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Denis Yankovsky January 1, 2021 12 min read
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Quick Guide

    The amount and diversity of field service businesses grows and multiplies year after year, with the ever-increasing demand for home-delivered services of the “gig economy”.

    MarketsandMarkets estimates the global field service management market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 5.1 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.0% during the forecast period.

    field service management market

    The field service management sector is growing and expected to rise exponentially due to the enhancement of technology in this sector. That’s why companies feel the increasing demand for real-time software or mobile solutions for field workers so that they can accomplish their task without any delay or interruption and communicate effectively with dispatchers or managers, even on the go. No doubt that field service management software is becoming quite popular among field technicians and their managers. Field service management software enables clients to automate the service workflow process and increase the efficiency and productivity of the workforce and helps field service representatives, office staff, and call center executives to manage work orders, job assignments, customer details, and keep service logs.

    What is field service management? Market Watch defines field service management as, “Field service management (FSM) is the process of managing the company’s field operations by allocating them strategically for enhancing customer satisfaction and to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the company.” 

    What industries are we talking about when we refer to field service management?

    At this point, we have defined field service management, have reported its growing numbers, and have listed what industries fall under its umbrella. But, we have to go back to our original point – the challenges that field service management face on a regular basis.

    field service worker
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    Field service management is rather challenging and there’s always room for service processes optimization. The most common challenges in field service management are:

    • Scheduling conflicts
    • Time tracking & accounting
    • Travel costs & “gas money”
    • Work order management
    • Cluttered communication
    • Efficiency control
    • Invoice and payment management
    • Safety & legal compliance

    Working in field service management poses challenges on a daily, ongoing basis.  There’s hardly ever enough innovation, customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and higher service effectiveness to keep up with the competition, customers’ expectations while staying profitable. Modern technology and capable software is often the answer.

    By using a robust and simple field service management software or a mobile app, you can save a lot of time and money on avoiding the costly mistakes and streamlining the daily operations flow, which combined, usually lead to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction rates.

    The Field Services Favorite Business Management Software

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    What Should a Field Service Management Software Offer?

    Scheduling ease

    Your customers demand that you deliver the products and services they pay you for and you need your employees to make this happen. That’s why your employees must stick to the schedule that is set ahead, but you also need some data to always be in the know.

    For example, where your employees are, what task they’re working on, and what’s the current status of the project/job. By keeping track of your employees in the field in real-time, you can easily and smartly distribute work orders and manage task distribution.

    Choose a field service management software that allows you to see the location of your employee, allows you to schedule and dispatch jobs, can track hours, and is available for download on a mobile phone.

    Communication tools

    When you are in constant contact with your employees, without causing productivity loss, you are able to keep your customer’s in the loop effortlessly and efficiently. The last thing you and your employees need is to bombard one another with endless work phone calls.

    Choose a field service management software that has communication features built-in. Such as private and group chat, discussion boards, an in-app directory, and more. Additionally, you should be able to monitor who read your message so you can send a push notification to those who didn’t, that way you can be sure everyone is aligned across the board.


    We don’t just mean the control you have over the field service management software or if it’s secure enough for your company, we are also talking about your employees.

    Working in field service management comes with its own risks and liabilities. Your workers must be protected at all times so you need to be in constant contact with one another and there must be procedures in place to handle emergencies.

    By using field service management mobile software, you are able to have everything available at your employee’s fingertips, following where they go. Like an employee directory so they know who to call during specific emergencies or incidents. They can fill out incident report forms or hazard alerts before they turn into a physical incident. There is a library with all the procedures and protocols listed so employees can always refer to the material when necessary. You can send updated material or quizzes to sharpen your employee’s knowledge and skills.

    Ease of use

    Yes, the field service management software should be easy to use, no matter how tech-savvy someone is or isn’t. Your employees should be able to use the field service management software on a daily basis without disruption.


    You must choose a field service management software that is cost-effective and is worth the price you pay. Consider if the software is scalable going forward and if it will cost you anything additional, like if you want to modify or add features.

    With all of the field service management software solutions in the market, how do you know which one is best for you? Well, we did just list a few features that the field service management software should include so keep that in mind when scouring the web. But, fret not, we also rolled up our sleeves and listed the top 5 field service management software solutions available today.

    Top 5 Field Service Management for Small Business

    1. Connecteam 

    The best all-in-one solution for field service employees

    Connecteam is a field service management software used by many small businesses to avoid miscommunications, delays, and errors, streamline daily operations, and simplify communications. It allows small business owners and managers to go paperless, automate daily procedures, create clear processes, instantly populate important updates, improve compliance, standardize operational communication, and all-in-all move the business forward with this impressive feature set.

