Improved Operations Spell Business Growth for SMBs

El Caribeno Bakery & Deli use Connecteam to improve operations and develop professional skills.


About El Caribeno Bakery & Deli

El Caribeno is a Georgian (the state not the country) bakery and deli specializing in Caribbean cuisine. El Caribeno is based out of Lawrenceville employees about 10 employees. So, according to statistics, El Caribeno is your classic local restaurant.

How Connecteam helped

Using Connecteam, El Caribeno created a mobile hub of operations where they could improve compliance, develop professional skills, and streamline day-to-day operations.

Goal: Improve employee performance 

El Caribeno used Connecteam to do the following:

  1. Create and share company policies with every worker.
  2. Provide on-the-job training modules complete with quizzes and assessments.
  3. Created Workflow assets for opening and closing shop including:
    1. Checklists
    2. GPS location for accountability
    3. Digital signature
    4. Built-in work orders for common issues
    5. Picture uploads

restaurant open close checklist

What can we learn from it

For El Caribeno, running on Connecteam means that management can focus on growing their business by making HR and operations quick, easy, and affordable to run. In fact, El Caribeno is now in the midst of opening up the second location of their successful business, and Connecteam is happy and proud to take a small part.

Many studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and efficient employees. They stay with the company longer and are happier but that’s not really necessary. Any manager or business owner can make that connection.

What is worth mentioning is that it’s becoming increasingly easy and cost-effective for small businesses to improve their employee productivity and retention in the same ways that larger businesses do and have been doing for some time now using affordable tools like Connecteam. When a large proportion of your workforce is dispersed, mobile, virtual, or deskless, an employee engagement app provides even greater value making engagement that much more challenging but also very rewarding.

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