, and more. With its GPS tracking system, you can check where employees are while they are on the go, in order to fulfill their requests.

    For whom?

    Shopping malls, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire alarm companies, businesses requiring GPS monitoring, and much more.

    Key Features

    Calendar view

    Location overview

    Workflow management

    Reports in real-time

    Pros & Cons

    Quick to get started

    Timely customer service

    Suitable for any service company

    Some of their terms are a little confusing

    Slight learning curve


    Starts at $19/user/month

    Free trial: Yes, 14-day

    Free Plan: No

    Synchroteam field service management software reduces the complexity of everyday business operations and cuts down costs. It’s a cloud-based software for iOS and Android which is affordable and customizable. Integratable with Quickbooks and Zoho.

    For whom?

    Useful for all-size businesses. Good for pest control, plumbing, electricians, and much more who are looking to schedule better, improve security and maintenance.

    Key Features


    Scheduling tools

    Task management



    Pros & Cons

    Easy to use

    Integrates well

    Support is always available

    The color scheme could be improved to make it clearer

    Custom reports can be complex


    Price: Starts from $22/user/month

    Free Trial: Yes, 14-day

    Free Plan: One free admin plan

    Fieldmotion is cloud-based and helps you have effective communication and make decisions in real-time. Fieldmotion also streamlines your communication, assists with time management, and assists in achieving your goals for the day.

    For whom

    Fieldmotion is for any size company that has a mobile team, but is most effective for installation, service, and maintenance organizations.

    Key Features

    Time clock

    Customizable reporting

    Track activity progress

    Scheduling capabilities

    Pros & Cons

    The updates feature has helped us keep our office administration in the know about the latest insights from the field

    Helped automate all the processes and get rid of the paperwork

    The system is flexible and works with you

    Integration can be complex

    Often great updates are made but the customer isn’t always notified


    Price: Based on a 36-month plan. £30/per license, pricing can vary depending on what you are looking for. You can speak to a representative who can assist you further.

    Free Trial: No

    Free Plan: No

    Benefits Of Field Service Management Software

    When you understand that receiving information in real-time is imperative, field management software isn’t a choice, it’s a must! Taking on the software will not only move your business into the modern era, but it will also take you to the next level! We’ve listed just a few of the many benefits field service management software can provide. 

    Real time data

    Companies are looking for ways to increase their productivity and rise above the growing competition. When working with strict deadlines, you have to ensure you have all the tools to be first. Field service software management eliminates the efforts you needed to complete before. For example, you no longer need to drive to each site and find out what’s going on, you receive your data to your mobile device in real-time and in minutes. Therefore, you can make decisions on the go. 

    Pleasing the end customer

    When you implement reliable field service management software, you can supply the data your customers are waiting for. This is a great asset as you can pass the information and progress of the project from the field onto the customer. In addition, it allows you to manage better and push tasks that must be completed, as you have everything in the palm of your hand. Your customer service will be the best. If a customer calls asking for an update, you don’t need to call or visit the field. You take out your mobile device and provide the customer with the information on the spot. You have a better understanding of how long projects will take to complete. Additionally, you can provide the customer with exact timelines. 

    Keeping your workers safe

    Working in field service management comes with its risks and liabilities. Therefore, to ensure your workers are protected, you need to be in constant contact. Furthermore, you must have the correct procedures in place to deal with emergencies. Implementing the right field service management software can keep you, your company, and most importantly, your employees secure.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Field Management

    I need to be able to schedule my employees fast and on the go. Is that possible?

    Yes, field service management software can help you schedule shifts fast and from any location. Applications such as Connecteam are available for both desktop and mobile and allow you to schedule from any location.

    Is there a way workers can fill out reports, and I can have the information in real-time?

    Yes, with Connecteam, scheduling shifts is fast, and since the field software management is available on both mobile and desktop, you can schedule from any location. The great thing is that you can copy and paste shifts from Yes, reporting is a crucial part of your line of work and therefore most of the field service management software will offer you a detailed reporting system. These reports can be filled out directly from the field so that managers are updated with the data they need to pass on to their customers in real-time.

    Will a field management software streamline my communication?

    If you are currently calling or texting, it can take hours to keep up with your employees. Field service management software such as Connecteam speeds up and simplifies cross-employee and field-to-office communication.

    Bottom Line On Top Field Service Management For Small Business

    With all the knowledge of where the field service industry is headed, technology is the way forward. Customers want to have the answers now and don’t want to wait, and outdated methods could be costing your business. Your operations need to be efficient so you don’t lose your customer to the growing competition. 

    With so many field service management options on the market and lots of features, choosing shouldn’t be difficult. Once you have reports and other data in your hands in real-time, you will wonder why you didn’t convert sooner.

    Connecteam – All-In-One Software For Field Service Management

    Set up Connecteam is less than 15 minutes! Streamline communications, operations and training any time from any location!

    Learn More!
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