    Field employee scheduling & dispatch is designed to dramatically save time on managing deskless employees’ everyday jobs and shifts:

    • Easy to create shifts with calendar view and drag & drop options
    • Recurring shifts or standard schedule templates
    • GPS stamps & various shift attachments for visual job progress control

    Employee time clock is a great solution to track and manage employee work hours on jobs, projects, or customers, and simplify the overall time control:

    • Avoid buddy-punching and time theft
    • Improve time management and operational efficiency
    • Comply with labor law with automated breaks, overtime, and double-time calculation
    • Speed up the payroll with exportable digital timesheets
    • Receive GPS location stamps with maps display
    • Utilize geofencing employee tracking
    • Automate push notifications and reminders

    Digital checklists and forms by Connecteam is a feature that’s supposed to optimize, and digitize business with automated workflows, operational checklists, read & sign forms, inspection reports, and media attachments. By moving all your daily operational paperwork into the app, you get:

    • Mobile access to all the forms your team may need, even on the go
    • Real-time notifications on forms completion and new entries
    • Intuitive and simple drag and drop editor
    • Advanced filtering and searchable interface
    • Image-capturing, voice recordings, file attachments, e-signatures

    Communication features of the Connecteam field service management software are meant to speed up and simplify cross-employee and field-to-office communication, streamline data sharing, and keep everyone in touch and updated:

    • Private or group chat
    • In-app employee directory
    • Instant all-hands or group updates with notifications, open-rate statistics, and auto-reminders
    • Employee feedback surveys
    • Suggestion box
    • Directory for all work contacts

    Training and onboarding capabilities allow field service managers and small business owners to create professional courses for training and onboarding, policies with read & sign option, store the company knowledge in a searchable library, create quizzes, and more.

    Price: Get started with a free plan or as low as $39/month for up to 50 users. You have more than 200 users? There’s an Enterprise plan available too. Free unlimited 14-days trial is guaranteed, so you can take it for a spin without any commitment. 

    Best Choice for Field Service Management

    With all the benefits we’ve listed above – from communication to operations to training – Connecteam is made for the field services management industries. Start your free plan today!

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    2. UpKeep

    Upkeep software

    UpKeep is a mobile-first CMMS software that is supposed to make managers and small business owners easier by providing a platform to manage all the work orders and history.

    This field service management software features include:

    • work requests with the ability to attach pictures
    • inventory management
    • digital checklists and forms (like work orders)
    • maintenance calendar
    • scanning QR codes 

    Price: Choose from four pricing plans: Starter at $35/user/month, annually, Professional at $60/user/month, annually, Business Plus at $100/user/month, annually and with a minimum of five users, and Enterprise at $150/user/month, annually and with a minimum of 25 users. There is a free 7 day trial with the Business Plus plan. 

    3. Wrike

    Wrike is an online project management software

    Wrike is an online project management software that allows you to have full visibility and control over all your tasks.

    With Wrike, you can:

    • create customized reports and forms for both customers and employees to fill out
    • organize work by region, type of work or manager
    • allow employees to choose the tasks they are going to work on
    • collaborated and track jobs statuses

    Price: Choose from five pricing plans: Free (for 5 users), Professional available at $9.80/user/month up to 15 users, Business available at $24.80/user/month  up to 200 users, and the last two options require contacting a customer support member to create a quote. There is also a 14 day free trial. 

    4. Fluix

    Fluix field services management software

    Fluix allows you to accelerate business cycles, reduce costs, and human error, which leads to a boost in the whole business productivity.

    This field service management software offers features to help you:

    • fill out reports and checklists online and offline
    • collect and analyze field data
    • automate workflows

    Fluix is available on mobile and tablet and supports integration with Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive, WebDAV, and FTP.

    Price: There are three pricing plans: Starter for $20/month/user, Core for $30/month/user, and Advanced for $50/month/user. A free trial is available. 

    5. Ai Field Management

    AI Field Management Software

    AI Field Management is a cloud-based solution that can help you manage and collaborate with your field employees.

    Some features of this software include:

    • invoice and payments
    • inventory management
    • time tracking
    • payroll reports
    • sales revenue and commissions tracking
    • customizable reports
    • job management

    There is a mobile app so you can communicate with your employees in real-time. AI Field Management can integrate with QuickBooks, Dropbox Mileage Tracker, Slack, Google Maps and Waze. 

    Price: Contact a representative to get a price quote and schedule a demo. Or you can sign up for a 21 day free trial.

    Bottom Line On Top Field Service Management for Small Business

    We listed the more “basic” difficulties that field service management is up against but seeing as how this is the technology era, there’s an easy fix…using field service management software. Despite the specific industry, most field service management companies face the same challenges therefore the number of software solutions on the market is vast and specific to each niche. However, there are key factors that must be included in the field service management software you choose. 

    Thanks to easy to use clear interface and high accessibility of a mobile app you can enhance communication, streamline document flow, track working hours, and create a robust schedule that works for everyone. A great field service management software is a tool that helps service managers bridge the gap between field and office. 

    Best All-In One Choice For Field Service Management

    Any industry in field services management, like HVAC or cleaning or construction, could benefit from all the features Connecteam has to offer. It’s super easy to streamline communications, operations and training when you have a mobile app available at your fingertips. Find out why Connecteam is the #1 choice for over 8,000 customers!

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